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Chinese "Hardcore Reporter" Looks at SEA Online Gambling

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:15 am
by Bong Burgundy
*The following is translated from a blog by a writer known as “Hardcore Reporter”

For the past six months, I have been active in the south of the country. I have lived in Sihanoukville, Cambodia for a short time. This region has now become the Chinese online gambling industry base, along with the whole of Southeast Asia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Malaysia and other countries, the Chinese “net gambling” is in full swing.

At present, hundreds of thousands of Chinese people work 12 hours a day outside the country, serving gamblers in the domestic (Chinese) market.

This is an unavoidable social phenomenon. It is like a giant beast in a lake. It rarely rises to the surface, but it stirs the undercurrent in the deep scent of human nature.

As a self-proclaimed hardcore reporter, I want to figure out and have an obligation to figure out the inside story of the Chinese online gambling industry.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese “planting vegetables” in Southeast Asia

Online gambling is called “spinach” (the homonym of gambling) in the slang of practitioners, while practitioners call themselves “vegetable farmers”.

The overseas city where I have seen the most vegetable farmers is Sihanoukville. As the largest port city in Cambodia, there are about 120,000 Chinese vegetable farmers, which is equivalent to the number of local Cambodians. The gaming companies are located in urban areas.
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Re: Chinese "Hardcore Reporter" Looks at SEA Online Gambling

Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2019 1:55 pm
by black69wolf69
Interesting read and a phenomenon I've observed with my own eyes. Don't know about the 12 hour shifts though. Most of these guys seem to hang around doing nothing most of the day and only gamble when they have customers perhaps at night. Seen a ton of them in Myawaddy, Myanmar, opposite Thailand's Mae Sot where a Chinese city is being built a little north of town in a village called "Shwe Kokko". Special Chinese lane been made for them on the Thai side, but strangely not on the Myanmar side.