7 Reasons Why I Probably Shouldn’t Marry a Cambodian Woman

If you have read my previous article, 7 Reasons Why I Should Probably Marry a Cambodian Woman, you may think that I am well on my way to donning a pair of purple M.C. Hammer pants and walking down the aisle with a young Cambodian bride. Not true. After further consideration, I have realized that there are seven equally compelling reasons why I should NOT marry a Cambodian woman. Here they are:

1. I have no idea where we would live.

When a Westerner marries a Cambodian woman, the couple has a very important initial decision to make. Should he move to Cambodia, or should she move to his country?

I don’t think I would be happy living in Cambodia. The type of work I do can’t easily be done in Cambodia. I’m too lazy to start a new career. So if I lived in Cambodia, I would essentially be semi-retired and living off savings. Without anything else to do, I’d undoubtedly become an alcoholic.

My wife, having never seen me work, wouldn’t respect me and would think I was making up stuff about once having a respectable job. Assuming that my wife is not working, we would spend a lot of time sitting in our Cambodian home staring at each other. That would get awkward. I would quickly start fabricating excuses to leave the house for no reason. She might then accuse me of having an affair, and I would have to say “No honey, I don’t have a girlfriend, I was just wandering the sweltering, filthy streets of Phnom Penh to get away from you for a few hours.” Not good.

Bringing my Cambodian wife to America would be an even worse idea. At least in Cambodia she would have friends, family, and a whole life outside of interacting with me. If I moved her to America, she would have none of these things. She’d end up sitting in my suburban house alone all day while I work. She’d have no one to interact with other than me. There’s no public transport near my house. Well, there’s probably a bus stop within walking distance, but no one rides the bus in America except creepy bus people.

I couldn’t foist her off on my family; my closest family lives 2,000 miles way. I’m an anti-social prick with few friends to introduce to her. My friends are mostly older, married professionals with wives in their mid-40’s. Their wives are not going to want to befriend my 22 year old, smoking hot Cambodian wife.

It would probably be difficult for a young Cambodian woman to get a driver’s license in the USA right away. The written driving tests require English proficiency, and Americans tend to frown on people who drive on the wrong side of the road for 100 meters before making a left turn.

So imagine my wife spending all day cooped up alone in my house, waiting patiently until I arrive home from work in the early evening. After work, I usually just like to eat dinner and sit around the house typing immature comments on internet discussion forums. But my stir crazy wife would undoubtedly want me to take her out of the house every evening to go to the beauty salon or buy tampons or whatever it is that women normally do when men are working. And what about weekends? I don’t want to spend my Sundays chauffeuring a woman on chick errands, when I could be doing something more productive, like watching twelve consecutive hours of NFL football.

2. I don’t want the stigma of marrying an Asian woman.

As I have previously mentioned, the stigma of being 40 years old and never married is quite bad. The stigma of being 40 and suddenly married to a 22 year old Southeast Asian woman could be worse. Sure, my co-workers would probably stop thinking “He must be gay.” Instead, they would think, “What a schmuck. And that poor, poor girl. I wonder what sick things he does to her at home.”

My Cambodian wife and I would be an obvious mixed race couple with a noticeable age difference. People in America might stare. Some Americans would see her brown skin and assume that I married my Mexican cleaning lady. Others might guess that I got my dark skinned Asian wife from the Philippines. That would be the worst. Only desperate losers marry women from the Philippines.

I suppose there are similar stigmas when marrying women from other countries. But if I marry a hot young Ukrainian bride, at least she would be white. People wouldn’t know she was a green card-seeking golddigger until she opened her mouth.

3. Cambodian women don’t age well.

Every year people buy hundreds of thousands of puppies. They enjoy their cute puppy antics for a while. Then the puppies become unattractive, smelly, loud, annoying, dogs. So their owners get sick of them and abandon them at the dog pound.

Young Cambodian women are a lot like puppies. When they are in their late teens and early twenties, they are exceptionally cute. They are fun and playful and they always act excited to see you. Sometimes they pee on your foot.

But after age 30, these cute young Cambodian women quickly turn into cackling, wrinkled, pajama-wearing, betel-chewing Medusas. You see very few well-preserved middle aged Cambodian women. The woman in the photo above is only 43.

Of course, today’s generation of middle-aged Cambodian women lived through the Khmer Rouge period, where they were forced into hard labor in the blistering sun and presumably did not have regular access to Oil of Olay. So maybe they should get a pass.

My point is this. When I’m 70 years old, do I really want to be stuck with a fiftysomething year old Cambodian hag, while all my elderly friends at R & R bar are boasting about shagging twenty year old hostesses? No, I do not.

4. I don’t want a half-motodop baby.

Hear me out on this. I don’t like motodops. They are slow-witted, annoying, directionally-challenged imbeciles. It’s not their fault. Most motodops are the genetic product of a poor, uneducated Cambodian father and a poor, uneducated Cambodian mother. We all know the theory about the Cambodian gene pool being weakened by Pol Pot killing all the smart people. Motodops are the primary evidence supporting that theory.

If I marry a poor, uneducated Cambodian woman, and then she bears us a child, my kid is going to be 50% Gavinmac weirdo, 50% motodop retard. That’s a very scary thought.

To be honest, I don’t want kids at all, whether genetically disadvantaged or otherwise. I don’t like being around kids for more than ten minutes. I can stand them just long enough to do my Bill Cosby-type routine where I interview them and ask them dumb questions. “How old are you, kid? 5? Do you have a job? I had a job when I was 4.” Then I laugh hysterically and the kid runs and hides behind his mother’s leg. That’s all I know about kids.

But even though I firmly believe that children are overrated, useless scourges of the earth, I realize that my Cambodian wife won’t feel the same way. One of the main reasons why Cambodian women marry white men is so that they can have a half-white baby. Cambodian women dream of proudly holding up that half-white baby in front of their mesmerized friends, like that scene in the beginning of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” when Belloq thrusts the golden idol over the heads of the bowing Hovito warriors. Cambodian women live for that half-white baby worshipping moment.

If an exceptionally pale-skinned guy like me denied my young Cambodian bride her trophy brat, it would be disastrous to the relationship. She would absolutely hate me for it, even if she had agreed to a strict “no baby” clause in our pre-nuptial contract scribbled in lipstick on a hostess bar napkin. Really, a white guy marrying a Cambodian woman and decreeing “but I’ll never give you a half-white baby” is like Julia Child marrying a fat man and declaring “but I’ll never cook for you.” I just couldn’t do that. It’s a dick move.

5. The paperwork sounds like a real hassle.

Marrying a Cambodian woman apparently involves a lot of paperwork. You have to go to the Sangkat. I don’t even know what a Sangkat is. You need documentary proof that you’re single, proof that you make $2500 per month, proof that you’re not a criminal, proof that you don’t have AIDS. Then you need to get this stuff translated. I think the wife needs to get some kind of “family book,” and has to have papers stamped in her village. I’ve heard that dowries may have to negotiated and bribes may have to be paid.

This all sounds like a real headache. And if I want to bring a wife back to the U.S., we need to apply to the U.S. embassy for a marriage visa or a fiancee visa. More fucking paperwork. Endless forms. Photos. Documentary proof that we really know each other. Interviews with officious civil servants. I hear that the whole process can take months or even years. Meanwhile, the waiting period in the U.S. to buy a handgun and kill myself is only three days.

On the other hand, if I find an American woman I fancy, I could marry her at a classy downtown Las Vegas wedding chapel in about two hours. No lengthy paperwork or negotiations. This appeals to me. I’ve always been kind of an impulse shopper.

6. A Cambodian wife would embarrass me in public.

Do you remember the phase you went through between the ages of 13-17 when you were embarrassed to be seen in public with your parents? When you would cringe whenever they opened their mouths in front of your friends? Yeah, I actually never outgrew that.

I’m easily embarrassed by the slightest social faux pas committed by myself or my companions. Now, one of the entertaining aspects of hanging out with young Cambodian women is that they can be spontaneous, carefree, and naive, and you never know what funny thing they are going to say next. I would absolutely hate those qualities in a wife though. l already have enough social anxiety without worrying about my wife saying something ridiculous in public at any moment. I’m afraid that if I married a Cambodian woman, I could turn into an obnoxious husband who is constantly “shushing” my wife because I’m afraid that she may suddenly ask the waitress whether potatoes come from the ocean.

Or consider this scenario. Imagine that I take my Cambodian wife to a nice dinner party in America. Imagine that she dazzles my friends and co-workers with her natural beauty, grace, and charm for the better part of three hours. And then, just as dessert is served, she takes the opportunity during a lull in the conversation to stick her right index finger about two inches up her nostril for no apparent reason. Really, some of these Cambodian women are just cute little public-nose-picking-embarrassment-ticking-time bombs. You never know when they are going to start excavating in there.

7. I would always wonder if she really loved me.

So there’s that.

I might initially be fairly happy with a beautiful young Cambodian wife, even if I knew that part of the reason why she married me was for financial security. I don’t have a problem with that right now. I’m OK with her not loving me in the “Western sense.”

But over the years, I think feelings of resentment would eat away at me. I would wonder if she would have preferred to marry a Cambodian guy her own age, had the economic situations been equal. I would wonder if she really wants to be with me or if she just likes central air conditioning and the “holographic chat” feature on her new iPhone 17. Every time she asked for a bit more money for her family, I would wonder whether that was the main reason why she married me in the first place.

My insecurities would probably just get worse as I get older and closer to death, with the awareness that my younger wife might only be sticking around for her pending windfall inheritance. At the very least, I would probably end up as a bitter, half-senile 80 year-old man who loudly whispers to all the visitors to our house, “You know, she only married me for money. She never loved me. And she steals forks.”

566 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Probably Shouldn’t Marry a Cambodian Woman

    • Eric Reply

      Its easy to run down cambodian woman aske your self why are you there in the first place. Trust a yank to give an American view of Cambodia.if you really want to fit in with these people try living along side them move in with a Cambodian family. Go to sleep when they do wake up when they do.and do there work for the same money as they do. You Americans really piss me off. You think your better than any one else. I was based in Singapore in 1967 for three years and and traveled to most parts of Asia. I’ve lived in Thailand at the age of 40 but instead of staying in a hotel and moaning about the women in your life. Why the fuck did you not learn any think. I’ve lived with Thai families woke up at 4 am in the mornings to go and plant rice.eat your meals and go to the temple with Thai people. Then you will be excepted.like all yanks all mouth and gum.and over weight. Go home yank and live alone.

      • NativeMix Reply

        Wow.. an original post from 2010 and a stinging response here in 2013… Hmmmm

        Both the original post and the “Eric” response are filled with “stereotypes du jour”.. This rant starts with the typical “WASP-like” rage on dark Filippina ladies to the offsprings of Cambodian couples and is so masterfully complimented by the likes of “You Americans really piss me off.” and the “like all yanks all mouth and gum.and over weight. Go home yank and live alone.”

        We have on person being anti-asian and another person responding to the anti-asian poster with an anti-american posting.

        Do anti-american rants justify racist rants against Asians??

        • joslyndoe Reply

          Dear Gavinmac,

          I actually enjoyed both parts of this article, BUT your reason #4 for why you’d never marry a Cambodian woman makes you an a colossally sexist, socio-politically insensitive, hack writer.

          – a proud motodop offspring of 2 CAMBODIAN motodop parents

          • joslyndoe

            Seriously, please do the natives a favor and don’t propagate your kind in developing, economically fragile states. Just because our literacy rates are low and that there’s a language barrier don’t give you true license to be rampantly racist in the country that allows you to stay. Watch yourself.

        • Nara Khun Reply

          You are right! Go home and live your crazy life alone… You really piss me off too, American! The way you try to stereotype Cambodian women is so pissed off. Cambodian women are not the way you think they are. Don’t ever attempt to make a generalization about Cambodian women in such a stupid way. You should study some other lessons about them before jumping to conclusion, dude. Do just consider a single person’s good and bad points, and weigh out if the bad points of that person may apply to all who are the peer individuals of that mentioned series. Or did you just experience with a Cambodian lady and she had cheated you? Additional research should be done by you, American… We have a beautiful tradition and culture with which American’s ones or others can not compare.

          • Accuano

            You started off good but then stooped to this guys level of stupidity by judging all. Americans I am married to a Cambodian man I myself am a Shoshone Native American life sometimes with him and his family is very hard but I always think life for him with me and my family must be just as hard for him no man or woman is better or worse no matter what the nationality

          • Chen

            I totally agree with you this motherfucker is so negative I don’t even know where to begin…all I have to say go fuck himself and continue to live a miserable life.

          • Litlle Ms Dough

            Culture? What culture? Sitting by the roadside lazzing away the whole day criticizing the foreigners but at the same time trying to con their money?

      • David hansen Reply

        Eric , this is comedy , and its very funny . Calm down or we will have to get your nurse take away your google machine . Hope this helps .

        • Wozniak Reply

          I’m amazed that some members here are taking this post so seriously. It’s obviously written in good humour. I hope you stay in Cambo, Eric. We need more like you.

          • FS33

            White people love to justify insults by saying they were “just kidding.” Serious. Watch prank shit on YT. You’ll have a pasty – ass white guy go hit on a man’s wife, and when he gets blasted in the face with some MMA style type shit, he look’s profoundly confused and say’s “dude, it’s a prank, it’s a prank.” White people have some backward – ass humor. Stop coming to Cambodia you fucking pedophile, serial killer, misogynistic, exploiter, half-shaven, non-functioning alcoholic, smelly, style-less, .50 cent beer drinking at 7 in the morning, dirty fuckers. -A “Yankee”

          • Anorn

            I hate the reason three. I YOUR just labeling the stereotypes how would u know. How do u know she’s above 43? Everyone all ages differently and I know lots of Cambodians how are in their 40s but they look like their in their 30s, look my point is u need to stop labelling our people especially with the untrue stereotypes

          • j.r.krzysik

            A gift for what, more bigotry, listen he is right about one thing don’t get a Camodian woman or for that matter any woman. He is socially inept, and would find more companionship living and sleeping with a mirror.

      • jimmy jenkins Reply

        I am 38 and will marry a 38 yr old khmer woman in April 2014. why? because i love her. i love the way she laughs and is beautiful from the inside. its like this glow i feel when i see her face. the way she hugs me so tight like she will never let me go wow. people can say i married a poor girl all they want they will never know that they would have no chance with her no matter how hard they tried. to those fools who want to always doubt true love that has no boundaries – i fell asleep one night in our condo tired from walking and cooking dinner; my Su-pa was cuddling me i did not know but when i woke up she was still there sleeping like a baby on my chest- it could have been a down-filled pillow. 🙂

      • soahc Reply

        I too agree that ‘going native’ is really the best bet. Live simply like them and they will accept you, as much as possible.

      • Mom22 Reply

        This is all offensive. It would be offensive if it were written about black women in this same style, or European women, or Egyptian women, etc… However you paint it, it is offensive. Flip it , and write about men (any race) and it is still offensive.
        I am a white American (from the south), and I have been happily married to a Cambodian man for nearly 20 years. We have 2 academically and intellectually gifted children.
        Cambodian people endured so much during Pol Pot’s reign of terror, that they are still recovering from.
        This is a bully article. Posting a picture of an elderly Cambodian woman saying she is in her 40’s- disrespect! Getting a laugh from people who enjoy this type of thing. Disgusting.

      • CambodianLady Reply

        Wow, I’m very impressed with the article above. I am a Cambodian woman and I’ve never ever wanted to marry to a any American or European or whoever beside my Cambodian man. You know why? Some of the reasons are that if I marry to one of them I will have to change my culture from being a polite, lovely, soft, honest, care, hardworking woman, to crazy stupid alchoholic, drug, pollute the environment around like most of them. And you should be willing to accept the truth that you come to SouthEast Asia for girls because non of the pretty women in your country would look at you. Why? Because you are ugly and dirty mind 😉

        • CambodianWoman Reply

          I agree with the CambodianLady. You, Gavinmac, before stereotyping us, the Cambodian women, you’d better learn more about our culture. We lack of education but it doesn’t mean all the motodup and poor women are genetically rude, weak and uneducated. That’s racist! At least most of us know how to behave and give a proper speech better than you and you know what, you think it’s embarrassing to introduce her to people and the public, it’s because you don’t love the woman for real, literately she’s Cambodian is not the main thing.

        • Vandy Tep Reply

          After reading this passage. I was really disappointed with you. Your words like an idiot. You speak like a bastard. You are so proud of yourself, your country, and your people. Do you think, white people are awesome? Don’t talk like you’ve never been to school. Don’t try to put Cambodian women down and do not try to put Asian women down. We never say anything against American women. So respect us like we respect yours. One thing, no matter how proud you are, you still die like us. You have no magic to live forever. If you are so free to say bad things about the others, you should say somethings good and acceptable. Do not just post and make yourself worse. Be mature and make people respect you as you are old man.

      • Tim Reply

        Look MATE. This d-bag doesn’t represent the vast majority of American men, in fact he’s the .001%. So cool it on the anti-American BS. If I had a dime for every blowhard Brit or Queensland Aussie taking the piss I’d be a very rich man. OK Captain culture, I’m real funking impressed that you planted rice and and woke up at 4AM, I’m sure you’ve given back so much to the community, right. But it’s all for not cause your just another fucking Ian or Nigel shooting his pansy mouth off or worse, you’re a huge Canadian pussy.

      • Keith Reply

        You’re so right Eric, that guy’s comments are stupid and puerile, makes no sense at all, a spoiled does not know what he wants, sees everything in black…

      • aere Reply

        They’ve different values. Asian cultures tend to think more about family, and appear to care more about the well being of relations. I’d ask more why he being forty-ish while writing this he doesn’t try for someone who is closer to his age. Also, to my understanding, Cambodians tend to be Buddhist so they would assume consideration and well bred mannerism, even if many of the educated died off. I can’t speak because, I myself come from an educated family that ages well. I suppose we are the exception. Sounds as if he lived most of what he spoke of. Best of happiness. It was nice reading his post, as there are some insightful gems here and there, and his writing style is easy to read. It’s good that he thinks about appearing dumb because a lot of these White American think it’s cool to be seen with much younger Asian women, but in actuality it might mean more that he is immature and unable to attract someone who is of a mature mentality, it would also mean/appear creepy, unnatural, and taking advantage of the naive. I always think, when an older person pursues a younger girl…that they are selfish and cheating her of her opportunity for happiness with someone who she’d better relate with during her age of peak human development. It should be the man who knows better because of the acquired age, but age doesn’t mean morality, nor does it distinguish palpable value in the real world when it comes to being blameless nor does it lead to intelligent lifestyles.

        • McMan Reply

          Asian culture is like American culture from the 30s, 40s and 50s. Frankly, that’s the main reason American’s look to other countries for women. A great majority of American women are very superficial.

          American Baby Boomers are family oriented and that stems from a Christian upbringing. Most Boomers are educated, hard working, loyal and caring.

          In the US, older men with younger women are creepy, unless the man is a celebrity, then it’s A-OK! Sadly, celebrities are treated like gods in the US.

          Getting back on track: You speak of the older man cheating the woman out of a happiness with someone she’d better relate to, bla, bla. Last time I checked, the women have a choice too. They may be naive in their 20s, but I’m sure they know who they can stand to be with and who they can’t.

          frankly, I don’t look at age, or nationality as a barrier against real love. Maybe the person is your age, maybe she’s older and maybe younger. I do draw the limit at 32, but I don’t particularly care what anyone thinks of my choice in a women. I would also make it a priority to learn as much about her culture as possible and learn her language.

          My best friend is 49 and married a 25 yr old Asian woman. She is doing great in America and all that paperwork isn’t as involved as the OP comedian describes. In fact, even though they live in Tenn, she has found local gathering places for people from her country and has many friends. They had a child (my Godson), who is 2 now and they are an active family with lots going on in life.

          Getting to the story that started all this: The OP was writing a comedy bit that got a little too personal and offended people. It was meant tongue in cheek and odds are, the guy already has a Cambodian wife and probably speaks the language too. However, he did go too far and I was embarrassed as an American reading some of the things he said. He was going for laughs, but I didn’t find it funny.

          For all those who accuse American’s of being bigots, I suggest you take a look in the mirror and fix yourself before you point out the shortcomings of others.

          Someday I might meet a Cambodian woman and if we seem right together, it won’t matter to me, where she grew up, how educated she is, or, how well she’s going to age. Love is love and it crosses all boundaries.

