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Three things to avoid in the provinces


Nathan Thompson returns to Cambodia and settles again into village life. Here he lists three key things to avoid if you want to stay sane in your Cambodian rural idyll. Continue reading

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For Weddings or a Funeral – Life in the Provinces


There is no better time to witness the charms and mystery of Cambodia than the first hour of every morning. As the ever punctual sun rises, promising another day of scorching heat, there is a magic in the first rays…

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Not in Vain


The wedding is going to be massive – we are going to have at least 500-600 guests and an elaborate ceremony that will last from Saturday evening with Buddhist monks, through Sunday morning (the bride will be up at three…

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Special Events Cambodia Style


One of the more fascinating aspects of Khmer culture is the way they celebrate weddings and funerals and other special events. For a small fee they get a permit to take over public space in front of their property; however,…

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Marrying a Khmer Woman


Lexus or Hovel? It’s important to understand that you are marrying into a family. If they are poor, they will not only smell bad, but bring such matters as ‘buffalo die’ to your attention. Your house will soon fill with…

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