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I was taking to some fellow in a bar in Sihanoukville and when he heard I was a fan of Whiskey he recommended Rory’s in Phnom Penh. He went one better than that and rang up Rory to introduce me. All good stuff. When I got to his bar I introduced myself and sat down to look at his menu of delights.

I asked Rory to pick one out for me which he did. And on the house, Bless him!. An unusual flavour and colour. I’m no connoisseur but I know a good thing when I try it. Had a few beers and got talking to this young American dude who would turn out to be Billyshake from the forum. A genuine good guy and interesting company too. Then it appeared.

In truth I didn’t see it coming. Must have been talking to Billyshake. A square tumbler with a thin layer of liquid at its depths. This was the Bushmills 21. A liquor so expensive that you would never sell it. So Rory gives it for free as and when he wishes and to whom he decides. A rare honour indeed! I took the tiniest of sips after having given it a good whiff. And then I took another. But it was only on the third sip that it happened. Cue hosts of angels and choruses of Hallelujah. High up in Rory”s roof-beams a hole appears and a ray of pure sunlight illuminates the scene etc. But it was extraordinary!

My face started to tingle all over and then a massive grin began to form, over which I had no control. I turned to see Rory and Billyshake looking expectantly. They knew what I was feeling. They have both felt it too and in the same way. I tell them it is a liquid smile in a glass, a natural facelift. They understand. I hang on every drop, on every last smell, on every last taste sensation and I even wipe the glass clean with my fingertip. I”m astonished and insist on paying something for the pleasure but Rory won”t have it. I promise myself that whenever I return to Rory”s it will not be empty handed.

Steven Lewis

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