Does Your Cambodian Girlfriend Dream About Snakes?

cambodia girl snakeI spent a lot of time with a Cambodian woman last week. I came back to the U.S. yesterday, and today she called me to report that last night she had a dream about snakes. She thinks it means that someone loves her and soon she will get married. She not too subtly suggested that “someone” means “me.”

Of course, at first I thought she was out of her mind. Then I did some googling. I tried, but apparently it doesn’t exist yet, even though it is a hell of an idea. I then looked at some other sites, and I’ve determined that it is a legitimate Khmer belief that snake dreams by a female are a sign of love and a promonition for marriage.


”In various cultures, actually, the snake connotes sexuality. In Cambodia, for instance, dreaming of a snake is a premonition for marriage…….”

”…the legend true? i don’t know but they found ancient script crave on stone that talk about it in srok khmer and Angkor Wat line up with Draco (dragon/snake) star….and have yall ever heard old khmer folks sayin when you dream about snake it mean someone is loving you?”


This information concerns me because I’m really not ready to get married to anyone. I certainly don’t want a bunch of imaginary pythons pushing me into this. So I put on my lawyer hat and did some more research, and I think I may have found a loophole out of this. According to a few more internet links, snake dreams mean that she is about to meet the man of her dreams. By definition, that should disqualify me, since we have already met.

”Snake, snake, what could an encounter with this deadly creature possibly bring any good luck? Well in Cambodia, impossible is nothing, at least in a dream. When a girl is getting chased by a snake in a dream, according to a popular Khmer belief or rather a myth, the time has come for the girl to meet her Prince Charming.”


”Ever since i was lil i always hear old khmer folk said “if someone dream about a snake biting them, it mean they gonna find their soulmate or true love real soon.” and trust me the snake biting dream interpret is true. I’ve came across a lot of Khmers who claim they dream of snake biting them and then the next day they’d find their true love. It seem like the snake biting dream only mean love if the person who’s havin that dream is Khmer. Cause i’ve known some Non-Khmer who dream of snake biting and they still single, the next day…”


This interpretation that snake dreams immediately precede meeting your true love (not follow meeting your true love) is supported by persuasive authority from a neighboring jurisdiction:

”Snakes are associated to old beliefs in Thai culture. Here are some of them : If a Thai woman dreams and sees a snake during a dream, she will find the man of her life in the next coming days.


Does anyone have a copy of the Definitive Cambodian Snake Dream Rulebook (Rev. Ed) that I can borrow in order to resolve this apparent ambiguity? If not, can you ask your girlfriends and wives whether snake dreams mean you have just met your true love or you are about to meet your true love, and we will let the consensus decide? Has anyone else ever had a girl use the old “snake dream” line on them to try to lure them down the altar? I think this chick could be trying to take advantage of my relative naivete of Khmer herpetological nocturnal fantasies.




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4 thoughts on “Does Your Cambodian Girlfriend Dream About Snakes?

  1. Sarah michaelson Reply

    It could also very well be that the girl never had a dream about snakes but is using that to lure you into marriage. Cambodian women are well known for trying to find a “barang” (foreign) husband. And who can blame them? With an average salary at around $150/month, finding a foreigner husband is like winning the lottery…

  2. Dany Reply

    I don’t have any resources except for the elders in my community. Haha
    There’s two interpretations of the snake dream – both deal with love.
    If a snake bites you in your dream, you will meet your soulmate. The main point that should be underlined is WILL MEET, not have met.
    If a snake bites you and you bleed, the person you are with/will be with sometime in the near future is/will be unfaithful.

  3. Diamond kitty Reply

    If you dream about a snake wrap around you and bit you and not let go then you with be in a long term relationship like about 12years. If the snake just bit you and not wrap then its a short term realationship about less then a year. If a snake is playing hide and seek then you are pregnant. if it chase you and did not catch you then someone is in love with you and you dont like them.

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