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My Unusual Relationship with the Cambodian Crocodile Lady

pedro crocs 1

We’ve all got to take time out once in a while to relax and unwind, right? Stress relief can be multifaceted, taking the form of sports, fine wine, cigars, rub n’ tugs or having needles stuck into the spine by…

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Rats the Size of Cats: Vermin in the Cambodian Provinces

pedro rat

‘There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?’ sang the Brummie pseudo-reggae band UB40 back in the 80’s. When I moved into my single-story brick-walled shack (quiet out of town setting- where no-one gets married, dies or…

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The Best Laid Plans of Bats and Dams – A Day Off in the Provinces


May 1st: International Labour Day when workers of the world unite and wave socialist banners, bearded ale quaffers watch young maidens prance around a phallus with ribbons, andeveryday folk get a day out of the office. In Cambodia it’s a…

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Going Batty in Battambang – Life in the Provinces


The last couple of articles I have written for this esteemed website could be perceived by some as being a little cynical or perhaps at times even a touch vitriolic. To even the score the following story is nicer: a…

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Wild Elephant Brought Down Along Highway 48

wild elephant

Koh Kong Province – A third elephant sighting has occurred along Highway 48, in the area of Chi Miel Village, Andoung Tuek Commune, Botum Sakor District. This latest elephant sighting, however, is not believed to involve the same elephant from…

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An Irishman, a Screwdriver and a Phnom Penh Rat


As you might expect in a sweltering tropical climate, creatures of all sorts abound here. The city center is a bit barren; it has plenty of trees but not much else as most ground is built on or paved and…

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The Poor Are Losing Their Homes, But It’s OK, An Elephant Has Been Saved


Call me heartless, but I must admit I greeted the news this week that Cambodia’s most famous elephant had finally been retired not just with sympathy but with a huge amount of disbelief. It’s easy to become hard in a…

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Bambi and Chips in Battambang


You’d hardly notice it, tucked away down a central but quiet and slightly gritty side road near the train station, Jip Sreng was the world’s gloomiest aircraft hanger – a vast bleak ballroom of a place more or less empty…

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Wildlife in Phnom Penh


In early 1970, rumors spread around Phnom Penh of a white crocodile that had been sighted in the Tonle Bassac River, instilling fear into the cities inhabitants. White crocodiles are thought of as a bad omen in Khmer mythology, and…

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Drop the Dead Dolphin


A group of local fisherman, several district community members and a representative of the national tourism authority have all been implicated in perhaps the largest scam perpetuated in SE-Asia. Kratie, a small town in Cambodia, has long been famous for…

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