      • Norman Oglesby Reply

        Not all yanks are that way, and we threw you Brits out for a reason

      • DMB Reply

        Interesting article that I stumbled across. While I think the OP is kind of a loser so to speak just from his treatment of the subject, the other people ranting anti-American sentiment are even more retarded. We understand that all you fools want to rush into the United States, we didn’t invite you, you asked to come. Then you whine… and whine… and whine some more. If you don’t like America, go somewhere else. Oh wait! There is no-where else to go, in Cambodia for example, if you could effectively exercise any human rights you might become a target… yeah.. really a garden spot.. and we need more of this crap here in America? I think not. The 5th World belongs in the 5th World…

      • WooWood Reply

        Cambodia woman will get a job and make her own money if she needs the money. She will work in the donut shop or prefer to work in the odd job to earn the money in order to send back home some. Cambodia woman is a little hard working compare with the Philippine women .

        Cambodia woman:
        Hard working, family oriented, and send money home to help family.

        Philippine Woman:
        Not like to work, family oriented and like to send home money.

        American woman:
        Work hard, maybe family oriented, but not willing to give up her money to her family or event her husband.

      • Doug Reply

        Hey Eric, Just shows what aSSholes you guys are saying that all Americans are alike just because you read something from one asshole. I worked in Thailand for the Thai navy for 5 years. I worked along side Thai people the entire time. Even enough of them spoke English for me to do my work I put forth the effort to learn the language. About my third year there I went up country and met a wonderful girl in a restaurant that was busy so the waitress sat s together. We have been married for abut 12 years now. When first getting serious and visiting her and ever since I stayed at her family house out in the jungle. I loved it there and still do. HOWEVER, you ERIC are a DUMB ASSUMING A$$HOLE YOURSELF.

    • DeeDee Reply

      Really? Hmm. That’s an interesting viewpoint considering I’m Cambodian. I guess those are one way of looking at things. So you care a lot about what others think instead of your own happiness? I have always found myself attracted to American Men, but I was raised American so… Being born in CA and all, but I can careless about the roots in Cambodia – living there or w.e. I say fuck it, life’s short. Soon enough, everyone’s integrating and having mixed children anyway. My child will come beautiful as a mixed breed lol. But to be fair, I only had to skim the article. I’m sad for you. I hope you find happiness some day.

      • Charles Reply

        ^ Lol, she’s right. Not ALL Cambodian women look for money. You could very much say the same about all hispanics, all Africans, or all Eastern Europeans, that they are all gold diggers and only want you for green cards. The problem is, you don’t know this, and is because of that that you better be sure about the woman you marry.

        As for the aging bit, I’m not so sure about that one lol. I mean, you have only one picture of an old Cambodian lady who seems she has worked the fields. I am sure women who are well educated and don’t work in the fields age rather well.

        As for the ridicule and all, I don’t think that’s very accurate. I mean, I would date a woman way older than me or younger than me (there are limits though!) As a 24 year old man I don’t find it odd dating an 18 year old, of course 18 year olds are immature for the most part but hell, I’ve also dated 30 year old women :/ and manners are important for you, so get out there and find a Cambodian woman that fits the bill, don’t just marry anyone.

        • jamie Reply

          this is true ive just come back from traveling s.e.asia, i spent the last 6 weeks living with my cambodian gf that i met on my first night there, im 25 and have no problem getting women back home, and shes 30, shes stunning and still looks 18 when spruced up to go out, she wasnt after my money either, infact she splashed ALOT of money on me! roles reversed haha
          the main thing i agree with on this article is how unpredictable and crazy they are in public! so many drunken arguments lol

      • Marco Reply

        Not enjoyable to those who have actual interests in Cambodia. Highly offensive article by an anglo saxon who doesn’t even live in Cambodia, yet pretends to be some expert. Maybe he’s been with many Cambodian women, but only someone that doesn’t really understand them would write such things.

    • CambodianLady Reply

      Wow, I’m very impressed with the article above. I am a Cambodian woman and I’ve never ever wanted to marry to a any American or European or whoever beside my Cambodian man. You know why? Some of the reasons are that if I marry to one of them I will have to change my culture from being a polite, lovely, soft, honest, care, hardworking woman, to crazy stupid alchoholic, drug, pollute the environment around like most of them. And you should be willing to accept the truth that you come to SouthEast Asia for girls because non of the pretty women in your country would look at you. Why? Because you are ugly and dirty mind 😉

      • miranda Reply

        I agree with you, CambodianLady – this guy is a bit of an embarrassment. I realize it was meant to be funny… but it was really just a bunch of awful stereotypes and sexism. Writing out a lot of offensive crap is an incredibly cheap way to approach humor. He mentions that he’s forty and single in this article – so maybe it was just a piece of underplayed satire (?). In any case, all Americans are not like this (is this guy American?) He could never get away with spouting this level of terribleness out loud back home, so he has turned to the internet. His article is like a troll in blog form. As a woman (born in the States) who lives in Cambodia, I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to live in this nation. My female Khmer friends are indeed lovely, soft, honest and caring and any man would be lucky to have any one of them… although I doubt they would have much interest in a middle aged Western bigot.

    • sreykmer Reply

      the man who wrote this article is sound like himself is the perfect guy, but do you feedback yourself? ‘love her love her Dogs’ do you know this meaning? if you really love a girl , you can accept everything that she has. and if you are an educated and clever man, you could be able to judge whether she love you or your money.i think you are not stupid right? everywhere there are good and bad people. i am a Khmer girl but when i read your text i feel boring to live with such kind of the guy like you. if you don’t like my Cambodian girls, please go to your country….no one begs you to choose a wife in here. most of Cambodian women are honest with husband. she wants only one man in her life and she respects him and family a lot.

    • sreykmer Reply

      the man who wrote this article is sound like himself is the perfect guy, but do you feedback yourself? ‘love her love her Dogs’ do you know this meaning? if you really love a girl , you can accept everything that she has. and if you are an educated and clever man, you could be able to judge whether she love you or your money.i think you are not stupid right? everywhere there are good and bad people. i am a Khmer girl but when i read your text i feel boring to live with such kind of the guy like you. if you don’t like my Cambodian girls, please go to your country….no one begs you to choose a wife in here. most of Cambodian women are honest with husband. she wants only one man in her life and she respects him and family a lot.

    • brett jackman Reply

      so well written,so true,if your job isnt semi proffesional writting or journalism,it should be…………better of with a colobian chic,they dont want your money-just to drive you to insanity…….age well though,make southern italians appear like pacifists however…..do not marry a cambodian.

    • Anorn Reply

      Well, now I know why not to marry an American person because of all the racist and stereotypical things u said about our culture

    • Joseph Mason Reply

      I’m an American and married a Filipina woman and don’t consider myself a loser because of it like this A-hole. I think Cambodian woman are beautiful and where there is a will there is a way. I live in the Philippines and for 10 years went in and out of the country going to various countries to teach English. When I’m not doing that I’m teaching English online to Chinese and Vietnamese. This pays $9-$12 an hour and because of the low cost of living it’s not so hard to survive. Got to think positive about what you can do instead of thinking inside a box.

  1. dengchao Reply

    Maybe you should get married to someone or something GM; these lengthy polemics are a bit of a worry.

    • Bee Reply

      You need to study more about Cambodia and Khmer people, and please see more value of them. I very negative about your thought. This country was a greatest in the world in last 1000 year, how was Khmer women? Have you know all women in Asia? . . .

      If you are thinking to marry please do with person you think great
      but please don’t look down to other,, each countries have different culture, living with your people is the best way,, please do…

      • Lisa Reply

        Nowaday khmer girls and womans looking for big pocket only that is sour true, that is their love for money only.

        • GK Reply

          Hey, all women love men who give them happiness so they can start their family together. If the men can’t build the family’s foundation, why the fuck do they want to married? I bet even you don’t want to married AH who make your F life miserable. However, money can’t buy everything, it is one of the most important part to make their love go on.

  2. Andy Reply

    Most of these reasons wouldn’t be an issue if the girl was fairly intelligent and hard-working (and there are a few if one cares to look outside the bars). The killer is the baby thing, though. I’ve only ever met two single Cambodian women who didn’t want a child; thankfully I’m married to one of them. The other other could be your type, but she’s a bit feisty.

  3. TheBigDood Reply

    I grew up in PP, where I went to an international school. I’ve dated some very beautiful, intelligent, funny, cultivated and sophisticated khmer girls.
    This article should be called 7 Reasons Why I Probably Shouldn’t Marry a Cambodian HOOKER, you sad, sad man.

        • Daniel Reply

          Go on a crusade up righteous ! The real thing is having enough interest and not eating into your savings, genuinely wishing to help her family without them becoming dependents, because despite all the talk here they only just want the same for you as all them family, happiness and prosperity(regardless of religion). Unless shes the type that goes to the salon more than once a week, in which point you can be sure that she is using your money to support one or more khmer boyfriends. Sny ha pro steiw.

    • patrick Reply

      now thats funny. im white and have a cambodian wife that was already living here in the u.s.a. she was born in cambodia and lived in camps on the thailand border until she was 16 or so…her mother also had three other childern to raise and they all made it out alive only one child still lives in cambodia. my wifes oldest brother is ase certified and also runs a donut shop that does very well. hes married and has a family, her younger brother served in the us army during iraq and was shoot and received the purple heart and other accommodations. my wife is a very hard woker and always sends money home to help her family in cambodia as well as her brothers. she’s beautiful, sexy and devoted, im a lucky white guy. we had one child together a gorgeous little boy who is 27 months now and hes smart as well, not like the sad, sad man stated in his tutorial. hes is our sweet little french baby as the cambodians like to say. im proud of my family and love them very much.

  4. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    I thought the major point of getting married was about having children, especially in a traditional society, maybe there are others though.

  5. ken svay Reply

    All very valid points and wonderfully expressed as usual.
    After my self induced breakup I realised that cambodian women all want white babies,but then so do western women.
    A black one would not be welcome at all,would it?
    Living around psar ja recently has opened my eyes to the numbers of goan kat around-heaps of them.
    Cambodian women are also desperate to get married,to anyone white or khmer.
    Its ingrained in the culture.
    In my experience most cambodian women dont want to leave cambodia,the isolation in the west would kill them-it suffocates me.
    As for the bad habits who cares, if the woman is smoking hot your mates will even forgive the nose picking.
    I would love to have my ex back despite the drawbacks-women always have drawbacks anywhere in the world.
    I received a call tonight which maybe suggests that all may be well after all.

    • violet Reply

      White women LOVE black babies. I would run out of room in a book naming all the white women I’ve met who have wanted (and have managed to give birth to) a black baby!

      • Sean Reply

        And there are scores of Cambodian women married to Black men (by Choice!) in the USA. (And I’m sure elsewhere, however; I can only speak for the USA where I live and see with my OWN eyes & hear with my OWN ears.) Whilst it (sometimes) appears the Khmer parents prefer White-American mates for their children; sometimes the Cambodian parents /families are sometimes more accepting than the White parents / families. (P.S. And please, not all their African-American spouses are thug-type either, but rather professtionals.) ^_^

  6. Sopheak Reply

    YOU should marry yourself otherwise you`ll in Peace!:(
    We are all different! Cambodian girls are different from each other. I`m a Cambodia man but I don`t think I`ll marry a western girl…:D

  7. Peter Hogan Reply

    ”Bringing my Cambodian wife to America would be an even worse idea. At least in Cambodia she would have friends, family, and a whole life outside of interacting with me. If I moved her to America, she would have none of these things. She’d end up sitting in my suburban house alone all day while I work. She’d have no one to interact with other than me.”

    You could always relocate to Long Beach CA or Lowell, Massachusetts. That could be one way of squaring the circle.

    • Peter Trier Reply

      you could always marry and bring her to Minneapolis. Many Cambodians settle here in Eden Prairie. Or you could just come to minneapolis and pick out one of the 40 year olds that previously married and already had their kids, work hard, are still pretty hot, don’t want any more kids and consider good white men in their 40’s to be cute.

  8. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    Just as a matter of interest Ken Svay, what’s “goan kat?” I know goan is child, but what’s “kat?” Cut?

      • Dermot Sheehan Reply

        I’ve never heard the term, my kid gets called “Goan Barang” rather than that..

    • Bubba Reply

      Goan Kat or Koan Kat is a half-breed, a mutt. There is nothing cute or pretty about a mutt.

      • big T Reply

        i begg to differ bubba i bet your a mutt and not even know it i have yet to meet a pure blood in any white male remember thru the ages people been screwing other races and different back grounds for years a germen is not hust german

      • Daniel Reply

        I got 2 halfies any they beat the shit out of everyone elses kids. If only all the barang husbands were good looking then the kids will be too. These kids definitely aren’t let down by there Cambodian blood.

  9. Andy Reply

    Contrary to the assumptions of GM, KS and just about everyone else, not all Cambodian women want to get married. There is a significant exception – the Cambodian woman who doesn’t want babies. Yes, they do exist, but you guys are looking in the wrong places. I’m referring to the career-minded woman. Cambodian culture hasn’t learned to accept the career mom yet; the only way a woman can focus on a career and avoid the disruption of child-rearing is avoiding marriage. You see, you are all assuming Cambodian WOMEN want babies; no one stops to realise that it is the same for Cambodian MEN. Who among you ever met a Cambodian man who didn’t wants kids? I’ll bet none of you ever even raised the topic in conversation, such is the unquestioned assumption. A careerist Cambodian woman knows that a Cambodian husband would expect her to sacrifice her career for his children. Therefore, there is a small but significant group of highly educated, dynamic, hot, heterosexual women destined to be spinsters. If only a supportive guy who didn’t want kids was out there. Get in!

    • theboss Reply

      If you think there are really “careerist” ( sic ) women out there who do not want children you are sadly deluded.

      • Dermot Sheehan Reply

        If you think that a “career” is a good substitute for a family, I think you are sadly deluded. While it may be common for “modern” people to fool themselves into thinking that their job and financial future is more important than having kids, they usually realize late in the game that they have lost out on a hugely important part of life. Thus we end up with the desperate and expensive efforts of fertility clinics trying to make up for lost time that elderly and by that time sterile couples have to deal with.

      • Peter Trier Reply

        absolutely!! try talking to any single woman in her early 40’s they still talk about having kids!

        • Mo Reply

          I’ll introduce you to my daughter but she would, almost certtainly, think you are a bigot because of your views. She has never wanted children and has not changed her views.

  10. Khmer Dawn Reply

    While there are always exceptions to the rule, and a lot of generalisations have been made… there’s a lot of truth to this article, that is both entertaining and amusing.

  11. Rubberbaron Reply

    I normally don’t post on this site but this is too good to pass up. Gavinmac did two funny and astute pieces at the same time and he has it right on all counts with all his 14 reasons. But just like with white women you can’t lump them all together. I got married to a divorcee with kids (I have one of my own too). Since we got on in age a little I know what I am talking about and I cannot confirm that Khmer women don’t age well. It all depends on the social circumstances. You got money for your wife to get pampered, she will probably look good in her 40ies and 50ies. I took my Khmer wife to the U. S. (Florida) and she adapted quite well with nary another Cambodian national in sight. We relocated back here for business purposes not because she felt lonely. You get ugly old hags in the West and here; men here usually don’t marry because of looks; the match must make sense, love will come later. But how about sex? Smoking hot doesn’t mean she is a good lay, right? Some never learn, others are quite adventurous and normally Khmer women have a more natural attitude towards things sexual than Western women, but I may be out of tune on that, being in my last third of life already.

    • Andy Reply

      The old woman in the picture is at least 65 and from country side, judging on her clothing . He either makes fun of her or he has slept with some 60 ys women that thought that they were in their 30’s…….lol.

      I found this post by accident, it is amusing , just like all the jokes we hear from Khmer people about Barangs, white people. No one is more superior than anyone else in this world. While some white people feel sorry about skinny dirty street kids in BKK, those kids call those people ” haha, they are like hippos in the zoo”…..I heard this in this a street in Bkk…..so there! Welcome to diversity and just be careful, you can think and you feel, just don’t open your big mouth in public judging others. Remember, your poo is not perfumed! Peace!…..:-)

  12. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    I don’t get the half-motodop bit? Are motodops the only Cambodian men that the author has ever met or something?

  13. Andy Reply

    ‘the boss’: well unlike you, I haven’t met ALL of them – although i probably know more than you do.

  14. Logos Reply

    On balance, the pros outweigh the cons by a significant degree, not only in GM’s pieces but more importantly, in real life. I have been married to a Cambodian for a number of years and none of the above points apply, except one, but with a 180° twist : I am probably more of an embarrassment to her in public than the hypothetical bride in your piece would be to you – and I suspect the same applies to most mixed couples.

    You didn’t mention the 2 days long marriage ceremony. To me having to get up at 6am was almost a deal breaker. But then we ended up making money out of the marriage ceremony so it made up for it 😉

    • Mike Reply

      I like your words and supports because I might get married with Cambodian girl. I saw the bright side and positive answer. Thanks

  15. barforsalecambodia Reply

    it seems to me the cons outweigh the pros.

    incidentally the desire for a half white baby i find maddening, and when they have it/them they love to go parading them around town. a half-white baby to them is equivalent to a shiny black land rover for guys.

    • Andy Reply

      That’s a nice observation! Have you thought about half white kids get badly bullied at schools in cambodia and Thailand , even in Australia where I live!

      • Glen Reply

        Omg I nurse at a Melbourne school I have the most wonderfull mix of 500 kids we have lots of mixed race children and its great to see . I know of no racial bullying and our parent teachers nights are race religion culture shocks, in a great way it’s awesome seeing black white Asian Eastern European Islander kids and parents all interacting positively and yes we are a public school. I have Asians standing up for Somalis I have Africans standing up for easterner Australians standing up for their mates of every color race religion. So long as these kids keep going this way our future is going to be awesome

  16. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    Sure, maybe they should hide their children in a cellar? It’s funny how the most sterile guys always have the biggest issues with other people’s kids.

  17. Heinrich Reply

    Aint dat de troof? Gavinmac:soothsayer. Truth in its most extreme form is known as “the awful truth”, and Gavin often digs just that deeply. The question remains though, after having seen the truth in his own mind’s eye and observed it through the folly of others, will he still have to relearn it the hard way – through first hand experience?


  18. Shasta Reply

    Funny as always Gavin. I know this is comedy but a couple of counterpoints.

    1) I would not worry too much about where you live, if you live anywhere around a major city. If I remember right you are in Vegas. I am sure they have a large Cambodian population. I know they have several asian markets. I used to live about 200 miles west of there, in the high desert. I figured there would be no Cambodians but I knew 40 or 50 of them by the time we moved. I now live around Sacramento. About three months ago the house beside mine sold. I now have a very nice Cambodian couple living right next door. As far as the drivers license in California they can take it in Khmer, assuming you girl can read that. I am pretty sure they only have one version of the test and they all pass it around.

    2) Well not much way around that if you marry a 20 year old but I am sure you will get over it.

    3)In the west they seem to do ok. Well better than me anyway. Hell many of the ones in the city are half Chinese anyway.

    4) No way around that one. They all want a kid.

    5)Paperwork is pretty easy especially if you get married in the States. Hell I got married in the city hall in Vegas. Of course I did have to do the two day show wedding in Cambodia but don’t remember any paperwork.

    6)I am sure anytime my wife has embarrased me I have more than paid her back for it. The nose picking thing does bother me though.

    7)Most of them seem like they do love their husbands if they treat them well. It is really no different than marrying Cambodian American husbands. Lots of Elephant Man looking Khmers married to drop dead gorgeous imported girls.

  19. gavinmac Reply

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. It’s good to hear from Heinrich and Shasta.

  20. Bubba Reply

    Hey, gavinman. you should get married with one of our white chicks here in the great state of West Virginia. They suit your old and insecure self just fine. These honkitonk chicks would lose most of their teeth by the time of their 20th birthdays. They are as fat as a pig and rolling around like a moon shine barrel. And you don’t have to worry about having a half-motodop baby. Chances are that they are actually your niece or nephew. Y’all in the same family.

      • WTFiswrongwithuguys? Reply

        This is completely rude and obnoxious. I know you are trying to state your negative thoughts on Khmer women but COME ON “fat as a pig, motodop, losing their teeth.” If you really love Cambodian women, you wouldn’t complain about their flaws or “little things.” Your just a whiner, if it bothers you so much about women like this, Go Gay or go to a bar and get high and be single.

