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Just an English Teacher: Numbers, Streets, and Places to Teach


Chapter One -Finding a Job Unit One – Preparing your Job Search Lesson One – Numbers, Streets, and Places to teach Page One – Exercise One – Paragraph One – Sentence One – Word One – One One thing is…

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Three Years of Employing ESL Teachers


During the three years at my former school, I found trends in employing people from different parts of the globe. It certainly led me to have preferences for different nationalities. I thought I would share with all who want to…

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Living and Teaching in Small Town Cambodia


City life or provincial life in Cambodia can make for two parallel but very different interpretations of single country. One’s expatriate life can have a sweet childhood in the city when experiences are fresh, shiny and new but can then…

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The Strange Case of SITC


A firm funded largely by Singaporeans and which runs a chain of private education centres?is on the verge of financial collapse in Vietnam. The Singapore International Teaching Consultancy (SITC) has had to close at least seven of its branches in…

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From the horse’s mouth – New World vs ELT


By now everyone is aware of the feud between the well established ELT Institute, and the newly arrived New World Institute. It’s a battle royale, the prize being the lucrative business of Cambodia’s academia. Within 440’s Forum, there has been…

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No Vacancies for the Aesthetically Challenged.


From this advertisement in last week’s Cambodia Daily we can deduce that Phnom Penh’s ‘ASEAN UNIVERSITY’ is currently recruiting ten new teachers, but by casting our eyes over the person specification it seems obvious that they have set their standards…

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A Departing Head Teacher Speaks Out

As Head Teacher of SITC Phnom Penh since it’s opening in September 2002 I have dealt with many western teachers. Well over a hundred in fact! It’s been my job and desire to help them as much as I can…

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Drunken Dances and Violent Games with Fetching Office Girls: The Khmer New Year Staff Party


When the management declared that we would all stop work at noon on the last day before the recent holiday to have a staff party, most of the foreign staff anticipated the cultural awkwardness to come and skipped out to…

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Teacher of the Week: Lee from England


Lee: I’ve never been interviewed before except by the police 440: It’s OK; I’m not working for the Dept of Homeland security. So Lee, you’re sitting there looking very suave and sophisticated with a beer in your hand and your…

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Another Brick In The Wall


“Wrong, Do it again! If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don”t eat yer meat? You! Yes, you behind the bikesheds, stand still laddy!” Problems: Discipline That song…

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