Hot Season Is Here

Johnny: “Well, it’s late March now, and it’s getting very hot here in Phnom Penh.”
Audience: “HOW HOT IS IT?”
Johnny: “It’s so hot that the pedophiles are going out for ice cream by themselves.”
“It’s so hot that I saw a Walkabout girl selling her ice . . . to buy ice.”

“It’s so hot that the Iron Man shot holes in his own car just to get the crosswind.”

“It’s so hot that cheap bar owners who advertise AIR CON are thinking of turning it on.”

“It’s so hot that guys were dropping money from the FCC balcony . . . and no one chased it.”

“It’s so hot that I saw the Cabinet ministers’ wives holding a wet T-shirt contest.”

“It’s so hot that guys are barfining Shanghai girls just to get the cold shoulder.”

“It’s so hot that the shorts and singlet wearing Pattaya crowd is now just walking around town in speedos.”

“It’s so hot that cheap backpackers have moved from sitting all day by the lake doing nothing to sitting all day in Sorya Market doing nothing.”

“It’s so hot that when I bought a bargirl a lady drink, she ordered Gatorade.”

“It’s so hot that people are driving out to the airport just to visit the Dairy Queen.”

“It’s so hot that the fat women at Elsewhere are sticking to the seats.”

“It’s so hot that traffic cops are letting foreigners ride right by them without stopping, just to enjoy the breeze.”

“It’s so hot that a taxi girl offered to go with me for free if I promised to f*ck her with a popsicle.”

“It’s so hot that I saw an amputee fanning himself with his leg stump.”

“It’s so hot that I overheard Lord Playboy say, ‘You know, Al Gore makes some good points.'”

“It’s so hot that I saw a corrupt official trading in his black Land Cruiser for a Good Humor truck.”

“It’s so hot that Martini girls are asking German guys to pee on THEM.”


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