  21. RacerX Reply

    Love this write up! so so funny but hits on many many true points! keep writting!!

    Khmer RacerX, Wash. DC

  22. half 'Bode Reply

    LoL @ “potatoes from the ocean”

    gavinmac needs to have a few goan kots hopefully they’ll inherit his sense of humor.

    • Bubba Reply

      A sense of humor at someone else’s expense! How convenience! May be he should try self-defecation instead to show some balls. Perhaps he ain’t gotten none.

      • Andy Reply

        Bubba, it’ s ok. We all know that it is unkind and politically incorrect of him, but don’t we all know that Khmer people have millions jokes about white people? Every time I go back to cambodia, drivers and waiters would tell me endless rude funny stories about their clients and those are so judgemental and denigrating …..lol…just believe me, and other sites, Khmer folks are not better than this guy!….. Lol

  23. Cambodia pride Reply

    I am Cambodian. I don’t agree with point #3. They age fast when they don’t live a comfortable life. If they have the life of western women, it will be definitely a different story.

  24. Cambodian Girl Reply

    you like or dislike Cambodian people is not the problem but you shouldn’t use some kinds of impolite words to look down on us… If other nations look down on American people, how would you feel? Do you think you’re the best in the world? Should consider my idea…

  25. KhmerGirl Reply

    the two articles are hilarious! but joking aside, they say a lot more about the writer than khmer women.

    • mao Reply

      Hello all KhmerGirl;
      I am glad to read your comment, and I hope to have a good help from you all, please reply.

      I am a Cambodian like you, I am 65 years old. Every years I went to Thailand, Cambodia, or Vietname. I have a good time and I get a lot of girl friends (Vietname, Thai, and Khmer). Must of them are prostitute, I am not mind because I am a old man, that I want is a beautiful and young lady who can make a Children.

      As a Khmer, I still love my country, and I want to marry a Cambodian lady and bring her to the USA, hoping to help her and her family out of hardlife, but Khmer government makes a new rules that 50 years old man cannot marry to Cambodian lady.

      My girlfriend and I we have a plan to make 4 Children, even I am old but I have enoughf of money to take care my children, and hopefull they will get a very good education in the USA, in the future. and also will help my country …etc
      If, I really cannot marry her because of a rule of Mariage, and I am really want to have the children, I need to marry a Vietnam or Thail girlfriend.

      In my mind, I fell that, my girl friend Cambodian have a right to do a prostitution, but she does not have a right to marry a man who she loves. She is treated like a pig or a dog, that the owner choose a male for her. How do you think about my case ?. and my felling ?

      In Cambodia, the farmer choose the male pig for a female; in the USA the farmer choose a male dog for a female.

      • Mo Reply

        I thought the 50 year old marriage rule only applied to outsiders NOT Cambodian men. This was to stop Westerners trafficing in children, which went on a lot with Cambodian children. I would check your facts with a Cambodian judge before accepting that it is fact.

  26. sad Reply

    i am a Cambodia woman. i really want to marry to the Australasia man. But after i read this. you let me change my mind. you point me some idea that i never thought about. 1st i force my self to find a way to live and marry to a man there. But now i think what ever your country is you will feel that your country must be good than other. So i hope you change the topic from “7 reason not married to Cambodia women” to “7 reason not married to the foreign woman”.
    oh !!! 40 years old Cambodia wonman is not too old like your picture post. it not true.

    • KhmerBayon Reply

      No It´s not true. Khmer woman are still pretty when they grow older. Not like many western woman, who´s already fat and ugly when they are around 30 years old. I just think that this guy looks down on khmer people, and with his attitude, i think that no one would want to be with him, either khmer or western woman. I think he´s better off alone

  27. Pisey Reply

    Hello everyone out there especially to all american guy!:-)

    I’m a very poor and uneducated girl 21yrs old and working in the orphanage since I’m 16yrs old( so i’m not a lazy girl).
    I really understand with ur 7reasons and I believe that its happened to some cambodian girl only. Please Take alittle bit time to observe other cambodian girl b’coz we’re not all the same (eneducate, wanted white baby or wanted money etc.) For me what I need is TRUE LOVE, whose able to be with me in future and until my last breathe even not in America it’s ok with me(its my own thinking). Please consider my comment and pardon my english b’coz i’m just 1st year high school.

  28. Pisey Reply

    Hello article writer!

    The picture that u’ve post is not 40yrs old. I believe that her age is like my grandmother 60+yrs old, be faithful when u post something and please dont compare us with a puppy, if u do its mean u treat as just like a toy for playing only( its mean u dont love us sincerly also). I have an american bf right now, i’m so thankful that he’s different from YOU, he loves CAMBODIA and ME, he never treated me down. Well, i’m not a rich girl and I didnt finished my college and my parent working abroad and i’m working too. I’ll be appreciate if u will change ur thinking or we’ll pray for you for sure.

    Warmest Regards


    • Ly Reply

      Agree with the feedback. Reasons this writer stay single till 40 because he over-uses his brain, limited general knowledge, and a chicken.

      • Matt Reply

        The problem isn’t that he over-uses his brain; the problem is that all these illiterate commentards are under-using theirs.

        • James Reply

          Matt, you clearly don’t understand that a lot of Asian cultures don’t embrace and use sarcasm the way that we do in Western culture. That’s why these Cambodian people are understandably offended by this article. Most of them don’t realize it is meant to be funny and would not appreciate the joke even if they did.

          While I definitely get a grin out of these types of articles, they don’t do much ease cultural tensions between foreigners and locals. And neither do your hostile, unsympathetic responses to these comments.

          Also, just because someone’s mastery of English has room for improvement does not make them illiterate. They may very well be literate in their own language (surprisingly, English is not the only language on the planet). How many languages are you “literate” in, I wonder?

          I must say that you seem to be lacking quite a bit of brainpower yourself. I hope that with your non-existent perception of cultural differences that you’re not actually living here.

          • Cara

            Asian people do not need to go to USA to know that the country has the statue of liberty. Similarly, how ironic it is when you expected someone to appreciates the joke where you are the subject of the joke. Try standing in the middle group of people who are bullying you and then you may feel something out of your precious literate brand. I somehow still think that Asian people are ways better with language. We do know more languages than your white people do and also we at least have this culture of Saving Face. To you it is funny but to us it called Rude. ” I hope that with your non-existent perception of cultural differences that you’re not actually living here” quoted from your comment! I think out of all people you deserve to learn this the most. Go literate with the culture man!!! Go to clean your own backyard before criticizing the knowledge of other people. At least Asian people know English language (I meant English not American.

          • aere

            I understood his use of sarcasm, however there is always some truth is sarcasm. I think people use sarcasm because they lack patience and tolerance. Sarcasm doesn’t seem to usually come from a wholesome place when it’s applied, and silence usually does the job better when tact is not applied. Truth doesn’t exist when anger is expressed.

  29. Nada Reply

    In the seven reasons you list, I only see two entirely valid ones:

    1. I have no idea where we would live.
    5. The paperwork sounds like a real hassle.

    For Thailand, it is even worse. She has no right to stay in your country and you have no right to stay in hers. You will need to find a country where both of you would have the right to stay. The list of countries where this is possible is shrinking rapidly.

    The NGOs are also managing to finally close the net around mixed marriage in Cambodia. They have managed to push through a new rule that says that if you are above 50 or do not make at least 2500 dollars/month, the marriage is illegal.

    If your circumstances violate these rules in any way, you could not reasonably even pretend to have the intention to marry your Cambodian girlfriend. Any money or other financial advantages that change hands, therefore amounts to prostitution, which is illegal, and carries a mandatory, minimum 5-year jail sentence for both of you. So, you will go to jail, while she will end up in a prostitute re-education camp.

    Since the NGOs are well in to the orphanage business too, they will happily take over any leftover kids, that they will raise to be well-groomed, properly gender-mainstreamed individuals who actually respect women, instead of being such brutal savages by sleeping with them!

    • Mao Reply

      Hello NADA;

      I am glad to read your message. I have some question.
      1) If I am Cammbodian Man, living in abroad, more then 50 years, and my girlfriend, more than 24 years old. We are really make a decision to make a family (we get a children) how a rule can separate I and my girlfriend ?
      2)What is a solution to get marry ?, I need to bring my girl friend to the USA ?

      Please help !!!

  30. TTT Reply

    Yes, not marry a Cambodian woman, she cheat you !!!. I lose a lot of money and my time. It is a prostitution country, go to Vietnam or China !!

    • ella Reply

      if you are a smart man you’ll never get cheated……and of course no one want a stupid man like you…only prostitute,and i think you should clear your mind out of dirty thoughts about Cambodia.

    • Bee Reply

      What is your fuck comment!! What kind of the woman you met? Why you gave money to her? How level you are? Where are you from? How often you visit Cambodia? Have you been studies about Cambodia culture? TTT man, please carry your dirty commenting, and go back to schools to study about Cambodia… Please remember, Cambodia in last 2000 years started by Cambodian woman, and in last 1000 year Cambodia is a greatest culture in the world.

      • rico Reply

        ‘…………in last 1000 year Cambodia is a greatest culture in the world’

        I have lost count in how many turd world countries I have heard this baloney….about their countries that is..!

    • Kanika Reply

      Hey idiot, it is your fault that you go and find prostitute and you are the stupid man. I think you spend the money for travel just for having sex with the girl. Mind your word that you say Cambodia is a prostitution country. What do you know about my country? If you do not know anything just shut your mouth and go back to your own country. Yes, you better go to other country if you want to have sex with prostitute.

      • Mo Reply

        Kanika I agree with what you say. I met a very beautiful Kanika when I visited Cambodia with my husband early this year. She was beautiful in body and heart. She and her family were warm and generous to us. We would be very proud to have her as part of our family. So many people who have posted here, especially the men, are obviously what Cambodia is trying to prevent with their 50 yr rule which, unfortunately also penalises those who do want to marry because they love each other.

  31. Kamarak Reply

    Hey, Man!! if you don’t likeCambodian girl then get marry with your own nationality leave the Cambodian girl alone!!!

  32. Jack Armstrong, AAB Reply

    This is just plain funny writing.
    Some of the criticisms voiced here make me wonder what Woody Allen would have experienced if he’d put some of his short stories on some randomly chosen Jewish-American website.
    If Mark Leyner had put “He Has A Car Bomb” on an Iraqi website in 2012, people might not instantly recognize the humor. (Do a Google search. It’s worth it.)

    I’m not sure all cultures even HAVE irony as a form of humor. I was on a sales call in a Vietnamese home, and looking at a picture of their three absolutely, jaw droppingly gorgeous daughters, I said “Too bad your daughters aren’t pretty.” The father grunted.
    They later complained to my manager that I had insulted their daughters. I sent a letter of explanation. But this is where cross-cultural misunderstandings can come from.

    Anyway, give me a 180 pages of short stories like this, and I’ll buy it. And you will be an underground hit in any number of dorms.

    But the humor-challenged will complain about your insensitivity.
    What ARE you supposed to do them if they can’t take a joke?

    • NearyKhmer Reply

      Funny you’ve mentioned Woody Allen and his short stories. If only he can add a non-fiction piece about his present wife who is also his adopted daughter (with the age difference of 34) then that would really spice up this thread. Now do you think she married him truly out of love? Maybe some young girls fancy heavily wrinkled scrotum like a turkey’s wattle.

      • Chay Reply

        It’s crazy that someone well educated would write something so ignorant. All women age differently. I am proud to say I am Cambodian and well educated. My family overcame many obstacle here in the U.S. but we all graduated from great Universities and some of us are working on our masters. My parents worked many jobs so we would go and further our education. There were 7 of us. My mom got spit on, beaten and treated differently because we were not of the same color or speak clear English. She taught all my siblings that ignorance is always temporary and knowledge is one of the keys to having a better life, beside treating others the way we wanted to be treated.

        My mom and sisters are beautiful in everyway, young and old. All of my Cambodian friends are beautiful and well educated. But don’t shun the less educated not all of us cambodians have the opportunities to walk the same walks. But without the we won’t have our business’s run, hospitals/ homes cleaned and etc.

        Like my mom always said “Use ignorance as a stepping stone.” Its true for me, my family and friends.
        We are: nurses, dr’s, Chemical engineers, business owners, pharmacist, the list goes on.

        Beauty is inside and out. Intelligents can come the educated and uneducated at times.

        For you to say Cambodian in general makes you sound a tad ignorant. Women are women in all races.

        In our cambodian culture we take care of our family. If your wife is asking for money to send overseas and it’s constant. Ask why so frequently. Or just grow a backbone and learn to say “No.” I help my siblings overseas but I have no problem saying no when it isn’t justifiable. If it can’t be justified my favorite word,”No” is quite handy.

        Don’t go by hear say go by what you experience. I apologize if it you or your friend(s) that went through whatever they went through but don’t let that jilt/tormented heart distort he true realities of an everyday event. People get used face it its all nationalities. Stop stereotyping Cambodians.

        As far junior little falling for ms young hottness. Lol. All I have to say is shame on you. Men and women across the board can agree its not love don’t mistaken heat and passion for love especially when you have only experienced the boom boom room. And if and when have junior little. Just remember its half yours. You can’t blame your wife for having a motodop baby, because behind all the weird you might have a slow mo gene in the mix. Lol. (pay attention in biology or pickup a book in genetic)

        Last but not least. Love is used so loosely here by men and women. Use the term in you heart. Love is kind, uncondional and respectful. You marry someone you love not someone you have keep looking over your shoulder with. Whatever happened in the whole ideas of getting to know each other, finding common ground and interest? Do you research. A women of any race is like every race. Don’t judge by its outward appearance get to know them first. And stop letting your pecker do all the thinking.

        My fellow Cambodians Women are just like every other women from every race. Girls dust the stereotype off and lets move like the wind. To much time wasted.

        • Curious Reply

          Hi Chay;
          Earlier in the thread, there was an astute comment about the confusion caused by using irony, misdirection and other forms of more subtle Anglo humor GM clearly writes as entertainment and humor.
          Your comment reflects a lack of understanding of the intent of GM… is supposed to be funny, and is not serious for the most part.
          So….. lighten up

          • Mo

            So it is OK to write insulting things about another country, it’s people and culture because the writer says it’s humour. Why , in that case, do Americans get their knickers in a twist when someone makes rude comments about America (“the great?”), American culture (Do you have any?)and american people?

  33. Jackson Reply

    Ok, has anyone writing these comments actually been to Cambodia? By the way you drive on the right, same as America. Vietnam and Thailand and most everywhere else in South East Asia drives on the left side. Also if you happen to be in Sihanoukville you will use mostly US currency, except change for a dollar will be in riel. 2,500r = $1.00
    Would I marry a Cambodian woman? If it’s true love, absolutely. And I would live in Cambodia. This might not be a good choice for everyone reading this, but I am 62, retired on a modest fixed income and I know my monthly check will go at least three times further living there. And most Cambodian women love Cambodia. Their families and friends, possibly career or job, maybe college or a trade and a life and belief system that makes perfect sense if you grew up there, understand and accept this.
    And even if you don’t find a Cambodian you wish to marry, just dating lots of beautiful women is not a bad life either. The search for the perfect fit can be quite a rewarding experience! However, better take a close look at some of the taller ones before you get naked (a few ladyboys in the mix) And even with Ankor Draft beer for $1.00 where I stay, I never turned into a alcoholic. I do better with one beer and three women then six beers and no woman or waking up with an ugly one after the six beers wore off!
    Are Cambodian women perfect? Some are. No matter where you go in this world you will find an array of different personalities, and potential partners. It’s just that everything is so affordable there. Wouldn’t you like to be three times wealthier? Rich old guys in the US often have beautiful younger wives, or mistresses because they can afford to! So unless you happen to be rich you may consider going somewhere that seems like you’re rich by comparison. There are many trade-offs in life and it’s not much of a physical experience unless you get out and have a few!

    • W G F Reply

      In Vietnam they drive on the right – same as Cambodia. True many might say they only predominantly drive on the right in Cambodia as those of us who live here know they actually drive on both sides of the road. In Thailand it’s correct they drive on the left.

    • Curious Reply

      Hi Jackson or any other experienced reader;
      I am 63, but fit and athletic, and I was thinking of finding a mate, but on the basis of a 2 or 3 year contract where she would come to Canada, I would feed, educate her etc. give her a monthly allowance and send money back to her family.
      At the end of the 3 years, we either renew or she departs back to Cambodia speaking English and educated with skills that she can use to make her way in the world.
      I should also say that my plan would include a pre-paid return ticket that she could use at any time should she not be satisfied with her situation in Canada.
      I am ending a 40 year marriage and am definitely not interested in a permanent relationship again.
      During the recent past, I happened to come in contact with a Khmer lady and was mesmerized by her. So while GM wrote a very funny article, all the thread dialogue was about MARRIAGE… and that is definitely not in the cards for me.
      I would appreciate your thoughts or any readers thoughts on this as a plan… do you think it is feasible?
      I have money so that isn’t an issue, and I live in a very mild climate on the West Coast of Canada in a beautiful city.
      Whaddya think?

    • Darryl Learhinan Reply

      Hi Jackson;
      Having just read with interest a posting of yours from a few years ago re enjoying/appreciating Asian women and the way of life for retirees such as myself can be had in countries such as Cambodia/Vietnam etc. I have just spent a magnificent time in Vietnam my second time,{the first while in the Australian army during the conflict 1970} and having been back home now for six weeks it seems a fire is burning inside of me to get back for a longer period with the view of living there permanately.Not only do I find the place fascinating and the people and girls lovely but cost of living so affordable, as I too am on a good army pension.Next when I do return,in six weeks I hope,i will venture to Cambodia, Thailand and just have a good look around the places I didn’t get to last time,any way I could wax on forever so once again thanks for your post Cheers Darryl{In Australia}

  34. Gerard Reply

    An extremely humorous article. Brightened up my day! It looks like we have some ultra sensitive people out there (in here!), and some with a huge cross-cultural-understanding ‘deficit’. Well written Gavinmac, even the pic of the alleged 43 year old woman was a classic piece of poetic license (or exaggerated humor!). One for the archives indeed.

    • Chris N Reply

      Humourous to some … offensive to others, especially many(foreigners and Cambodians) with Cambodian associations – insensitive !

      Whatever way you read it, the writer either has no knowledge, or is totally insensitive on the Cambodian genocide and refugee camps in his “…….We all know the theory about the Cambodian gene pool being weakened by Pol Pot killing all the smart people…….”.

      I have lived in Cambodia 19 years, and have a terrific Cambodian wife …. but I never heard that theory that writer says “we all know ….”. I guess we know different parts of cambodia, and maybe he is one of those “foreign bar-boys”, instant experts on everything from local culture to politics, history to ecconomics ….. as observed from a bar stool, rather than from than from the society. At least the author admits he is shallow, which is more than many bar boys do.

      No healthy minded person makes jokes about genocide or refugeee camps, anywhere – Asia, Africa, Europe, elsewhere. Its one of those subjects there is absolutely no funny side to ……… (just as it would be wrong make jokes about the rather smaller scale Sandy Hook Elementary School killings in US recently)

      My Cambodian wife and extended family, like the majority over 25 / 30 years suffered through the genocide and refugee camps, the former actively condoned and abetted by the west in allowing the Khmer Rouge to keep their UN seat. And I have spent significant time working with genocide victims in camps. ……… Its not even a sick joke !

      ….. and for the record, the younger generation of Cambodians now are real in many cases real shakers and movers, with ambition, hard work and frequently through aid programmes, very good (often overseas based / supported) education. Most Cambodian students will beat the pants off western students for enthusiasm and commitment

  35. apsara Reply

    Only morons would find this funny.
    You’re an idiot who will surely end up alone. And by the way, as if you could get a decent, smart, attractive Cambodian girl to marry you. You don’t even deserve them, you fool.
    What a waste of my time to read such crap. Oh I get it now, no wonder you’ve never been married.

    • Gerard Reply

      Point proven!

      …It looks like we have some ultra sensitive people out there (in here!), and some with a huge cross-cultural-understanding ‘deficit’.

      Thank you Apsara!

      • rico Reply

        Irony,sarcasm,black humour are lost on all Asians, sadly.
        Their humour is 1930’s slapstick…
        Great and funny article by GM.
        Most seasoned Asia expats will appreciate it for sure.

    • khmersok Reply

      The writer is fool fat man. He is ugly and fat man, so that why he must live alone. No Cambodian girl loves him. Get the fuck out from Cambodia and live us alone. Sorry for the words, but he deserves it.

