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Lights Out at 8pm: This is Pursat!


For the first two years that I lived in Cambodia I was often asked if I had been to Angkor Wat, Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep, any of the provinces that begin with ‘Kampong’, or end with ‘… kiri’. I was always…

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Cambodian Teacher’s Diary


Day Three: The Grammar Lesson The grammar lesson. This is your chance to show them what you know. Not to mention your ability to communicate what you know with more than cut and dried rules, examples on the board, and…

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Cambodia Teacher’s Diary


Day Two: Starting the Book The least enjoyable classes to teach in Cambodia are often the last ones of the day. The students who sign up for evening classes often attend high school or university or work in offices all…

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Cambodia Teachers Diary 1


The most important day of the term for most students will be the last one. That’s the day when they take the final exam and get to see whether they’ve learned the skills necessary to progress to the next level….

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Teaching at Parallel University Continued


I quickly learned, while teaching at Parallel U in Phnom Penh, never to give a homework assignment that involved any type of hard information because it would simply be lifted in its entirety from the net, including references to pages…

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Teaching at Parallel U in Cambodia


My first stint at teaching in Asia was in Bangkok in 1993. I had just come off of a year?s travel in eight countries and couldn’t imagine returning to the US after only one year on the Asia trail. Aside…

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Thailand’s ESL Industry: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff and the Possible Cambodia Exodus


By Lee Robinson It’s been a while since rumours started circulating around the ESL world that Thailand would tighten its grip with a whitening of the knuckles on its already stringent visa laws and now it seems to be doing…

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Teaching 6am Classes in the Cambodian Provinces


Inertia sits quite well with me as a few years living in Cambodia has, over time, given me an enormous appetite for doing very little as often as I possibly can. So imagine having to wake up and go to…

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Just an English Teacher 5: Pair Work and Tandem Writing


Pair work and tandem writing are classroom activities that can be successful and effective teaching techniques. They can also fall flat on their face – there are few rhymes or reasons that can serve as guidelines for a successful lesson….

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Just an English Teacher: Finding a Reliable ‘Moto-Dop’ and Getting Your Resume Out There


Today’s the day! Assuming you have prepared, copied and crammed that huge pile of job-search-documents into your worn-out back-pack you are now ready to start pounding the pavement, pressing the flesh and meeting your potential new employers. You’ve promised to…

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