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Cambodia Daytrips: Wat Ang Sleng, Takeo


By: Mac Hathaway Returning to the town, we went back to the restaurant where we’d gone before and again pestered the proprietors for travel tips. There’d been discussion in our absence, and new ideas had emerged. This time, we were…

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Cambodia Daytrips: Wat Kiribobaram, Kompong Cham


Just a short drive toward Kompong Cham stands the tall, red archway to the entrance to Wat Kiribobaram. An ornate naga bridge, with the dragon’s undulating body as the railings that lead from this first gate to the inner one,…

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Cambodia Daytrips: Wat Puthai, Takeo


By: Mac Hathaway Without a guidebook to point out the way, my plump Khmer ex and I embarked on some genuine countryside exploration last year, pestering shopkeepers, accosting motodops, and sniffing out leads to any out of the way little…

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Drop the Dead Dolphin


A group of local fisherman, several district community members and a representative of the national tourism authority have all been implicated in perhaps the largest scam perpetuated in SE-Asia. Kratie, a small town in Cambodia, has long been famous for…

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A Month with the Monks


Below are the ramblings of an experience in a Thai monastery. I got nothing of what I expected, and expected nothing of what I got. My time was filled with constant physical pain and suffering, emotional torment, mental anguish, hunger,…

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Cambodian Travel: Ream National Park


About eighteen kilometres from Kompong Som, the highway from Phnom Penh splits, and the left fork takes you to the airport and, beyond, to the beaches of Ream National Park. This narrow, winding road takes you past jungle covered hills,…

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Samlot: The Historical Context and Comrade Duch


Why go to Samlot? Aid workers, both foreign and Khmer go there as do missionaries, but rarely do tourists or visitors get to this isolated, edge-of-the-world north-western district of Cambodia. Apart from the aid workers and missionaries, Samlot, as a…

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Postcard from Singapore to Phnom Penh


Lord Playboy’s Singaporean whirlwind of work and play. Recently I had need to go to Singapore for a conference, the meetings were all on the Tuesday and Wednesday, thus the idea was born, I and two friends would fly out…

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Battambang: The Historical Context


Now Cambodia’s second city, Battambang was for centuries a rather ordinary Asian town which was transformed into a 19th century Thai outpost. At the time of the Thai occupation in 1795, the invaders deported the town’s population to Thailand and…

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Going Home to Kandal


That day was her only one off that month, and she wanted to go to Kandal to see her family. It wasn’t often that she got to see them. She was born in a village and grew up farming and…

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