      • KhmerBayon Reply

        Yes you are right Khmersok. I´m sure the writer is so fat, and ugly, that no woman would like to be with. Not even a barang woman can love a jerk like him. i hope he likes his own company for a lifetime, cause who can love an ignorant person like that?? I totally agree with you, Khmersok. That asshole should just stay away from Cambodia

    • tinkerbell Reply

      You wrote:”What a waste of my time to read such crap”

      … and why on earth you even care to leave a comment?
      you took your time to read this article coz it entertained you and you got nothing else to do, LOSER!
      You and all these stupid moron here who have a small brain like you should eat each other’s shit!

    • BG Reply

      Well I guess I’m a moron then.

      I know the article is not true, but I’m still able to laugh at the political correctness of it, and realize it’s not meant to be taken literally. And yes, I’d laugh regardless of the demographic it’s making fun of. Lighten up.

  36. NearyKhmer Reply

    Very entertaining indeed and I enjoyed reading all the comments. You have brushed on some Khmer idiosyncrasies that the majority would take to offense. Khmer’s sense of humor is different and can be more sarcastic. Your style of writing and humorous content will surely be lost in translation if it were to be done. I’m looking forward to what you’ll be brewing up next.

    Just wondering if you’ve ever taken her to a Khmer gathering/celebration/temple/community in your homeland? Is it worrisome that the thought of her interaction and gain of knowledge from overseas Khmer could possibly shed a different light on you as her hero? Or are you her lover?

  37. Nessa Reply

    HEY..watch your mouth i don’t really appreciate about your bullshit idea man why you so dumb and looking down to my khmer women..!!! dang i hate that ways.

  38. Eddiemac Reply

    This guy will truly die alone, and it seems that he has made peace with that.

  39. kalia Reply

    NO WOMan is better than other woman.they are all better for themselves .Everything depends on what they both sides like and dislike. if you like you fuck with and live with pig you should ,if you want to live with honor family ,you should not betray yourself that you like pigs or bitches…Cambododian saying: like pot ,like cover
    the western are deserved to get marriage to such cambodian women

  40. Jason K Reply

    I love the humor in this article, but some of it is not true. Marry a Cambodian wife, it took awhile to get use to our western style cultures but now she doing fine. One thing your right about is the kids thing, they do want a baseball team. Good article!

  41. lauren kelly Reply

    Hmm this man sounds a bit insecure and too much worrying about what other people think and he’s 40 ! That’s probably why he hasn’t been married.

  42. bobolala Reply

    Oh my god, i was so shock to see all those stupid words about Cambodian. I am Cambodian. Yeah, we are poor but we don’t go around n talking shit like you asshole. Yeah live alone go to hell. Gee talking like u r any better. How a powerful very educated nation like America have a man who talking shit in every single words of him!!!! YOU white skin people isn’t any better than us!! Might your word dude. Your mama must be ashamed to gave bird to such a man!!!

  43. Eros Reply

    This is a really offensive article. Your use of words and phrasing are very rude, debasing and borderline racist.

  44. JS Reply

    Cambodian people, in general, are much more kind and considerate compared to other Southeast Asians. Cambodia used to be a great empire, and it’s sad to see that it’s shrinking to the size it is today because of Vietnam and Thailand. Cambodian people has gone through a lot of heartwrenching turmoil, and to say that Cambodian women are golddiggers may be true, but it’s because they have a lot of burden to carry given their circumstances and their concerns over their family. Who the hell wants to marry someone twice their age if they have nothing substantial to offer? Let’s get real here. I don’t want to sound like a douche, but that’s how it is. If you’re a 40+ something unmarried man, don’t expect to all of a sudden find love picking up an international girl half your age. The fact that she wants a kid is the least you can give her, along with financial stability. You’ve got your whole life to figure out if you want a kid. She can only go so far in age before she literally cannot have her own child. To people saying Cambodian women only wanting koun-kat are stupid. If they’re married to a barang, of course they’re gonna have a koun-kat. How can she decide what ethnicity her child is if her husband’s ethnicity is already barang?

    • Dermot Sheehan Reply

      “How can she decide what ethnicity her child is if her husband’s ethnicity is already barang?”

      While I appreciate your comment and understand what you are trying to say, “barang” is not an ethnicity, it’s just a catch-all phrase that Cambodians use for anyone who comes from places outside their small world.

  45. Anna Reply

    I agree with Eros, except I think this is not borderline racist, but just plain racist and sexist plus totally mindless. I have never seen so much colonialist, sexist, racist behaviour ever in my whole life, it’s been the biggest shock out of everything that was new to me here in Cambodia and still is. The kind of racism/sexism that would just not be tolerated in the UK.
    Even the term ex-pat to me stinks of colonialist superiority complex, are we not immigrants?

    ‘Imagine that I take my Cambodian wife to a nice dinner party in America. Imagine that she dazzles my friends and co-workers with her natural beauty, grace, and charm for the better part of three hours. And then, just as dessert is served, she takes the opportunity during a lull in the conversation to stick her right index finger about two inches up her nostril for no apparent reason. Really, some of these Cambodian women are just cute little public-nose-picking-embarrassment-ticking-time bombs. You never know when they are going to start excavating in there.’
    I mean what kind of human being actually says something like that about his wife? Like she is some kind of doll? Jesus. yep, sexist, racist, obvious sickeningly boring and depressing that the writer actually exists in Cambodia.

  46. bk Reply

    if you dont want to marry a cambodian woman then dont associate with them. plain and simple and stop talking smack about my kind. your women aint so special either

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  48. PAPACi Reply

    I am from Cambodia. Well, I will tell.
    You are correct, Pol Pot had overly killed Educated people, and the rest were mostly hungry and Lower social . But Educated and smart People did survived after the pol pot regime.
    Have you ever wonder “why Cambodian Women who are girlfriends/wife to the white people are mostly dark-skin women”?
    That’s the pointed, there are still hungry people from rural area who love cash more than a love-life. Yes, Their dad can be Motodop, and you know it. And THOSE ARE THE GIRLS THAT YOU WERE ABLE TO GET THEM.

    I wish you meet a Cambodian women, with fair skin, light, or healthy looking, they’re having a good or average living condition. Believe me, those girls are the person who would take care you the whole life, tell you to walk over the bridge rather than crossing into the river full of crocodiles. Don’t be mad to know this “Those fine ladies never love to marry a white guy or westerners, maybe 5 of 100” .

    If you ever think that you will have a retard kid because of motodop daughter, Man…this is a bit selfish to listen to. You’re just making an excuse since you have not found a correct wife.

    So believe it or not, try to learn about women of my country with fair skin and wealth, and then don’t delete your writing here if you suddenly want to marry them.


    • John Reply

      I wish you meet a Cambodian women, with fair skin, light, or healthy looking, they’re having a good or average living condition. Believe me, those girls are the person who would take care you the whole life, tell you to walk over the bridge rather than crossing into the river full of crocodiles.

      These women with fair skin are those who love the money most. Most Cambodians are obsessed by this nonsense (ie. light skin). They spent for cosmetics to achieve light skin and are frightened of being exposed to sun.

      Why? Because dark people do work, nothing of interest for “healthy looking” Cambodian girl; these rather find some way how to obtain money while not need to work.

  49. Srey Pich Reply

    So I read you’re article and I do not agree with it. I was born in Cambodia and I was adopted age of seven years old. My biological mother was poor and my father left us when she was pregnant with me. She had to support herself and a baby. She raised me for seven years. When I was five years old she contracted AIDs from her ex-boyfriend. She put me up for adoption when I was seven years old and for five years after that I thought she died. Little did I know, she was receiving medical care from Doctors Without Borders. She has been alive since. I visit her as much as I can. Your comment about how Cambodian women do not age well, considering that she’s sick with AIDs, she looks great for a 45 year old mother. I might be biased because she’s my mother, but I don’t think she looks bad.

    I think I turned out fine. I was sick when I lived in Cambodia. I had TB and Hepatitis and lived with parasites. When I moved to the United States I took medication for 6 months. I’m no longer a carrier of either diseases, however I can’t give blood. Also I just graduated high school and I will be attending The University of Pennsylvania, not Penn State. People doubted me, that I wouldn’t catch up with my peers. I believe that if Khmer children had the chance I did, to start my life all over again, they would take that chance and improve their life style. Cambodia isn’t moving up like China is or other Asian countries. They are not given the chance. Orphanages are shut up down and children are no longer allowed to be adopted because 12 years ago a woman that was in charge of an orphanage was accused of “baby buying.”

    I don’t appreciate it when other people look down at us. Many Asian people I know are surprised that I got into an Ivy League school while they didn’t. I worked extremely hard to get myself where I am today. I have pride in my country. We’re strong people because of the Khmer Rouge. We’re not going to let a genocide ruin us and have others look down at us.

    • gavinmac Reply

      Thank you for your thoughtful post. Congratulations on your success, but you shouldn’t look down on Penn State.

      • Srey Pich Reply

        I wasn’t looking down on Penn State. I’m a fencer and Penn State was my second choice because UPenn gave me a better offer. If anything, Penn State looked down on me because I wasn’t good enough to start on their team. People get confused when I say I’m going to Penn. Just making things more clear.

        • Srey Pich Reply

          *people get confused when I say I’m going to Penn. Most think I mean Penn State.

          • Yank

            I went to “the university of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia”. That’s how I usually say it. They still think its penn state, down upon whom I look.

  50. Jeff Reply

    What I liked most about your article is the way you have something hilarious at the end of a paragraph. Writing is not easy and you have a smooth style with a good tempo. I got several LOL moments. There are some nuggets of wisdom also. Just out of curiousity what’s the difference between the Khymer gold digging mail order bride and the Philippine version ?

    • apolloyon Reply

      You nailed it! Everything I wanted to say about the article and the writer. Like the tempo and ending the paragraph with humor. A smooth,flowing style,lost on many readers either because of translation or limited insight.
      Yes, there are some nuggets too. Like your question ’bout the diff between gold digging versions.I went thru the TLC, The Latin Connection. I know something about the immigration,acclimation,financial, etc. BS. 15 years later,we are divorced. Now she is sorry,older and working in a factory. [17] years after arriving good ‘ol USA, she still has no drivers license!
      Whatever gender, it is physical looks that attract, intelligence sustains. That combination is hard to find. Some men have a woman for one attribute, another woman for a different reason. Some have no woman. Like Bob Marley, ” No Woman, No Cry”.

  51. KittyPich Reply

    U can say it cause ur mother not Cambodia! How do u feel if i say like this to girl in ur country?

  52. Tamara Reply

    I have no idea how I got here. I was looking up chocolate fondue recipie’s and somehow found your article. Hilarious. Especially the comments. “don’t look down on Penn State” 🙂

  53. mikal Reply

    maybe you should married with angel or fairies…your child must be powerful…

  54. Lindy Reply

    ummm..not all cambodian women are the same. To think so stereotypical like that, you seem to have the age span of an 8 year…it seems like you’ll never find a real woman, whatever just go die alone -.-

  55. juca Reply

    Cambodia culture is base on respect. They don’t betray you if they trust you. Don’t destroy their innocent!

  56. James McNulty Reply

    If you want a classy and well-behaved Asian spouse, go for a Japanese bride.

    You will also avoid the bargirl/hooker factor, the economic disparity factor, the stupefying ignorance-and-superstition factor, the nosepicking-in-public factor and the glastly-relatives factor.

  57. KhmerAmerican Reply

    You sick fuck. Never have I come across such an unabashedly self-professed racist, sexist, white-supremacist. Creep back into your wank-closet (if you can still reach for your cock with that growing middle-age beer flab) and die.

    • Simon Sykes Reply

      Steve Martin would phrase this as “Die, you gravy sucking pig.”

  58. Lanz Reply

    Dear Gavin,

    I know it has been sometimes since you posted this ….like many I was actually looking into some other things when i popped into your forum …..I would put it hilarious no doubt …..I can imagine you may have been brainwashed by others maybe when you were sober and u end up creating a very negative perspective in your article.

    I will be married to a Cambodian gurl say by Jan/Feb 2013 ….. I believe in Karma and have faith in god …. if my destiny to be married I will find my way through all the difficulty so that I would cheerish the wedding till the last breath of my life ….I may tell the fairy tale to my children and grandchildren later on.

    Yes no wedding is easy especially if it is the first time, lots of things to understand …. yes there is some differences in the culture and everything …. however do ask this question to yourself, “”WHO ARE WE TO QUESTION GOD’S WIIL and PLANS”” we just follow and make the best out of it.

    I am planning to bring my brother n sister in law and change their future by providing them new life here with me n my wife to be ….. so that I get to learn their way and them to learn the beauty of the other side of Cambodia/world.

    All you have to do Gavin is ask yourself this …. how would you feel if you are in their shoes, always put yourself at their place before you make a judgement. I rest my case …………


  59. Kazi Reply

    I was cracking up when I reading your story because its so true. I pretty much traveled around the world and there was one thing I noticed if your not from a family that taught values or even manners, your just going to end up with a nose picking cheating wife.

    Most of the girls in Asia just want a green card really. I personally think that we should just get the girls we got back at home.

    I’ve been married for about a year now to a lovely Asian woman and the great part is she speaks the language and we get along great.

    I dont think I would ever marry a woman over seas as you have to train them to behave or act in a certain way in a modern society.

  60. John Reply

    I’m living in Cambodia over year. I was married here and divorced two times, because this was their plan from very beginning.

    Cambodia is land of cheaters. Don’t give them any money! It is instantly spent/lost. They pretend to love you, but only your money is what they love.

    They are lazy, really dishonest, they love money a lot, they are not smart. But smart enough to find many ways to steal from you. The bigger problem is that they consider it is perfectly justified to destroy your life when they want to steal from you. If they lie to you, they think it proves that they are smarter than you.

    There is not you. They have only a Barang and now how to do it, because he has money, he has house, he has this and that and they want it now.

    Only 10 to 20 % are honest, that is my experience. They are more honest in countryside.

  61. Anne Reply

    You sir are a ignorance jackass! I bet you’ve only met one Cambodian girl who torn your heart and now you decided to hate all Cambodian women, maybe other Asian women as well. Okay, I admit some do seem needy but what women isn’t?! I known successful cambodian women. One Khmer girl makes more than you since she is a doctor and I know one who actually looked 17 when she is 30 . So do your research before you start bashing, jerk. Talk about being too picky.

    • Matt Reply

      Anne, learn some English before getting offended by a humorous piece of satire.

  62. Robert Martin Reply

    I regret to inform all the fools who follow this clowns advice, you’ll lead an unhappy life. I married a beautiful Cambodian woman 15yrs. ago. Yes, she is older and so am I. The woman in the picture above is in her 60’s. Nothing should matter if your truly in love. You seem to be a loathing, self centered, low life.
    There are plenty of Khmer communities in the U.S. that make Cambodian immigrants feel at home. Why would anyone be concerned what their friends think about your Khmer wife.

  63. Bs9312 Reply

    This man is just ashamed of himself and his own race probably! Seriously he has issues, talking shit about himself. No matter what he is still Asian, wanting to be something he’s not.

  64. KC Reply

    If some things were reworded differently, it could have been taken as tongue-in-cheek humor, but I see a lot of problems with how the post was structured…

    Just want to comment that I wish # 3 could be true for me. I’m a single, Cambodian woman, 27 years old, but my inability to age as rapidly as other women has been a huuuuge deterrent for me. Men my age won’t approach me because they think I’m still 15-16, and guys who are younger than me become disillusioned once I tell them my real age… And I’m not even doing hardcore facial routines like other Asian women are.

    One could argue that this is because I was born in America and lived the good “Western life” as people here call it, but my mother, who survived the khmer rouge regime in her late teen years, shares the same problem. We look “too young”. I think it’s all genetics.

    But hey, you’re free to generalize. 🙂

  65. Miss_mona Reply

    Very well said chay.. And to the author..I’m not even going to try to bring you down.. If that’s how you feel, then that’s how you feel, better for the Cambodian woman that wouldn’t have to deal w you and your ways.. I think us Khmer women are beautiful and the ones I know age beautifully. I’m light skinned but I tan all the time to look more Khmer, I’m curvy and fit, take care of my body and mind well, and I’m very proud. And I am definitely not dying for a kon-kaut, a half white child.. The white men are struggling to mate with me lol. But ehh not my type. White men get wrinkly, sloppy, and develop boobs way too fast for my taste. Anywho, good luck on being 40, and finding everlasting love. And please, stick with someone your own age. You are a little to racist, narrow minded and crass for the younger generations.. Toodles! 🙂

    • Chay Reply

      The man has 2 faces and lives a life full of contradiction. …. Not a very attractive side at all. Looks may mean something to others. But the way the author rights both articles lead to a few things that women in general even my sisters from the mother land will also deny. Love for one, contradiction, and man you seriously have girly pants on because in one article you love my sisters then on another you abuse verbally all the things my fellow young sisters, aunts, nieces have to look for when they are in my motherland. Women go through many troubles here, there, everywhere. But you do not have to degrade my kin with perverse nonsense. Life has more to give then to write rhetorical nonsense at the expense of those who have nothing to do with your personal troubles in life.

      To Curious,
      I didn’t miss anything. Just like you,I’m stating my opinion therefore it’s my opinion. I find no humor on picking on the innocent. Every women regardless of ethnic background does not need the last article to reflect on anyone. Obviously he’s forgotten what journalism is about. One thing I remember in school was a professor telling me to write things that matter most and are life changing. Never use it to hurt a group of people he’s either never met or actually known. I understand he wrote the article as a joke but dude really you have insulted not just Cambodians but also disgusted women in general for righting his article.

      I get his opinion, and don’t care for it because I know I am beautiful and smart and yes i am Asian (khmer,French,Chinese and vietnamese). Oh like wasting time on his blog…. And see all the Cambodians supporting each other.

  66. Miss_mona Reply

    As I’m reading my comment, I really didn’t mean to be any kind of rude. It might’ve come off that way, but just honest ramblings. Have a good day guys, no feathers needed to be ruffled! Remember that 🙂 to each their own.

  67. Miss_mona Reply

    No, not prior to this, but thanks. Eh a bit humorous, I say. But umm the author still did compare us to puppy dogs. :/ and traveling that many times on your own, does seem pretty questionable.. Lol. Anywho, good luck! 🙂

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  69. happy Reply

    Hi, i suppose you dont know what is love, Khmer women have no choice to be what they are now because they know living in a poor country, what can they do or do they have any choice? It depend on what your are looking for? A fucking target only for sex, a women for companion, a women to bear you children with the unique Eurasian look? you choose them and not they choose you since you got the money power. But you have to see if you are really that handsome first before you can choose others. Generally Khmer women are very faithful because of their culture in a buddhism country. In fact they are very clever women who can learn things fast if you were to teach them. I love Cambodia and has been my second home. I visit this country every year more than 2 times per year to seek for the lost beauty in the aspect of photography. So you must be a frequent visitor to the country to understand this culture. Khmer women have very good features, nice eyes, nose, lips. They are just poor and cant afford to buy Oley oil or skin products, but they are living with pride everyday and working hard with their own hands and what’s wrong? they earn money in a hard way to massage you in the hotel for example and their monthly salary is only less than 70USD/month. They only have low grade of rice as their staple food, every mean only one dish is available but they have to work more than 12 hours. So we should respect them for their courage to survive.
    If you really treat them well with your heart, there are no reason they will leave you or with bad motives. Which women do not want good life and security? They have no choice. They also didnt force you to marry them.

    • Chanda KEO Reply

      Hello Happy; It is very true that you said. I give you a full respect, and please continue to said a lot of thing in your mind.

      We need the persone like you to make a lot of thing become true and fair.

  70. V Reply

    No wonder you’re 40 and single. No one from any race would want to marry a chauvinist pig like you. Only idiots can laugh at this “funny” article.

    • Elwood Reply

      I want to marry him and I’m not even gay yet. In fact, I can’t stand homo’s and I still want to marry him!

  71. 12345678 Reply

    This is the most racist thing I have ever read, you talk about Cambodians like they’re animals instead of people! Have you ever thought of just finding someone in your own country whose race you don’t look down on? All you want is a housekeeper you can fuck! And you shouldn’t agree to give the woman (notice I say woman instead of motodop) a “trophy brat” just so she’ll be happy and willing to put up with a racist asshole like yourself.

