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  • The Russian are coming (maybe)?
    Cue dismembered bodies in suitcases. ...
    by Hanno
    June 13, 2024 9:14 pm
  • A Facebook catastrophe
    Yeah, you're fucked unless you somehow have more money and influence than a local chap who owns schools. Those things aren't cheap, even crap ones. ...
    by Mike Farce
    June 13, 2024 8:06 pm
  • Sundance to close
    Deadly serious. They had to get monks in and do a ceremony and everything. ...
    by Mike Farce
    June 13, 2024 8:01 pm
  • Donald Trump guilty on all 34 felony charges
    With Flick Scully from Neighbours and 'Big' Nigel Farage in his corner, The Donald can't fail to lose. ...
    by Trump's Dump
    June 13, 2024 5:57 pm
  • Popcorn Kernels?
    Smile-shops have good american/mexican, cambodian is no good. Do they sell somewhere these? I buy before from some facebook seller, it start fire after one month use... AU ...
    by PSD_Kiwi
    June 13, 2024 5:21 pm