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Re: Salary for Dean of the Hospitality & Tourism School?

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:25 am
by violet
LexusSchmexus wrote:...

I think your advice about asking for the salary when sending in the CV is good. What would you advise to say when the HR people say "negotiable package"?
especially here where salaries range so greatly for the same role... advice would be appreciated

Salary for Dean of the Hospitality & Tourism School?

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:30 am
by ផោមក្លិនស្អុយ
LexusSchmexus wrote:
ផោមក្លិនស្អុយ wrote: In the U.K. I recruited many staff in the corporate world - just because it isn’t included doesn’t mean you can’t ask.
If it is included you get loads of redundant applications from folks thinking ‘oh I’d like that salary’.
If it isn’t included you get applications from people who consider themselves a fit for the job.
I get where you're coming from, but literally everyone I know in the West (and here) hates it. A ballpark figure should always be included imo, unless it's a highly specific job that comes with a rather standard/industry-specific salary. I've never really experienced it here, but the problem in the West is that you're wasting a lot of candidates' time. Oh, that's great you may say, because you're not wasting your own time sifting through too many applications right? However, quickly axing unsuitable candidates based on their CV is fairly quick and easy. However, for the candidates, it's a pain in the ass that leaves a bad impression of the company.

Let me elaborate: in most circumstances I'd say your idea is good. However, as with him most things, HR departments in the West have managed to fuck it all up. The job descriptions all end up being quite similar, with this huge list of responsibilities and tasks. Sure, that's just covering your ass maybe, but then the candidate will put in a lot of effort to get his CV and cover letter right, get to the interview stage and then be told that the "attractive" salary is less than what they're currently making, with EXTRA tasks and responsibilities... Ummm, OK? See you later?

I've witnessed it myself and so have friends and my sister. If HR departments were standardised and honest in their job descriptions, we might not have this problem. However, the truth of the matter is that it often backfires and leaves a sour taste in the candidate's mouth. I never knew which jobs I should apply for not because I didn't know whether I was suitable/qualified or not, but because what one company considers appropriate pay isn't what another might deem affordable or suitable. At the end of the day, my time is wasted and you won't be getting much positive word of mouth feedback from me...
You aren’t wrong.
It isn’t my idea or strategy, i was just trying to explain why it happens. I don’t really like the practice and tried not to do it myself. I always asked for the salary range to be included - but it was always a fight with HR to get this included.
Another pet hate is with the flowery, weird and vague language often used on job adverts. They often don’t give candidates a clear idea about the actual job