  72. TN Reply

    Your a lifeless man u idle your mind to being an anti social, so then u would analysed everything you adapt to, u hate children n dont have a natural good reason, but u urself were once that kid, 

    Just cuz you been put into an educated facility doesnt make one wise, there were no educated man who were wise because he was more educated than another man, 

    Khmer ppl are like any ppl, all results from life experience, through adapting from society, n nature

    ur overeducated, that u have an analysis of everything u do,  the truth is u are  stagnant and succumb to life dispair,

    The truth is ur a motodop, n with ur mind, U insecured about ur life? in love? then let live, let love, love the bad n love the good, 

    Khmer ppl are humans, we are all humans love everything n live! Jerk!

    • Matt Reply

      No such thing as “overeducated”. But there is such a thing as undereducated, and you demonstrate that adeptly.

  73. Andy Em Reply

    Dear writer about Cambodian woman
    I am so fed up with what you did write about bad activity of your Cambodian wife, remember that when you decided to marry her you should know the culture, and this country situation, We are
    Cambodian so we will would like to show you some about what many Cambodian woman where lived and born in this country, how many percentage are educated and and find work like you modern and civilized one, because we are the poor country of 28 year of war, but we are the richest country of everything, such culture, natural resource, mainly agricultural sector is our GDP, so the industrial of garment and textile is new for Cambodia,so we are lacked of Educated people to teach us, we are only 14 years in peace , when you talked about Iphone , you have to know the world is materialism so you are more educated then her so tell her about what she should buy and not, because most Cambodian not only your wife, but also other man the same they want to go and live in the USA, for what? we want to experience in your luxury country ,but most of Cambodian who are rich would not go there. about salary 2500$ per-month I think it is good to know in advanced because some of then can not make this money this things can tell you that most Cambodian woman after married everything depending on husband who earn for family, she is the bank account for everything such as all house work, keeping money for daily expense and the man has the duty to work and get money for family, what about your culture ? you make your money just for yourself or children not really give money to your wife. in here we do not have social security yet and so please do not blame Cambodian Woman or man or other nationality. Please do not look bad to the other people behavior, so in the society the thing you can do best is make your living without worry about money expense then you can buy what you wanted. I hope all people who did read mine please forgive me because i am the Cambodian tour guide sometime i know more than you know because they are my Cambodian people.All the best Andy

  74. big T Reply

    40 to 22 get a life stick to 10 years apart stop being so shallow you’ll put on led zepplin shell want greenday and get some type of commitment in your life get a dog and care for it till natural death learn to love and respect an animal befor you think you can Handel a wife women and more feelings then animals

  75. Sophie Reply

    I guess you should marry yourself cuz than your’ll be the perfect wife you create 🙂 by the way old man not every Cambodian girls is like that not what you say, your’ll be surprise now a day Khmer girls is not all like that, some is not a farmer like you ^_^…….

  76. Lim Reply

    Beautiful article. I applaud for your opinionated viewpoint. HOWEVER, if this applies to only Cambodian women. YOU are mistaken. THIS APPLIES to ALL ASIAN women. Enough said man. Just because you see a couple of Cambodian women a certain way, does not mean that ALL are the same. Keep hating bro, keep hating and you’ll soon find out your wonderful lovely wife in the future is Cambodian <3

  77. Khmermoose Reply

    1. I have no idea where we would live.
    – Good point.

    2. I don’t want the stigma of marrying an Asian woman.
    – If you’re both happy who gives a toss what other people think.

    3. Cambodian women don’t age well.
    – and other nationalities do? Yes any Khmer girl older than 25 has probably physically worked hard outdoors vs. some young tart that has pale skin and has a cell phone permanently attached to her ear.

    4. I don’t want a half-motodop baby.
    – Are you sure? Sounds like you may enjoy being a father.

    5. The paperwork sounds like a real hassle.
    – It is.

    6. A Cambodian wife would embarrass me in public.
    – No, foreigners do that by drooling over my wife and make total idiots of themselves.

    7. I would always wonder if she really loved me.
    – You haven’t meet the right lady because if you did you’d know she does.

  78. Angle luva Reply

    Heya dick face! If u r that picky why u married her at the first place???????!!!! There is no such thing as a man should ever complain about his girl after married?! All of fucking reasons don’t make any sence. If u really love her there is nothing to effect ya! And u r fucking lucky enough to have a 22 year old as ur wife. And if u think all those rediculous reasons are an issue for u, that means u not deserve her ASSHOLE!!!!!!! So let her go to find a real gentleman not an ignorant dick like ya!

    Pa. And stop being racist about people language! Any languages people can learn, but the heart languages if u r not blessed u will never can learn. And it will be just like u, u r the real IGNORANT! Knob jokey!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Michael Lundin Reply

    You have a good point there,when you say you cant stay in cambodia nor you cant take her home for many reasons,i really enjoyed to read this.

    Well,since i am pree retired,i decided to quit everything i had in sweden,like i gave away my computer,my car,my house,everything i had and go for it 100 procent. Well i am still here it has been little bit over 3.5 years now,but without my pension money,i probably be in deep shit 🙂

    Anyway,i belive you are right in what you are saying,You forgot 1 moore risk by bringing a asean girl home to you country,this i have seen my self, and that is the main reason i do not want to bring my wife to my country,there is a risk that the girl will forget her past and forget her parents and relatives , this girl told her husband,there was no meaning to send money to her parents,because she had adjusted to our ways of living and started to think like us,thats thing,but the respect that is so high in these countries she totally lost,she wanted to have this money by her self so she could by things to her self.

    That is why i made the decision to stay down here,because then i know who is getting the money,the strange thing here ,my wife complains alot,when she dont get money as she hoped for,but i support not only father and mother to her,i also support her big sister and 2 younger sisters,i’m making this house bigger,so we can take in her mother and father,i make downpayment on our Mc , the third mc i have bought since i came here,my wife doesnt work,she should not complain how i splitting the money,because the family is number 1 for me,when i married my wife i also made a comittment to her father that i promised to take care of them and make sure that the family gets what they need,then if my wife complains and dont understand , well that is really her problem,i belive she thought she would get a rich life,well sort of but not what she expected,i belive she thought that she would get the money and then give money to her parents in a way that she probably thought was okey,but i belive she would take most of the money by her self if she ever got that chance,that is why i personally give her parents money monthly.

  80. Ty Leng Reply

    I just got a medical diagnosis of Gynophobia, especially, Cambodian women. I once got a diarrhea when I faced a group of Cambodian women…..My docter advised me that I have to use any blindfold when I would face them in order to protect people around me get in trouble….

  81. youshouldknow Reply

    I want to say that, you thought full on the bad situation that you just thinking on the bad girl , please look down on the way you said, don’t just think that. Yeah I’m male who was living in cambodia , And there many girl now they not respect on the money that another people give to hers. they accurately to get it by her self.
    And they are now not before

  82. Kim Reply

    Dude, you’ve obviously only seen a really REALLY small portion of Cambodian women.

    How about you get off your FAT ass and stop wasting your life writing up blogs on why/why you shouldn’t marry Cambodian women etc. and actually cough up the balls to ask someone out whether she’s white, asian, black…whatever…or even if you like men, just go for it 😉

    Seems like you have way too many issues, that’s probably why you’re still so very single!

  83. Denton Reply

    The farther down the comments section you go, the more degeneration that occured as the months went on.

    • Simon Sykes Reply

      One of the many virtues of khmer440 is that you can write comments decades after the original article when no one is reading them anymore.

        • Simon Sykes Reply

          Imagine my workload. I started at page 97, circa 2004, about a month ago, and am up to about page 70. If my employer figures out what % of my workday is spent catching up on obscure, semi-factual Cambodia articles, I may end up with a black mark on my training record.

          • gavinmac

            Just read the articles tagged “gavinmac,” the rest of them suck.

  84. Suzanna Reply

    White guys need to stop thinking of Cambodian/Asian women as pieces of ass and Asian women need to stop being such needy, clingy, “cute”, useless human beings. It’s annoying, it’s not cute, and there will always be a hotter Asian girl that’s got her appearance but also the rest of the package.

    I have never heard of this motodop term but whatever. My father was a teacher who fled the Khmer Rouge, he now works in management for a company he’s worked at for 30 years. I’m pretty sure that was the most biased statement I have ever heard in my life.

    I am in my younger twenties out of university with a career in business, and I make my own money. Enough said. But I still like when my boyfriend pays for dinner and buys me nice things, because every guy should.

    I could get any guy of any race (except Black because my parents would hang me)… but I find white guys more ambitious and attractive than most. My parents do not care who I date, as long as they are respectful, educated, and financially stable. Who doesn’t want that for their daughter, in ANY race? My sister dated a CA who was Chinese. I’m dating a white guy who works in a corporation as well. I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years, but we don’t talk about marriage or babies, because I hate that shit.

    I volunteered in a daycare once and quit within five hours. I’m not good with kids. Never been. When people bring their babies to work, I am forced to pretend that I think it’s “cute”. I don’t want kids. We are planning to get a cat when we move out together, because I also think that couples who get dogs eventually want babies. Puppies are like babies.

    Whenever we go out, people are fascinated by my stories and my parents’ stories, and I am known to most as a charming and pleasant individual. I actually do a lot of public/motivational speaking for my school, I don’t think this would work if I was an “embarrassment”.

    Now I do agree with the majority of the article because I do feel like Asian women put it on themselves, but there are a lot of us out there that aren’t such shameful, useless, baby-wanting, money-grabbers.

    My boyfriend thinks I’m a breath of fresh air because he’s dated a Chinese and Vietnamese before and says he thought all Asian girls were like that. He says they were very clingy, annoying, complained a lot, and loved kids. He thought it was interesting at first, but got sick of it pretty quickly. They never lasted more than a few months. Then he quickly upgraded.


    From Canada.

    • Huevos Amok Reply

      “I could get any guy of any race (except Black because my parents would hang me)… but I find white guys more ambitious and attractive than most.”

      Seriously though. How can you possibly try to take the moral high ground and pontificate on race or western men’s views on Cambodian women when you come from a family that is just as racist? Hating black people and believing they are inferior because of their race is not OK. It just isn’t. You don’t get to denounce racism and then roll like that. I get that you can’t control Mommy and Daddy or how they feel, but you don’t have to “respect” other people’s racism. Seriously. You can confront it and counter it instead of giving your consent.

      You might find white guys more attractive, that’s subjective, but the idea that they’re more ambitious is absurd. It’s an error in logic. White guys have more opportunities, therefore they appear to be more ambitious because a higher rate of opportunity means a higher rate of people taking advantage of them or attempting to and meeting with success. That’s all.

      If you had everybody from Cambodian peasants to high society WASPs calling you inferior your entire life because your skin had more pigment or your nose was flatter, and you really didn’t get much of a chance to succeed in life, well, then you might not be an ambitious GO GETTER like the white boys are either, because there’d be fucking nothing to GO and GET.

      You could not get any guy of any race. I’d turn you down because you sound boring and shallow (and probably racist like Moms and Pops.) I’m sure you’re hot. You know what that costs in Cambodia? $30. I guarantee there are girls hotter than you … And smarter than you, even if they’ll never get an education … selling themselves within blocks of where I write this. I don’t get into that and I don’t really condone it, but I just thought I’d give you a little reality check.

      Looks fade and money is just worthless ragstock paper, cultivate compassion and respect for others instead of excessive regard for yourself.

      • tinkerbell Reply

        where is the like button? 🙂
        Tinker bell likes this.,, “2 THUMBS UP” Huevos Amos!

    • Annonymous Reply

      I don’t see you all Asian have any compassion for anyone at all. You all Asians exploit people, humilliate people, inconvennienced people, abuse people at every opportunity. You all seems to hate everyone except yourself.

      The way you all have so little regard for for other human beings and your environment showed that you all are even willing to cause more ughliness to the environment just to get rich.

      Your parents don’t want you to marry Blacks because they most probably think you all Asians are better than Blacks even though in reality you all Asians are no better than Blacks, in mmost aspects. You all money obsessed Asians favour Whites because you all Asians are racists, extremely money-minded, and tend to exploit White generosity. At the end of they day, who you like and who you don’t like is a personal choice. Why can’t you all Cambodians gracefully accept your faults and accept that there are many people who don’t like you for various valid reasons?

      And you all Cambodians/Asians are so selfish and inconsiderate and it is not surprising that you tend to bore the whole world to death with your socalled success or your fleeing from Khmer Rouge story.

      I think things will never change in Cambodia or Asia. You all Asians will still continue to abuse anyone that don’t think like you or don’t benefit your Asian big ego. You all Asians also have this bad habit on looking down on poor Whites. Even if you are an ambitous Asian, I think you all Asians are just shallow, abusive, mean people who are best avoided. You all Asians are so nastily arrogant. You all Asians expect the Whites to like your nauseating attitude.

      You all Cambodians will have no chance to boast about anything, if one day the Whites decide enough is enough and stop coming to your hellhole that have nothing really pleasant to offer.

    • Matt Reply

      “But I still like when my boyfriend pays for dinner and buys me nice things, because every guy should.”

      Sexist alert…

    • Anthony Reply

      You are the type of woman that my mom warns me not to get involved with.

    • Simon Sykes Reply

      “Asian women need to stop being such needy, clingy, “cute”, useless human beings.” Good point. Better a 180 pound, loud, butch, asexual, independent-thinking anglo wife than an 80 pound, quiet (maybe), feminine Asian girl 40 years younger than me that happily takes care of my man needs. BTW I’m sticking with the former due to economic reality. Seemed like a good idea at the time.

  85. jimmyboy Reply

    A perfect example of why western ment prefer to avoid white women and even girls.
    Hardly any room in this cosmos for anything but ego.

    • God Body Divine Islord Reply

      Western men prefer to avoid white women? Really? So where are all these white babies coming from? LOL. A HANDFUL of guys from the west come to Asia where it’s easier for them to score. Say what you actually mean.

  86. godspeed Reply

    Caucasian male always married with an “exotic-looking” Asian woman. The funny thing is, Asian people named those “exotic-looking” woman as an ugly woman, hahaha! Those are “maid-face” woman from! So go on, take those ugly Asian woman Caucasian, hahaha!

  87. Suzanna Reply

    @jimmyboy: Personally, I think if a guy wants a useless, submissive woman that will fulfill his every (degrading) sexual desire, then he’s a loser. Real men want a challenge. A woman can be the CEO of a company, but if she’s a real woman that knows how to please her man, she will be on her knees at the end of the day. Only dumb feminists think that women are equivalent. It’s human nature for the alpha-male to control.

    @godspeed: Agreed. I hate those white guys that think, “Omg, she’s Asian, she must be hot.” Um, probably only 25% of Asian women are actually naturally gorgeous. The rest have to layer makeup on, the rest have surgery done.

  88. Ester Manholden Reply

    Look at all of the negative responses to this post. I wonder who is reading these dowry posts anyways, and mostly posting them. Scam the foreigner, pass around the loot, then drive him away or milk him until he bleeds. Fake family and dire situations. If you marry a Cambodian woman you are INSANE.

  89. Khmer nurse Reply

    Please don’t marry with the Cambodian women. They deserve better. A guy like you should be alone and make sure you take care of your two hands well. You will need them!

    • KOK KEO Reply

      Hello, It is true that I want to marry my Cambodian woman, but I am more than 50 years and my income is less than $2500/m. According to this note from US embassy. Can you give my a best solution to bring my fiancee to the USA !.There are any restiction like that in another counties ?.or only in Cambodia ?. Please read below article. And give me a solution.
      Thank you for your time.

      The U.S. Embassy would like to clarify the process U.S. citizens should follow when they intend to get married in Cambodia. You need to make an appointment for this service. To make an appointment, please click here.

      U.S. citizens should request marriage applications from the Legal and Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFA) of the Kingdom of Cambodia, located at 3 Samdech Hun Sen Street, Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh. The application form lists seven supporting documents that must be provided by foreigners and attached to the application. The application also says that foreigners must legalize five of these documents at their respective embassies.

      Of those documents required, consular officers at the U.S. Embassy can only legally certify copies of a U.S. citizen’s passport and notarize affidavits of single status; the current Cambodian sub-decree governing marriages also only requires certification of those two documents. None of the other documents required by the MFA can be certified by the U.S. Embassy. The MFA has assured the U.S. Embassy that marriage applications in which only the passport copies and affidavits of single status have been certified, in accordance with both U.S. and Cambodian law, will be accepted by them, despite any written notices or instructions that indicate otherwise.

      According to new marriage requirements issued on by the Government of Cambodia on March 7, 2011, male U.S. citizens wishing to marry Cambodian women must:

      •Be under 50 years of age, and
      •Have a monthly income of at least US $2,500
      The MFA also has requested that embassies attach a cover letter to those documents certified by embassies on behalf of their citizens. The U.S. Embassy will provide this cover letter when they certify the copies of U.S. passports and affidavits of single status for U.S. citizens. Please note that the U.S. Embassy also has blank affidavits of single status for the convenience of U.S. citizens seeking to get married in Cambodia. While it is not required that you use the affidavit of single status provided by the U.S. Embassy, using an affidavit from another source may cause difficulty with your application, since officials at the MFA may question the source and validity of affidavits that have a different appearance from those they usually see.

      Upon obtaining and certifying the necessary documents, U.S. citizens must fill out the application form, and submit it to the MFA. Although the MFA may begin charging a fee later, currently, there are no fees charged by anyone at the MFA for this process – the application is free. The MFA reviews and gives advice on the application and accompanying documentations of the foreign applicant, and if all documents are in order, the application is forwarded to the MOI.

      My question is

      1) Why this new rule of marriage?. Why any Cambodian women can do the prostitution, if she want to be, and she cannot marry a men that she want ( if over 50 year or income less then $2500/m )
      2)Do you think Cambodian women are the best in this planet !. Compare to thai or Vietnam or Chinese women! Your education, you standard of life ?
      3) do yu not think that this rules of marriage destroy your country ?

      • leakhena007 Reply


        You and your cambodia woman can get married in US.
        You tell your woman to ask the visa of marriage in US.

        I think is the other way to help you and your woman.

      • Sarin Meng Reply

        Indra-Devi ! You hate this ?

        Ho ! I understand that you like to do a prostitution instead to marry a poor man or old man !.

        I am not a US graduate and University educated, but If I have a choice I want to marry the old or poor man instead of sell my sex.

        If I am an animal, I want to be a wolf, but not the Buffalo.

        You are so happy in the US, and you ignore that hundred of Cambodian women can not marry because of a stupid rules of Marriage.

  90. Daniela Reply

    U prick! You are so disgusting! Go fuck yourself alone, I hope you die while masturbating. I am am an Asian woman working in an international company, I work with people of all colors and what makes you u think because you are white you are great? Nah! This is what I have to say, only losers, only a dadesperate woman would marry you. I bet your old, your ugly, not fat but obese, and you stink,, that’s why not even a fat slob woman in your country would marry you, asshole!

  91. Daniela Reply

    So sorry about my comment, I was so angry at the writer maligning Asian women.

  92. Mike Reply

    The comments from the white/western/westernized Cambodian women are hilarious.

    Snarling,fangs dripping and waiting to pounce on anything they perceive as anti-feminist or woman.

    The original article was tongue in cheek everyone.

    I love Asian women. There are plenty of great ones out there-including Cambodia.

  93. grunty Reply

    hi guys, ive just returned from phmom penh where i met a lovely girl in a bar, she’s not a hostess she actually works behind the bar (not gonna say which one) we spent some quality time together and since being home she has called me every day also emailed text and facebooked each other.
    am i just a fool for thinking that this girl really likes me (i’m 12 years older) does she just see me as a westerner who could be her personal atm?
    should i go back and see her (only this time i’d have to travel alone)?

  94. Post American Reply

    grunty- who cares? you think a younger western woman isnt going to see you as an ATM? they’ve shown studies that men who claim to earn 100k a year or more get 2-3X the number of responses on internet dating sites, tell a western woman you have a high paying job, like stock analist, and they will see you as being much more attractive (moving from a typical 5 to a 8-9 on a scale of 10)It’s just going to be something you (not she) will have to worry about, my advice… jump in with both feet and if you find out you’ve been taken be happy about all the fun you had and dont hold a grudge.

  95. Cambodian Woman Reply

    I think that your loved with cambodian girl was fake and you were aware but you still had continued. This was your mistake please do not blame to cambodian girl. You should admire them that they can do everything for their family and for themselves. I can tell you as I am women, there is no women in this world want to live with the men that they do not love but they forced themselves because of other reasons behind. Sometimes, true love can happen if both parties can tolerate to each others.

