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The motodop and me: a Cambodian adventure

moto dop cambodge cambodia phnom penh

Visal is my motodop, providing daily transportation on the back of his motorbike to and from my job because I am too terror-stricken to drive myself in Phnom Penh’s traffic. I pay Visal $60 at the beginning of every month to shuttle me in the morning and back in the afternoon, a rate which works out to $1.50 one way. Visal persuasively explained that it would be better for him to get paid monthly so that he could get work done on his bike. Continue reading

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The Weekender – Getting to and from the Cambodian Provinces

share taxi cambodia

Ever fancied getting away for the weekend? Maybe you are an erudite city slicker who yearns for a less mean, more green environment? Perhaps you are a bored country bumpkin who hankers for the illicit and anonymous delights and bright…

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The Top 5 Cambodian Road Hazards


The men of the village gathered around, white-vested. As we finalised the deal they nodded their approval. I was off on my red second-hand Suzuki 110cc moto. Driving in Cambodia is sensation similar to being babysat by a lax teenager…

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Good Cars for Cambodia Expats #3: Daewoo Matiz v Hyundai Atoz/Visto


Price Range: $2000 – $4000 If you have had one bike accident too many, seen your family grow or are simply looking to get out of the sun and rain, the Daewoo Matiz or Hyundai Atoz/Visto (the Visto is a…

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Good Cars for Cambodia Expats #2: Toyota Corolla E110 vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class W202


Price Range: $4500 – $6,500 Okay, so I want to make one thing clear from the outset – this is probably the only time in history that a utilitarian everyman vehicle, likened to a whitegood appliance, has been pitted against…

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Good Cars for Expats #1: Toyota RAV4 XA10 vs. Honda CR-V RD1-3

Ben Toyota_RAV4_(XA10)

In the first of a series, Ben Siddons reviews the best value cars for expats in Cambodia. Price Range: $5000 – $8,500 RAV4: History: The ‘Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive’was produced from 1994 – 2000 from plants in Japan…

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Bajaj Tuk Tuks: Cambodia’s Latest Dose of Indianisation


Phnom Penh – In Cambodia two types of three wheeled motos ម៉ូតូកង់បី currently ply their trade: there is the Thai style three wheeled moto, known as the “tuk tuk” (unibody), and there is the Khmer style three wheeled moto, known…

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Cambodia Busomania

bus sign

The sign at the head of this article is what’s left over of an experimental bus system, financed by Japan, that operated for about 6 months back in 2001. As I understand it, people did use the system but it…

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Cambodia Busophobia


The latest, somewhat convoluted, traffic idea to come from City Hall is the banishment of overland buses from the city center. The city’s leaders seem to have an inordinate dislike of public buses of all types. This is unfortunate since…

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