    People can not have everything so they have to compliment to each others.

    I agree with you that some cambodian girl is looking for western men to get marry but have you ever seen that girl in good family marry to western man? For me it is rare and have you ever seen that educated cambodian girl marry to western men? not so much as far as I know.

    Most of cambodian girl who work at night and bar or western restaurant marry to western man.

    So please readjust your opinion for cambodian girl. Do not thereotype,

    • grunty Reply

      whooh i wasn’t stereotyping, this was my first trip to cambodia and i met the usual bar hostesses but this girl seemed different, i was just asking for an opinion from those that know more about this world than i do.
      i must say that i found all the cambodian girls wonderful, happy happy people.
      i’m not looking to get married, bloody hell i’ve only spent a day with her!!!
      deffo going back, not necessarily to see this particular girl, but coz it’s the best place ive ever been.

    • Kery Reply

      I totally agree with you !! But at the end of the day we are human first The rest follow second . I will love any women that i can share the rest of my life with, regardless of the color and skin ?? We are all the same, at the same time we are creature of habit.. I will love to meet any women that i can share my love with.. I have enough finance to see me trough to the end of time BUT I sourly will have kids with a Cambodian women that have no expectation? other than life and family .. The most beautiful thing that nature created is the female companion .. YOU ARE THE MOTHERS OF ALL LOVED ..

    • Huevos Amok Reply

      “… have you ever seen that girl in good family marry to western man?”

      Yes, I’m aware of several instances, personally. I know Cambodian women who have married western men who are from a “good” (read: rich) family background and are educated.

      It is rarer for a Cambodian woman to do that if they come from a “good” (RICH) family and they are educated because … Why would they if they had their own money? Unless they really loved the western guy but how many opportunities do (RICH) Cambodian women get to socialize with western men whom they’d find suitably respectable etcetera? Very few.

      This illustrates one of the biggest problems I have with Cambodia; you’re all calling Gavin a racist because of what he’s saying, but at the same time you’re CLASSIST – you have a prejudice against poor people and believe that they deserve their fate, that they are lesser people. Bullshit. Your birth was an accident. You didn’t earn it. Show some respect for those with harder lives.

      And Cambodia is one of the MOST racist countries I’ve ever been to. Period. You hate black people. I mean HATE them. I have little 7 year old students of mine saying things like “I love my mom … but she is tooooooo black,” or “I hate Barak Obama because he is sooooo dark.” Those are exact quotes from little children, and I won’t even get into the messed up shit I hear the adults say, it isn’t anymore intelligent than what a 7 year old would say anyways.

      Basically, in America, everybody would just call you Chinese and wouldn’t give a shit where you’re from, they’d just apply all the Asian stereotypes to you and then ignore you. You’re not white. You don’t have white privilege. You might think you’re better than Africans, but you aren’t according to white people. Not in reality and not by the racist standards you uphold by obsessing on skin color.

    • grunty Reply

      ignorant and dumb is a little harsh, naive is probably more to the point. in fact i am well edducated having gone to one of the best unis’ in the uk, and work for one of the largest companys here in the uk.
      my visit to cambodia was my first time and i was amazed at how many beautiful women there are, and also how happy the kmher people seem as a whole.
      the article at the head of this page was written tongue in cheek if you cant see that then you’re stupid. also all the racist comments are pathetic, i’m a westerner but not white, i’m brown and therefor have a better appreciation of all races.
      the girl i mention earlier is a lovely person, she calls every day and we chat for ages, however i’m not stupid enough to jump on the next flight back and marry her, just got divorced after 20yrs. but perhaps i’ll go back i a few months and spoil her for a couple of weeks. maybe that makes me a saddo or stupid, say what you like, i’m noy trying to buy the person or use her for sex, just spend time with a beautiful young lady.

    • Jean Pierre Reply

      Mr Vee, It is true you are dumb because you cannot say any thing more than DUMP.

      Mr Grunty, we are a human, when we are in love we lose some reflexion, and some bad people try to cheat to you.

      Pay attention about your money. I have a Master degree from university of Paris, and work for AVIVA france, in Paris as an Engineer, but I was cheated by a girl in Phnom Penh.

      I buy a lot of land for her family and hope she can use this land for make a money and take care her family. That was my idea, but when she got a Land, she and her family fabricated a wrong paperwork (ownership) and sell the Land, then asked more and more money, when I refused to give more money, she brook a contact with me.

      In cambodia, they can fabricate the tons of wrong paperwork to cheat you. I try to get back my land but, now a case is pending on the court. Do that you want to do, but my case is a good experience for all of oversea poeple go to cambodia.

      • Iggy Plop Reply

        Jean Pierre,

        I would like to say that I feel sorry for you losing your money/land…but you’re French…so I won’t.

        To any others who might be planning to shower their Khmer beauty with land/money/cars/bikes…why not just flush your hard-earned away down the toilet bowl…the result will be the same.

        • bitemegood Reply

          If French is not your first language I bet your French is also as bad as his English is =)

          NO! the result will not be the same.

          “To any others who might be planning to shower their Khmer beauty with land/money/cars/bikes…”
          1. You will get a piece of a slutty recycled Khmer ass.

          “why not just flush your hard-earned away down the toilet bowl”
          2. And you will get a piece of your own sad sorry ass!

          Get a decent woman!

      • Indra-Devi Voraman Reply

        I know u had yr bad experience but not all of us are the same. Watch your mouth what a douche !

  96. justhappened2behere,again Reply

    Some woman wants a man who have financial stability. If you have the money you normally gets the lady. In building a relationship we all wants to trust but beware it is also everyone’s game. Some will use you, some wants to be use (refer song “sweet dreams” by Annie Lennox). I don’t think you are a saddo or stupid, nor you are in-love at this time. It takes time for a man to fall in-love, but you are definitely physically attractive to this young lady and wanting to build a relationship. I don’t see anything wrong with that. If she is what your heart desire and if she makes you happy that’s all it matters. The openions of others doesn’t really matter since you already made up your mind to go back to see her again, hopefully this time you will get to know her more/better. There’s a lot more to discover besides a woman’s outside beauty. Seems your intensions are good but if marraige is not in your agenda at this time don’t give her high hopes. She might expecting you to do more, like marrying her. Good luck!

    P.S. The author was clearly joking but there are some truth to it.

  97. Iggy Plop Reply


    Having read through some of these comments it’s quite obvious that Khmers don’t do irony very well.

    To the OP : very funny and well written, and containing quite a few truths.

    • adam Reply

      I think you dont truly understand the meanbing of irony, this post is a cowards way to incite and be inflammatory, and when accused of that behaviour he can hide behind the irony, sarcasm defence. You know whats irony, the fact that he and most of his defenders would be considered losers by a universal and international definition, who are forced to go to developing countries where they can leverage off the higher exchange rates, and then they can act all superior by writing posts about how unmarriageable these ladies are, when the said men are here purely for that purpose, now thats irony. That is the Bigger Loser calling others losers, I mean who is the bigger douche, a douche even though you had access to all the western advantages of technological advances and education, or the “uneducated native” who so often can cheat the moronic westerner with the education.

  98. Jason Reply

    These are all terrible superficial reasons, except perhaps #7. She’s not going to turn into an old tobacco chewing woman if she’s in America. If your friends don’t respect your happiness, screw them. It sounds like you’ll never be happy with anything because you’ll always be afraid of what assholes think. Nobody has the perfect life. Accept yourself and others.

    • sarath Reply

      That is sure nobody have perfect life we should controll our life. sometime i am not accept all idea that he as 7 point because he not find the girl that love him so much how he know? my husband is so old then me but i love him so much and i try to do many thing for him.and also i never request every thing from him and i take care him every time. he always say that i am a wonderfull woman for him.i always give my warm feeling to my husband however he is very old then me.every thing is not important but important when we love together. please find the girl or woman that have real love for you. you will know that every thing not bad at alls.

      • peare Reply

        I totally agree with you dear, Cambodian ladies are the loveliest in the world and they love their husbands very much unlike those of the West.

      • Indra-Devi Voraman Reply

        Hi 5 same here! My husband is like 13 years older than me, I love himm with all my heart. We don’t need a maid at home. I cook, I clean, I take care of his family… and all. I never embarrassed my husband.I am highly educated. I make friend with people. This author is just a douche bag. Nonesense

  99. peare Reply

    Cambodian ladies are very cute, love their husbands so much and look after them very well, and after all they are very good in sex.

  100. jhunel_uriel Reply

    You know dude you are so very racist…you think you are so handsome that all Asian are not worth to marry. Hope you grow old and die alone.

  101. stayfly Reply

    This was horrible, you should be lucky if anybody marries you treating women like objects

  102. tinkerbell Reply

    Don’t you worry Gavinmac, you will not die old alone. I will be here for you, ’til death do us part 🙂
    Your future wife,
    Tinker bell

  103. Indra-Devi Voraman Reply

    Gosh…I never knew anybody would hate us this bad..This is a really bad stereo type. I am a Cambodian woman. I don’t do that. Mister, the typical woman that you’re mentioning is everywhere around the world. Mostly are from the poor. Probably, you want a cheap price and a poor, uneducated woman yourself. High class or ok class woman wouldn’t take their eyes to look at you. Yeah, very most probably, It’s the reason. I came to the U.S. I graduate from college, I go to university..Many people like me, love me, adore me. It’s because of the way I present myself. It’s not all of us are bad nor good. I am shocked and very disappointed to see your post in here.. Ok, Please marry some other woman than us Cambodian. We don’t want any stupid, rude, unrespectful, very lowly educated kind of man like you in our Cambodian’s blood. Damn bastard with a brain dick!

    • tinkerbell Reply

      you wrote: “I go to university”
      1. you go to university for what? to use their restroom? duh! you call yourself a highly educated person? you can’t even write simple English.

      you wrote: “Many people like me, love me, adore me. It’s because of the way I present myself”
      2. Bah! you are full of ego. I bet these people are in the same level as you are, NO class and are faking to kiss your ass as you do to them.

      Who cares if you graduated from college, that doesn’t makes you an intelligent person. your writings clearly tells who you are, not bright and you have ZERO class.

      Clearly this article is only for entertainment. GM wrote to what he observed and experienced. Haters if you don’t like the writer’s personal view why waste your time reading his article anyways? and waste all your energy fuming? STOP harassing him and accusing him for being a stereo type. Go write your own article to rant. Bunch of moron!

  104. post american Reply

    brain dick bastard! knob jockey! ass douche!

    (OMFG this is funny… I cant wait to get insulted by Cambodians!)

    • Geir Reply

      A lot of what he writes is true, but not all. My wife could probably write 7 reasons to not marry a barrang, and also 7 reasons for why she marry a barrang.

      One of the reasons that she marry me is that I have a very, very big dick. She says that all her friends with khmer boyfriend/husband don’t get the satisfaction they need in bed, because all khmer men have small dicks.

      Also, I’m handsom, young and rich (khmer standard rich), good with children and a very kind person, and god in bed, do she need anything more?
      Sorry for my poor english.

      • Maly Thom Reply

        Yes man! she needs much more and very very much more. She needs you put your head in her pussy because her pussy is so so big (maybe 12 inch or more), and I am sure before you put your dick into her pussy, she has more than 100,000 dicks already before you !!!. She have a lot of experience !. Why she say that to you. I am not proud to say that. I am 75 years old, I never hear this from standard Cambodian women.

        Does she say when you get old or your dick needs a viagra, she will say ” Stupid dog, put you head inside, if you dick is not works !!.).

        I am sorry to say that, I am sure that your wife was a hooker

        • biteme Reply

          LOL! so hilarious :)right on the spot Maly.
          Yes Geir, no wife would tell her friends that her husband has a big dick. She must be proud of that but clearly she has no respect to you, only a whore would do and talk like that. And how did you know that you are good in bed? coz your whore wife told you? bah! you probably snore and slob like a dog(so gross)after one round… dickhead!

  105. James Reply

    Only desperate losers marry women from the Philippines ? Maybe the reason western men go to marry women from Cambodia and the Philppines is because they’re so much better than Western woman. i’m only in the mid thirties and definitely not a desperate loser, but guess what I’m not interested in american woman. They have no culture, a lot of them lazy and overweight constantly moralizing, constantly judging everything. A lot of them dress like shit. Most have lost their femininity completely. It’s extremely hard to find a normal woman in america and the west nowadays. Time to wake up and realize that american culture is a disgrace on humanity. The rest of the world knows this, only dickheads like you still think you’re the greatest civilization on earth. But anyway, please stay out of Cambodia, I really hate to see people like you there.

  106. Chris Reply

    Gavinmac before you think of marrying anyone or even getting a pet cat or goldfish I seriously think you have bigger personal challenges prejudices and misperceptions to deal with.

    I married a Cambodian village lady that is significantly younger than myself 10 years ago. She never completed her level 12 but is the most honest, hard working and genuine person I ever met. All the practical challenges lik family links, my work situation, other peoples prejudices (but not the nonsence on gen pool depletion, and other “excuses”) we have had to deal with and we have dealt with ……

    Its been a change of livestyle and outlook and probably the best decision I ever made.

    Apart from the fact I am happier and healthier, I also have a much healthier and less judgemental or “I am a foreigner that knows all the answers” outlook on life.

    I have lived and worked through Asia, Africa and the balkans for many years. Cambodian women, especially rural women are almost unique and exceptional …… history tells us that Cambodian rural women were the wives of choice for vising traders and rice merchants for many reasons ……. and not without good reason.

    If you stooped looking at your self and your own perceptions … and stop worring about other people and their prejudices the benefits would be obious, and the challengews find solutions …. I speak from happy experience.

  107. Ashlie Reply

    If I made a list of reasons why not to marry a Caucasian man, there would be more than 7 reasons. Asshole. So glad the women you dated (if any) were smart enough not to marry you.

  108. FusionDude Reply

    Good grief! I hope our Khmer friends realize all American men aren’t like the knuckle-dragging, redneck idiot who wrote this article.

    • andyinasia Reply

      The idiot who wrote the article is neither knuckle-dragging nor a redneck. I don’t think such a person could write a humorous article so far and above the capacity for people with IQ levels like you to grasp.

  109. WLIL Reply

    My british husband behaved badly after he got himself an extremely haughty cambodian girlfriend. It was horrible for me to live in their extremely inconsiderate and extremely selfish brutal asian environment. Those cambodians only care for themselves. They don’t care for us foreigners who have to suffer all alone in their asiatic country.

    • Chris N Reply

      WLIL are you judging all Cambodians on a small group or possibly one woman ……. did you ever spend time in the rural provinces where the majority live ??

      And do foreigners “care” for Asians that suffer alone in our countries …..I think not, in many cases the Asian visitors suffer prejudice, impediments, obstruction and criticism … sometimes even bigotry. In my native NZ which prides itself on multiculturalism and an open society the catch cry for jobs and social acceptance is we want want New Zealanders ….. even my own dear sister, a very charitable woman normally told my Cambodian wife in a 2 week visit she needed to be more NZ.

      You go to a country, the onus is on you to adapt to their circumstances and norms to a reasonable amount, not to complain because they do not make a special case for you.

      WLIL is sad news about your husband …. but I suspect the faullt at least is with the husband (even if in no way contributed to by yourself). hardly seems fair to blame a whole culture because of the infidelities of a husband .. husbands and wives are unfaithful the world over. As my wife has said to so many of her friends, if I don’t take care of my husband, and you don’t take care of your husbands, there is always another woman who will. Ditto with men .. don’t take care of your wife, there is always someone else willing to do so !!

      • WA Reply

        Don’t you think you are just biased?

        I am talking about lone foreigners who don’t have any kins in Cambodia.

        At least your Cambodian wife has you and the whole NZ to take care of her welfars, while most foreigners don’t have the support system in Asia.

        It is sad that people like yourself can’t see the extra problems and extra hardships caused by the ever horrendous inferior Asian culture and rather give excuse for those Cambodians who have no real warm feelings for others.

  110. mscaleta Reply

    Haha some part of your story make me laugh, well I’m Asian girl, and I’m from Bali, I met an Australian guy. He’s my friend and during his military exercise in Vietnam he met a Cambodian girl. I was wondering how Cambodian girls look like.. wow they’re cute with small eyes look like Japanese or Chinese and brown skin. So beautiful. Who knows my friend want to marry her, and I need yo show him this article . Thanks 🙂

    • gavinmac Reply

      So when you found out he wanted to marry a Cambodian woman, you got a bit jealous and googled “marry cambodian woman” and found this article so you can convince him not to marry her? That’s fantastic. Let us know how this goes.

  111. voltaire Reply

    The post comes off like a misogynistic racist despite your attempt at tongue-in-cheek humor. Delivery is in need of much improvement.

  112. YoYo Reply

    Stupid article! Don’t be a racist moron! It may be funny but your words are unacceptable.

    BTW, you said only desperate losers marry woman from the Philippines? Go get a grip man!!!!!!!!! Stop eating your own shit!

  113. joe Reply

    all you men out there don`t marry no women from anywhere in the world they are all the same lovely people different planet… women are like cats they are ok at first but give it time they move on somewhere more cosy and put there poor`s down there .. the great bob marley had the right idea NO WOMEN NO CRY .. have kids its the best thing in the world be there for them support and love them being a part time dad is great thats what i am not for my own chance but my ex moved on like i said and yes it hurt but its been 2 and a bit years now and i am free from all the shit all moaning from what i hear the new man is getting it now lol and now i am going to cambodia on the 27th jan i have volanteered to work on the que rico project in siem reap for i week then got 2 weeks to have a little look around and i will not be marrying no one but it would be nice to have a little female company then just say good bye lol

  114. Angry Sister Reply

    My brother brought one home. She was supposed to just be here for 3 months, but my brother managed to weedle another 3 months out of my parents, arghhhh! She doesn’t want to leave, no wonder, since everything is free here.. I wish the scanky ho’ would piss off back to her life of “working in a hotel” (HO-hum) and stop sponging off my brother and parents. I can’t for the life of me see how they can have a relationship. She is an uneducated lump, they don’t even speak the same language.. hell, she can’t even read or write her own language. She apparently has 2 illegitimate kids at home who she doen’t give two figs about, lovely. She supposedly only 30, she looks about 45. I think my brother just feels guilty and sorry for her. I think she is disgusting and I hope she just goes the ‘eff away very soon. At least my brother should get a flat for himself and his waif instead of inflicting her on us… The main reason i’m so pissed off, upset and heartbroken, is i have a very serious illness and i had to cancel two life-changing ops because she is here and now i have to cancel them again because she bloody staying longer, My mother and father have put my brothers desire to have a girlfriend who can’t talk back to him and is completely dependant on him over my health, how lovely. I really hate her. Thanks for letting me vent.

    • gavinmac Reply

      Thanks, Angry Sister. You really should join our discussion forum. We could use more chicks. Good luck with your health.

    • Soakvendys Reply

      Another thing, I want to mention, when you help people that is helpless you bring good feeling to yourself as a great accomplishment. This bring forth what you call good deed or good karma. When you think only for yourself call it selfishness, you are not really doing anything good to deserve good karma but bringing forth to yourself bad karma. (What you reap is what you sow) Please be kind to one another and stop judging one who is not as lucky as you. Ask yourself this, would you like it if that person you put down was you, the helpless one who just came from another country, would you like it if someone thought of you so down and low?
      Help them because ask your dad and mom how did they get to America? the answer is the same way as that girl or that family or that boy got here, not knowing anything, dumn, stupid and helpless. Please look at the mirror before you talk about others… I am willing to bet that you are Cambodian also immigrate from Cambodia during hard times.. maybe not you because you might be born here but your parents surely escape the Khmer Rouge to get here. If we the Khmer people don’t support our own skin, our own kind, to help the one who is in need of our help to be strong, smart, educated than what kind of Khmer people are we?

  115. bussterr Reply

    Once again GM a great piece, not sure you really believe any of it but it has generated some great conversation. Well done.

  116. chris Reply

    One thing i dislike is people going to places like Cambodia or Thailand to ‘get a wife’, without first getting to grips with understanding the country.

  117. Soakvendys Reply

    My opinion,
    When your time of falling in love will comes call it “soulmate” “meant to be,” the status that she hold to you will be of no importance that is if you follow your heart, not what other people dictate on who you should be with. Love is strange and comes when we least expected.
    Right now, you are deciding who you possibly would not want to get married to just like you are deciding what degree you should get from what college. But Love cannot be decided, it just comes and the feeling will overtake your judgement and all of a sudden you are on cloud 9 doing flips and feeling so happy. You can control part of your life but you cannot control destiny. Living in America, we are made to believe that we have control of our destiny, of our life and who we select as our long term partner. Then when we think she is the right one, we get divorce. So truly, as a matter of speaking, when we force ourselves to think that marrying such and such is awful and marrying such and such is right. The pressure builds up on you and all you are doing is impairing your judgment on what destiny really have for you.
    Do not place judgement on who you will meet for your heart happiness comes from a special place where true happiness will come forth when unexpected. At that precise moment of no expectation that you have found the one for you, you have no thoughts of contemplating about where, when and how you should find the perfect girl for you.
    Don’t be God and trying to control your destiny. You will only end up in misery. Let it flow like water, or be the wind.
    A lot of times, it is your bad Karma from your past life that seek justice and revenge in your present life(what you reap is what you sow)and you must endure the pain before you see your soulmate. That is the reason why you must do good so that you can collect good merit to stabilize your bad karma so that you can meet a favorable suitable partner that you can be happy with through out your life. If you choose not to believe me, you will see that the partner that you choose, after a year or two, disputes, fight, and things will fall apart will happen to the point where divorce is a must. So please don’t judge Cambodian women abroad or anyone for that matter of speaking. Karma and Destiny and who you are as a good person doing good deed or doing good karma will dictate your happiness either in this life or your next life.

  118. Soakvendys Reply

    Another thing, I want to mention, when you help people that is helpless you bring good feeling to yourself as a great accomplishment. This bring forth what you call good deed or good karma. When you think only for yourself call it selfishness, you are not really doing anything good to deserve good karma but bringing forth to yourself bad karma. (What you reap is what you sow) Please be kind to one another and stop judging one who is not as lucky as you. Ask yourself this, would you like it if that person you put down was you, the helpless one who just came from another country, would you like it if someone thought of you so down and low?
    Help them because ask your dad and mom how did they get to America? the answer is the same way as that girl or that family or that boy got here, not knowing anything, dumn, stupid and helpless. Please look at the mirror before you talk about others… I am willing to bet that you are Cambodian also immigrate from Cambodia during hard times.. maybe not you because you might be born here but your parents surely escape the Khmer Rouge to get here. If we the Khmer people don’t support our own skin, our own kind, to help the one who is in need of our help to be strong, smart, educated than what kind of Khmer people are we?

  119. Soakvendys Reply

    Karma (What you reap is what you sow) to sum it up is the feeling of pain that you receive either by emotional verbal abuse given from the giver or the physical abuse that hurt your flesh in turn will give you a painful feeling by the giver. Once you are hurt than the giver receives his or her fare share of pain (bad karma) through either this life time or the next life time when he or she is born again. Unless the giver and the receiver understand karma and finds a way in his or her heart to forgive each other, only then will the karma be lifted. If not, the karma will seek its revenge. and we will meet again in the next life time.
    So before you go about and give to the receiver a feeling, ask yourself this question: if someone was going to do

  120. Soakvendys Reply

    Karma (What you reap is what you sow) to sum it up is the feeling of pain that you receive either by emotional verbal abuse given from the giver or the physical abuse that hurt your flesh in turn will give you a painful feeling by the giver. Once you are hurt than the giver receives his or her fare share of pain (bad karma) through either this life time or the next life time when he or she is born again. Unless the giver and the receiver understand karma and finds a way in his or her heart to forgive each other, only then will the karma be lifted. If not, the karma will seek its revenge. and we will meet again in the next life time.
    So before you go about and give to the receiver a feeling, ask yourself this question: if someone was going to do the samething to you, would you go insane and lock yourself in the room? The choice you make will reap what you sow.

  121. Mleep Reply

    I feel sorry for you. You are quentessenttial ugly American.
    Cambodian women are too wise and wonderful for you.
    If you want to marry an American go ahead. Who cares?
    You are a pathetic, sad, typical American.
    You’ve learned nothing in your travels.

  122. harold Reply

    Dear Sir,
    I have lived and worked in 10 different developing countries over a 40 year period. I came to Cambodia in 1996 and married a Chinese/Khmer lady with two children in 2000. Our daughter is now 21 and a stunner. There are fantastic ladies available here and some do come from the bars. However I would never want to take my wife to live in the USA as America considers itself to be the center of the Universe!

  123. American Khmer girl Reply

    Wow, you sound like an ornery little man. Please spare my fellow Khmer woman from your ignorant thoughts. I am a Khmer woman married to an American man and our relationship is working fine. From that relationship we have a handsome and very intelligent son. I am 39 and look more beautiful than in my twenties. Personally, I think….Khmer women age fine like wine. Please get your facts straighten out before posting.

  124. Phi Reply

    Hey, I just finished reading your post. You are kind of damn old man because if you are scared of her cause shes younger than you so you shouldn’t got marry with her. You should get married with the woman who has the same your age. But I bet you are one of men who need young hot girl.

  125. johnny Reply

    If it wasn’t for the war that torn our country apart, our Khmer women wouldn’t even look at westerners. All they want is money for their family and a better life. The US dollar/currency is the only thing they look forward too, not living a life with an American with a bland culture/history. Go down south to Tijuana, maybe you’ll find your perfect match flaunting her goodies at those rundown bars. Loser.

  126. NotTryingToBeMean Reply

    I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything but many of the issues you pointed out sounds like mostly your own problems and have nothing to do the woman you want to marry..

    honestly, you should also ask yourself if you lay all the fact about yourself(including anti-social prick, you have no friends/family around…), would she even want to marry you.. that’s a completely different story..

    I would say if you’re an average person and you’re in love with someone that also loves you enough to be willing to marry you, ethnic backgrounds, family backgrounds or where she comes from definitely doesnt qualified to be even an excuse not to marry here.. just saying

  127. NotTryingToBeMean Reply

    wait a minute… now that i thoroughly read the article, i feel im totally allow to be a jerk because you totally sounded like a completely ignorant fool.. honestly, if any woman want to marry at all, you should take that within a heartbeat.. chances are no one would want a man like you, be it Cambodian, Filipino, Ukrainian, whatever ethnicity…
    the only thing you probably kinda remotely got right is the fact that if they want to marry you at all, that’s definitely because the green card, you fool!
    it’s around time for you to go back to your cave and live there alone for the rest of your life.. you deserve that more than anything!

  128. leakhena007 Reply

    I am khmer lady
    To answer to your 7 reasons:
    many reason I have to say about not marry to a western men.
    1. they like to stay with each other before marriage. ka ka ka….
    2. they do not care about my family, only both of them.
    3. they like to smoke and drink alot, and going to the bars.
    You are old man, you want to marry to a beautiful young lady, so you have to be rich that is fair for both of us, so do not afraid of young lady take your money.
    You are old, you have to marry with old lady that is fair.

    • biteme Reply

      4. and you are a cheap ugly whore…even an old western man will refuse to spend his penny on you.
      5. be responsible to yourself and don’t depend to your western man to support you and your family, get a job you whore!

      • leakhena007 Reply


        I would like to stay alone better then marry to kakaka some crazy thinking western men, not all I know there are some are good.
        Hey guy, your words are difficult to listen…sould use the words to respect people.
        You never know who I am, how you can said that words.
        How do you know that i do not responsible for my self?
        Well, I shouldn’t talk to some crazy people here.

        • Foreign man Reply

          leakhena007 Don’t pay attention to biteme. He’s just an asshole.
          He can’t use a proper language, so forget about such an idiot like him

  129. Sophie Reply

    Marriage is about love and accepting each other’s differences.. if you wish to marry a girl and expect her to be like you- Impossible! as everybody is different even your people not all of them are the same, arent they?

    U look at the world so small and you don’t think outside the box AT ALL. you make judgment base on your low level of critical thinking….. I don’t know who you are, what you are but to me you are simply just a big LOSER:(

    marry your people and leave cambodian women alone!

  130. Not Amused Reply

    This is extremely offensive and I did not see the humor in this at all. It wasn’t even slightly humorous… What’s so good about getting laughs at someone else’s expense? I wish that I never stumbled across your article but since I have I would like to give you a piece of my mind. Not only was your article inaccurate it was hurtful and racist towards Cambodian woman and Cambodian culture. My mother was a poor country girl from Cambodia and upon coming here to America in order to escape from the war and hardships her family had to endure. She learned English without the help of her parents and graduated valedictorian thus landing her a full paid scholarship to a very prominent law school. She’s very intelligent and very successful. Not to mention, she’s done this all herself. She’s a loving mother who put her all into raising her children that she didn’t initially want to have. She’s kind and strong. The biggest role model in my life. She went from being poor to being an independent successful woman who does not need the help of my multiracial dad that her family disowned her for falling in love with. She stays solely for the reason of love if that last line didn’t hit you hard enough. Why am I telling you this? Well obviously to say all these hurtful and rude things about Cambodian women is basically spitting on my mother’s efforts to become the wonderful person she is today. Just saying– the more you know.

  131. @Notamused Reply

    @NOTAMUSED you have to understand the article writer is just some fat white geezer/weirdo who couldnt get girls in the states…dont be offended cambo women are cool

  132. RainMan Reply

    If you read the two parts in it’s entirety you may find that Gavinmack also ridicules and makes fun of himself, to me, it’s called a funny story and that is what it was, but I’m different, and glad I am, after reading some of the vicious comments.
    Put it down to cultural differences, sure, but I would be happy to read a comical article from an Asian contributor along the same vein that Gavinmack wrote and I would applaud it and comment without thinking it’s a personal vendetta.
    From a fat, white, old, lonely farting alcoholic drug addict…see! that didn’t hurt a bit.
    Get over it.

  133. Sophorn Reply

    Before you talk or do something please to be clear about it. Not all Cambodian women like this. If I meet you, I will make you clear about this.

  134. Johnath peters Reply

    Stupid. This entire thing. I feel sorry for whoever has the misfortune o ending up with you. Why are you marrying someone who you can’t see yourself with in the distant future? …..One who might not love you?? You’re an idiot. I hope you get married to a beautiful girl that you fall in love with, who takes however much money you have, and cheats on you constantly with you friends. That’s what you deserve. Dickhead.

    • Lord Playboy Reply

      He dances punch inimitably, spreads out a feather, and flashes his magic lightning, or knocks down a poor dog, to the great diversion of all present; or opens his magic lantern and gives you pull baker, pull devil, in their gaudiest colours.

  135. Alex Reply

    Seriously??? You just make Khmer women look like a retarded no-brainer kinda creature! nose-picking-time-ticking-bomb??? excuse me??
    For your information my friend, only those kinda girls you described wanna marry an hypocrite old perv American like you.

  136. bon Reply

    Americans really hates and can kill people because of RACISM, but they do not know that they are the one whose RACIST!! I would love to marry an ugly asian woman than to marry a pretty american woman who doesnt take a bath every day..

  137. SouthEastAsianFolks Reply

    You sounded like you were having deep-rooted psychological issues, douche. Better seek a therapy!

  138. John Reply

    You are a tragic , deluded man.to think you believe she may only marry you because you have money and not that you are older and list and couldn’t find a real women with a brain. I lived in Asia and met many deluded men like you.I can only feel sorry for you from a far as so many people do. May you never go up and live life sleeping with poor young girls who don’t want to be near you but need your dollar bills and give you false smiles as you stare leudly at them.

  139. innocent man Reply

    I have married a Cambodian wife and all I can say is, it takes a lot of effort to go through the paperwork, her mental stability of being in an foreign country, sometimes even thinking if suiciding,been rebellious, always asking for money when her parents called either dad ran away with another woman or her family are sick or her siblings need money for feed and studies. The wedding is surely a conned because it will rack you up to $40,000 USD without return. The family will promise you there is money back but they will take it and deny the money is not earn even there is a record. So to guys out there, all the beat and make your choice right. There are many fishes out there.

    • gavinmac Reply

      I’m sorry to hear this. $40,000 seems expensive for a wedding in Cambodia. What was that money spent on?

    • leakhena007 Reply

      that is for Cambodian relative. We live with connect with relative.
      When our relative have problem we need to help them.

    • Andy Reply

      YOU were conned; maybe you picked a wife from a bad place. My wedding cost $2500 and we had over 500 guests. There are many many good women from good families whom you probably SHOULD marry, if you are worthy of them.

  140. darknile Reply

    This article was written in satire and was never meant to be taken seriously. For those that do, I feel sorry for you.

    • Esther Reply

      Yes, but I think the good kind of satire is supposed to be intelligent. And satire is entirely capable of being in poor taste and not funny. This piece just basically relied on stereotyping Asian women in developing countries as vapid gold-diggers, which is oh-so-original.

      It makes fun of Asian cultures for prizing family over all else as if white culture was superior for I dunno, not doing the same? It’s also hard to find a point funny when they are scientifically baseless (uneducated does not mean dumb, and intelligence is not entirely hereditary, nor does intelligence alone mean you get anywhere in life).

      Basically, satire is cool, but it seems that the people agreeing wholeheatredly with this post don’t really seem to realize it’s satire either.

  141. imthemistake Reply

    LOL okay, khmer girl here and i would like to disagree with that picture. my aunt looks like shes a smoking ass college chearleader and she (is 46) has four cute kids whom are my cousins that are mixed of khmer and dominican. thanks for that trolling mgs :p

  142. jamie Reply

    ive just come back from traveling s.e.asia, i spent the last 6 weeks living with my cambodian gf that i met on my first night there, im 25 and have no problem getting women back home, and shes 30, shes stunning and still looks 18 when spruced up to go out, she wasnt after my money either, infact she splashed ALOT of money on me! roles reversed haha she bought me clothes (so id didnt look like a traveler lol) payed for my flgiht back to cambodia when i missed my bus back on a visa run, payed for so many nights out cuz i didnt have much money left from traveling

    the main thing i agree with on this article is how unpredictable and crazy they are in public! so many drunken arguments lol

  143. Alex P Reply

    Nonsense. First there is NO stigma to marrying an Asian woman ikon fact American men are staring to find out how horrid western feminazis are. Asian women are polite, pretty and ladylike. They do not have foul mouths and do not use gutter language, They are feminine. See Fred Reed on all the great reasons Asian women make the best wives.
    Asian woman age as well as western women or better.
    As far where to live, what does it matter> The US sucks anymore. Cambodia is a great place and with the internet there are hundreds of job opportunities.
    If she marries you she loves you, don’t be so arrogant to think you are such a great catch that women will marry you for status or money. No status or money is worth getting married to an arrogant prick for.
    Half Asian children are simply beautiful. My half Asian daughter is a stunning jaw dropper and looks good even she has 2 PhD’s did I mention half Asian kids are smarter too?

  144. Holly P. Reply

    This doesn’t shock me at all. The only emotion i feel is pity, towards you. How ignorant can you be? Im cambodian, was born and raise in America. The reasonings you use applies to all women of different colors, but particularly those who are consider “gold digger”. Dont go around making assumptions of cambodian woman, we are not all the same. This is the same thing as saying i wouldn’t want to marry a redneck, because I wouldn’t want to live on a farm etc. You get the point. Not all white males are redneck, and not all cambodian women’s live in Cambodia.

  145. ratanak Reply

    so you shouldn’t marred cambodian girl and also vietnamese, thailand , asian girl…this all love your money.

  146. Alex G Reply

    This guy sounds like insecure, grumpy, narrow-minded ayhole, who would make ANY woman miserable regardless of her nationality. He would be better off going back to the States, living alone and jerking himself.

  147. Sengmeng Reply

    u’re not even a real man. u think that u are a prince ? u comparing cambodian girls with puppies ? i’m not sure if u’re human being ? F.U

  148. Lucas Reply

    This is such a great article, really sums it up nicely and slightly exaggerated for humour 🙂

    I’m shocked by the idiot posters going on the defense. Either delusional, don’t know anything about Cambodia or a Cambodian girl finding it hard to swallow the truth.

    I love Cambodia and the people but its just a sad fact that family comes first and a mans only purpose is to provide money. I’ve been to a lot of places but I’ve never experienced such loveless girls before.

  149. Phanady Reply

    Sadly, the man might die without learning how to learn himself. Please Buddha guides him.

  150. Mike Reply

    My Cambodian wife and I have been happily married for 5 years and I can honestly say we’re loving our relationship. I’ve never been happier. She’s happy, I’m happy, what’s the problem? She’s 20 years my junior and frankly, I don’t give a crap about what other people say. Neither does she, in fact we get a kick out of all the jealous looks we get from cranky American men and their hideous, overweight, bitchy wives. We see the looks you give us in the supermarket- all the guys wish they had a wife as lovely as mine, and all the wives seethe with anger and naked jealousy. 🙂 lol

    Embarrassed? Not hardly. I’ve been far more embarrassed by the American women I’ve dated than anything my wife has ever done. If your ego is that fragile, you probably shouldn’t leave your parent’s basement. 🙂

    And the whole thing about Cambodian women aging gracefully is nonsense. Most, if not all 50-year old Cambodian women look fantastic- WAY WAY WAAAAAY better than *any* 50-year old Caucasian woman.

    No offense, but this article is bullshit.

  151. shelin Reply

    …and please don’t look down on Filipino women, don’t generalize.

  152. CapitalD Reply

    Very funny article!

    I’m living in Cambodia right now and I love it. The girls are truly amazing, but I’m 40 years old and I can’t see any of them wanting me. That said, I am lucky that the really cute counter girl at my guesthouse takes me out on here motorbike to see the countryside and stuff, so I have had a taste of what I assume would be the joy of dating a Cambodian woman.

    Best of luck, and if you’re dating a Cambodian woman, please respect their feelings and cultural values.

    • Miroslav Reply

      If you’re in Cambodia short time, everything looks wonderful. You’ve to spend at least a year in Cambodia until you can understand their souls.

      Then you’ll understand very clearly that all they want is only money. There’s no friendship, no help in Cambodia, there’s only money. Especially if you are foreigner, you as a human have zero value here. Only your money have value.

      I’m from Europe and I’ve never seen such love for money before. It’s deeply disgusting. In Cambodia they compare someone who’s able to cheat/steal as smart, someone who works and is being cheated then as not smart. They still speak about money, but never speak about work.

      So please be very aware or you can lose everything as other foreigners did in Cambodia.

      • Annonymous Reply

        Very true indeed. Their Asian attitudes are just so disgusting.

        They have very black soul. They tend to exploit vulnerable foreigners who went there to improve their lifes.
        They are not ashamed of anything.

        I just don’t understand why there are so many Westerners putting up with so much horrible nonsense from Cambodian.

        It is indeed very risky to venture there alone and it can be really traumatic if one is unprepared to see so many ugliness and inhumanity in one place.

        Perhaps, most people will want to stop exploring their meaningless, filthy dark world that tend to be so inhumane, irrationally greedy and exploitive.

        It is not worth losing everything for them.
        After all, they never feel sorry for us.
        Why should we feel sorry for them?

  153. Apsara Reply

    Dear 40 years

    You need to marry someone your equal, regardless of racial or religious background. I am a 50 years old Cambodian woman but look 30. I have a Master degree, three good looking college educated children that are biracial. My husband is college educated American. I love living in America because of many good reasons. I love my native country because of many good reasons.
    Be grateful that someone love you despite of your imperfections and hopefully good points. No you shouldn’t marry any girl because you are not ready for a real in dept relationship. Best regards, Apsara

  154. Sokha Chan Reply

    Unrealistic writing. Your article is only applied to Bar girls which normally turn super old when she is 30s and this would happen no matter what nationality she is.

    And of course you would look creepy if you are an old white dude come just to get a hot young chick.

    I, myself, who is also a Cambodia women and having a proper job married to an American guy who is just 1 year older than me, doesn’t have such problem that you listed above at all. These kinds of things only happen if you made it that way.

  155. George Beach Reply

    My wife is Cambodian we have been together for 17 years.She has lived in several countries with me where I worked,and has lived in America with me since 2004.She is in her 40’s and still gets asked for her identification from time to time when she buys lottery tickets.18 is the age limit to purchase them.She is an excellent cook and has never had problems regarding food.Every country except possibly Mongolia has seafood and every Cambodian that I have ever known loves seafood.My wife and I have never had a serious argument,and we have never said a bad word to each other.We go fishing,camping,and hiking together and enjoy each other’s company.She’s been a totally devoted wife to me,I can not think of anything that she does that I can be critiical about other then the fact that she catches bigger fish then me.I think that where you meet your wife is more important then what country she is from.If you meet her in a bar you can expect problems.I only know two other Cambodian wives here ,they are devoted to thier husbands.They are not former bargirls and have never been exposed to the nightlife and mischief that goes with that lifestyle.I don’t think that there would be a 50% divorce rate in America more American men had Cambodian wives.My wife was not raised to believe that she was special or entitled to anything,she’s polite.demure,and pleasant natured.It’s just about impossible to get mad at her because she goes out of her way to avoid doing anything that would upset anyone.She eats properly,exercises regularly and doesn’t look a day older then she did when we married.

  156. cuz Reply

    The person who wrote this is my cousin.Its meant to be joke.Lightin up!He has his own problems to deal with.Its not easy going through life as a Log Cabin Republican Lawyer.He just goes to Cambodia for the lady boys.

  157. Responder Reply

    You should write a “440 Reasons to Not Marry a Western Woman” to compliment this article.

  158. john Reply

    an intresting article on the dangers of marrying away from your race colour religion or creed all i can say is that the points are well made for most asian /white couples as most end in divorce but if you love someone and they love you the greatest gift in the world ignore this article and find happiness but its very rare to find love and not sex that will last unless you are both prepared to make scariffices and that includes ignoring the flaws as beauty is only skin deep good luck to everyone and may you find your one true love whereever you may seek

  159. juan Reply

    Pointless for you to even consider marrying a cambodian woman if you are going to compare her to a dog….. marriage is about love not about looks… you make it seem like you are only in it for the looks…. you shouldn’t even consider marrying anyone until you can learn to be unselfish

  160. ana nov Reply

    I married an Australian recently. We are in love. just 11 years old difference, but he looks very handsome.
    I own business in Cambodian and I can manage business online in Australia and therefore, everything will be alright. We have thousand Master graduated ladies who studied in the West, Europe, and Australia… why don’t you apply for them if you are concerned about general knowledge and culture incompatibility?

    Well, despite being headache for paper work, but those efforts prove the true love for our life time. Without true love, how can you live in this world happily? Both of us now are very happy.

  161. Alex Reply

    you are a fucking idoit. don’t follow these stupid guidelines on to why not to marry someone. specially when he says his wife would embarrass him wtf.

    • Miroslav Reply

      Well, I’m only speculating, but you’ve never been to Cambodia, right?
      If you were there, you understand he’d be afraid his wife will be sitting on the ground while cooking, eating or whatever. Wearing the same clothes goes to bed then, morphing bed into haunt soon.
      Author’d be afraid that during dinner his guests can not eat as they become disgusted of her smacking lips.
      He’d be thinking of people 20 meters around his home who will always hear when she yawn, and up to 40 meters around when she sneezes. Maybe she’ll also need to play songs with her phone every place she moves.
      He should be definitely afraid of rapidly growing areas of rubbish everywhere around changing former home into stinking slum.

      I can’t rule out she’ll learn everything.

  162. Vorleak Reply

    Shut the fuck up
    Ur fucking story is like a piece of shit .. Cambodian women arent like Wht u have said
    And the picture of the woman above , she is abt 70 turn to 71 ..
    U damn asshole

  163. Sophie Reply

    I am cambodian but born in the U.S and you sir…think way too much into it. why don’t you just try and not think of all of the possibility of her “embarrassing” you but rather her loving you and getting the chance to know you. If you always just think about her maybe doing random stuff to embarrass you, you’ll miss the chance of seeing her for who she really is. Don’t live your life in fear, it’ll get you nowhere.

    • BaoDaoDynamite Reply

      Let him be, Sophie. That old fart can be mean to you if he decides to pick on your writing. If you don’t mind me saying, it needs some work. Don’t even suggest to an old person to date a much younger person. Please it is very disgusting. In the Cambodian culture, a person’s life is only divided into 3 major stages. That is it. Young-Middle-Old. When you are young, they expect you to study. When you are done with your studying, they expect you to apply yourself in the world and make a family. When you are old, they expect you to resign yourself to the temple life. At 40, this old fart is still lustful for young girls. Oh my freaking god. But again, scientists say that in general Africans are more sexually active than the whites and the whites are more sexually active than the Asians. No wonder, old white farts do not see anything wrong with dating young girls one or two generations their junior. Oh my god!

  164. Vda Reply

    I’m a 22 year-old Cambodian girl. I was laughing a lot, reading your post. You’re amazing funny American man, thoughtfull, well observe, but because you may experience just a few Cambodian women who you might have met on the streets, in the bar or night club, or from the very rural area.. For these women, your post is almost 90% true, most Cambodian women are very faithful, unlike what you think.

    • gavinmac Reply

      Thank you Vda. You are very kind. I should meet more Cambodian girls like you.

    • BaoDaoDynamite Reply

      Vda, I am surprised that you seem to advocate for an old white fart to meet a 20ish Cambodian female. Don’t you find that disgusting? I think it is a new phenomenon that Cambodian females are marrying or dating old white farts. Even for nearly a hundred years, the colonial French were not able to mate with Cambodian females because the societal stigma was so great on the Cambodian females who decided to go with a white male. The general belief was that only bitches, hookers, drug-infested females, easy, promiscuous females went with white males. In the States, interracial White-Cambodian marriages are of a much high caliber. Usually college graduates.

      What this old fart does not know is that there are countless marriages that between males from the USA with the Cambodian females in Cambodia. When the females are in the USA, they can help their hubbies readily. They can work at a sweatshop, an Asian fast food restaurant, a donut store, a water store, an electronic assembly factory, etc. While an old white fart only sees a Cambodian female getting bored and socially awkward, little does he realize that Cambodian females also have needs to better themselves as human beings. So watch out for a white old fart with a superior complex.

      • Phil Reply

        Even for nearly a hundred years, the colonial French were not able to mate with Cambodian females because the societal stigma was so great on the Cambodian females who decided to go with a white male. The general belief was that only bitches, hookers, drug-infested females, easy, promiscuous females went with white males.

        Well, don’t you find that disgusting?

  165. Vda Reply

    Oh, it’s a good post. That would make Western men who think like you stop wanting to marry Cambodian women, she’ll all lucky :D)))

  166. BaoDaoDynamite Reply

    If you have very strong feelings after reading Gavinmac’s reasons for not choosing to marry a Cambodian girl, you’all need to chill and let him be. I have never once thought that the contributors in this forum age older than 30’s. I am actually wrong in that retrospect. Gavinmac is a geezer whose time is running out. In America he is already considered a homosexual. What he has to say for himself is limited to only his own little world. Why would a 40+ years old guy be chasing after a 20 something girl anyway? The generational gap is too great. It is like a parent living with a child. In Cambodian culture, the age differential is allowed only up to 17 years apart. After that, the older person is considered of a parental status already. Even at 40+ years old, Gavinmac has no clues of what a relationship really is at all. In America, he is a typical loser when it comes to any relationships. Gavinmac is probably a white guy whom white women never gave him a day under the sun. In dirt poor Cambodia, all of a sudden he thinks he is a hunk with all the financial resources to offer to female teenagers. Oh my god. I am only in my mid 20’s and dating, and it is no wonder the views across this discussion board are so outdated sometimes. They are a bunch of old farts. White women are abandoning their socially inept counterparts and are into interracial dating already. White males are definitely left behind in this regard for sure.

  167. smith Reply

    smith i live in Australia,and I`m happily married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to visit a spell caster,because it has really worked for her too So i never believed in spell,but i had no other choice,than to follow her advice. Then she gave me the email address of the spell caster whom she [email protected]}. So the next morning,i sent a mail to the address she gave to me,and the spell caster assured me that i will get my wife back the next day what an amazing statement!! I never believed,so he spoke with me,and told me everything that i need to do. Then the next morning, So surprisingly, my wife who did not call me for the past seven {7}months,gave me a call to inform me that she was coming back So Amazing!! So that was how she came back that same day,with lots of love and joy,and she apologized for her mistake,and for the pain she caused me and my children. Then from that day,our relationship was now stronger than how it were before,by the help of a spell caster . So, i will advice you out there to kindly visit the same website {[email protected]},i f you are in any condition like this,or you have any problem related to “bringing your ex back. So thanks to Dr Stone for bringing back my wife,and brought great joy to my family once again.([email protected]}, Thanks…

    • UltimateHealing Reply

      Smith…what a concept…a “spell caster”? Voodoospiritualist? Are you serious? What happens when the influences disappear, will it be just like in the movie. Jaded spam, smith.

  168. 11.54 Reply


    Ignorant and narcissistic you are, married you should not…and thank you for not breeding. Self-absorbed genes is what the world don’t need right now.

  169. Daniel Hughes Reply

    You are an idiot my wife us originally from Cambodia she loves living in the states and she has plenty of friends. If you can’t find things to do in Cambodia you are lazy and stupid I have a blast everytime we go back. As far as looks go my wife is probably one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I have been all over the world. You sound like a uneducated racist American that the rest of us Americans are ashamed of.

    • Miroslav Reply

      In my country we have a saying “A shot goose gabbles the most!”, or, as I can read on Internet, English equivalent is “A guilty conscience needs no accuser.”

  170. Todd Reply

    I am a typical 51 yr old white American male. 4 yrs ago I married a 28 yr old Cambodian woman who was already living in the US. We have a 3 yr old boy. Yes, we do have challenges because of culture and age. However, we love each other a lot and our son is wonderful. In my opinion, just about all of your comments are wrong, petty and infantile. Actually, you have almost nothing to offer any woman, Cambodian or otherwise except I suppose some material stuff. You attitude is pitiful. You definitely should do women everywhere a favor and stay single. Growing old in a great relationship with Internet porn is for you.

  171. MENGHOK.C Reply

    You don’t have brain!
    Do not post such stupid reason if being a man or human.

    Go home puppy and don’t pee here! while it is dirty, it might cut your cock off!

  172. miles Reply

    Whoever wrote this post about Cambodian women was nothing but an idiot… I am from Philippines and being a Southeast Asian woman myself I assure this gay author that his perception about Asian women is very wrong. I work in a luxury cruise line and most of my workmates on board are American people. I have such high respect for Americans until I read the article of this self centered idiot author. Whoever wrote this post please look in the mirror for you to realize what kind of stupid person you are. Asian women may not have blonde hair and blue eyes with big boobs but we know how to love unconditionally unlike the other women whose with an old american for money…

  173. glenn Reply

    looking to bring my 24 old Cambodian girlfriend to Sydney Australia to see if she likes the lifestyle, truly loves me and can get on well enough with my family. Does any one have any advice on what type of visa she wil need. How long can she stay for & what would be my requirements. She is georgeous to me, a fun spirited soul who made me laugh, made me want to be affectionate with her, gererous to her & worry about her. I cried at the airport when I had to come home and I have never done that with previous girlfriends andthere have been many. She is super keen to come, I am super keen to get her here. I am financially well off and can afford her to live with me forever without her ever having to work. I am 46 old fit and healthy and apparantly appear young for my age, she is 24 and has lived an incredibly tough life so far but it seems to have strengthened her resolve rather than diminished or tarnished her outlook. I truly think love her. We have discussed children and she says she is happy to forego having them as I am not keen to become a dad in my late 40’s. My question is, do you think it can work and what is the best way for me to get her here for a trial live together relationship ? Thanks in advance for leaving some worthy comments.

  174. Pe'Loy Reply

    Lol, that was spot on. Their fun to play with, but you don’t want to bring one home 🙂

  175. Jylen Reply

    Oh my goodness. Gavinmac you are the most fucking disrespectful and racist asshole I have ever come across over the internet. What gives you the right of mind to talk trash about and downgrade Cambodians, especially the females? You’re a perfect example of why society these days is deteriorating, because the lack of humanity you display through something that shouldn’t be opinionated at such a derogatory level is overwhelming. Sure, people are allowed to have opinions and a right of speech but your values and morals are seriously messed up if you think it is appropriate to judge and stereotype an ethnic culture in the ways you’ve displayed. You don’t even deserve the thought of having a wife, someone as mentally fucked up as you, let alone a Cambodian one who you talk so depreciatingly about. From observation you’re an American citizen, so why not marry someone in your own country who’s got regular access to ‘Oils of Olay’ and won’t become ‘wrinkled’ at said age? Millions of girls all over the US and yet you decide to choose and bag out ones from a different country? I genuinely fear for the woman who may unfortunately become your wife one day and bear the child of 50% Gavmac. You question if she will be able to truly love you but you don’t even deserve to be loved. In fact, you deserve to live a lonely life, racist bastard.

    • Miroslav Reply

      I have a question for you. Do you want to live with gypsies? Do you want to have them as neighbors? I really wonder if you do. In my country, when gypsies come to live here or there, people want to escape. First they have anger, then hate and then they are indeed escaping if they can and can’t get rid them off. And I’ve learnt from news and reports it is not my country only, indeed. It is over Europe: eg. when gypsies come to the classroom, parents take their children out to other school.

      So, are these people (who are not able to live with gypsies) mentally fucked racist bastards, fucking disrespectful racist assholes, with their moral values seriously messed up?

      Hey, come to live to Cambodia and you will learn soon, that Cambodia is a land of gypsies. This is simply observation, comparison, experience.

      Gavinmac doesn’t play or pretend whatever. He reports, he shares his observations. He’s self-critical, sincere (and wit). You pretend some pseudo humanity only. You sentenced yourself to be superior to Gavinmac. You can judge, he can not (in fact, he doesn’t judge). Where your experience comes from?

  176. Annonymous Reply

    Cambodia is really no better than other Asian countries, where one have to pay so much just to live and travel in extreme discomfort and insecurity. A land where they looked down on you and make life inconvenient and uncomfortable for you, if you are travelling on a small budget. A land that is full of pretentiousness, backwardness and ugliness. A land where money reign supreme. A land that will grab every dollar you have and let you starve. A land where greed and callous behaviour is the norm. A land where you give them new,clean, crisp US dollar and they return you with extremely filthy looking riel. A land of fake friendliness. A land of arrogance. A land of hardship even if one is going there for a visit. A land where one can’t say what one really think, in case they get offended. A land where filth reigh supreme. A land of harsh people and harsh landscape. A land where one is expected to tolerate their asian culture, no matter how annoying or how unfair or how horrible it is. No thank you.

  177. Key Reply

    it appears to me that, this is a very bias article. have you ever been to Cambodia? saying such horrible things about Cambodian women is totally unacceptable. How good are your western women? perfect? well, if they really are then go get fucking married with them. you do not need to spread this kind of information which apparently shows that you are being ethnocentric. i do not want to say anything bad about western women because whatever they are, i respect women. am nothing like you.

  178. Annonymous Reply

    The fact is Asians, such as Cambodians are so petty and so easily offended by any disagreeable opinions.
    That is why most Asians are still so backward.
    Most Asians are unable to accept any criticisms, even if it is true and based on reality.
    Asians tend to become much more backward, much more intolerant and much more brutal whenever asians have the upper hand.
    The fact is Asian countries, such as Cambodia are full of ugliness and filth, and one should be allowed to say so without fear, if one think so.

  179. Khmerican Reply

    Your articles is discrimination to Asian! specially to Cambodian women. I my self is a Cambodian and I married my American husband since 2009 in Cambodia,he took me and my daughter from Cambodia and now I’m in US with three beautiful children I never hear he compliant about married me at all ,instead he more happy than he was single, he happy to see I smile again. You! one of those kind that suffering Khmer still not enough for you! and now try to hurt Khmer women individually. NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME! TRUE LOVE DOESN’T COST MONEY, MAYBE YOU’RE NOT LUCKY ENOUGH TO DESERVE TRUE LOVE!!!! IN YOUR FACE!

  180. Jim Reply

    ” only losers marry women from the philippines” ?
    Your the loser !! A selfish idiot!!!!!

  181. Anonymous Reply

    Who are you to judge others? We are all the same, keep that in mind. What do you even know about us Filipinos in the first place anyway? You just keep on saying random stuff which you don’t even have knowledge of. You should be ashamed of yourself for you represent your nation. Stop generalizing and keep your mouth shut if you don’t have any good intentions to say.

    • Anonymous Reply

      No,we are NOT all the same, even if we have the same name. I know for a fact most Asians have very ugly characteristics, behind their so called gentle facade. Why are you all Asians get so abusive and so full of double standard crap over every little things?

  182. Warrior Reply

    Your a discriminatory bastard.. I love my Filipino Wife and our son is awesome.. your already a fucking drunken bastard that cant make up your own mind of anything. You only think of what others think of you.. your a dumbshit and someone otta kick your ass.!

  183. chanty Reply

    people like you are not welcome in asia. how dare you say that way to us? my family/relatives have a lot of asian-american intermarriages (asian woman-american man, asian man-american woman) and they don’t think like you. there is no trace of racism, we love all races and we are all professionals. you are the typical racist and i pity you.

    • Phil Reply

      Racists are not welcome in Asia? Quick, someone tell Sam Rainsy so he can jet his racist a*s back to France..

  184. teecher Reply

    Comforting to see the proper use of English language being dick tated to illiterate fucktards.
    I wish I had a noble mission in Life!

  185. kalakala Reply


    It’s a JOKE.

    It’s not SERIOUS (mostly).

    Stop being so OFFENDED.

    Get over it. Christ!

  186. Spheap Sor Reply

    the writer of this article is an unlucky man with a negative thought.I agree some part you say that Cambodian woman marry foreigner for money, but not all of are like that. And not just Cambodia i think even your own country i believe there are those kind of woman who chase after man for money too. I heard on news that an 18 girl married an old man too. How about that?????? You cant just judge to all people just because one person you met. In fact Cambodian people are so friendly and very accommodate their visitors and sever her husband nicely and respectful.
    I myself will also marry to Western man and he is not rich and im not with him coz of money. We both sharing what we have and i love him as he is. My family was fear that i will become poor and live in difficulty if i marry him, but i told them he is not rich, but i love the way he love and care and treat me. that is enough to live together. Money could make later. I truly love and care for him.

    To the picture that you she is just 43 become that old. for me i have never seen one yet. If she is 43 and that old that would be a world record. you are just sooooooo…. . be careful with what speak out. If you cant think of a good word to say to people, keep yourself silent. Your words can make more friend and enemy

    I think you are over thinking to your wife. If you always doubt on her, you will never find happiness even you marry to your own people. No one is perfect!!

    I hope you change your thought to ward people you meet. The main problem is UUUUUU.

  187. herminio Reply


      • Colin Harrison Reply

        Sure, not all Cambodian girls are Vampires but some of them you have to be very careful of. I always thought as myself as a good judge of character but my ex Cambodian wife was better. I must have had sucker written over my forehead. She was beautiful and charming and we got on like a house on fire, the only negative was that she was a typical Asian girl, shallow, selfish and vane, but I thought, I’m not perfect either and besides she was a lot of fun to be with. Her parents treated me like I was their son, for the first time in my life I had a family to love and they loved me.
        But like the saying goes if it is too good to be true, then it probably is. We got married then after three months I head back home to work so I could save the money to buy the house she and her family wanted. before I left I did the most dumbest thing a man could do I opened an account in her name , (they wouldn’t allow me to put my name on the account because I had not lived there long enough). In it I left 9000 USD, we were supposed to start a business when I returned to Cambodia. Within the first month of me gone she heads straight to the bars and fucks everything that had a cock. I was devastated to say the lest, she seen me coming and she bled me dry. She offered no explanation, no reason, no apology. she discarded me like a dirty toe rag. I have been trying to find someone who has had experience with Cambodian law and Government in the hope that I could retrieve the the 9000 dollars, Iv been told by many that I haven’t a hope in hell. It’s bad enough that she’s already ripped my heart out and stomped on it, that is something I will have to learn to live with, but stealing 9000 dollars is theft and fraud pure and simple. If anyone reading this has any information that could help me out with this problem , then I would be very much grateful. My Email address is : [email protected] Is there a web site that one could post a picture and name of these girls so as to warn others before they go to these country’s and make the same mistake?

        • PS Reply

          Somewhat sorry to hear you fell for the marriage trap. Next time you’re desparate to wed a “shallow, selfish and vane” woman, resist or keep the money severely restricted.

          “Is there a web site that one could post a picture and name of these girls so as to warn others before they go to these country’s and make the same mistake?”

          Gotta be kidding here tho.

        • rico Reply

          Did you meat her in a bar in the first place?
          /massive facepalm/

  188. Kim Reply

    You’re generalizing a whole race an being very prejudiced. Try and find someone who you actually have an emotional connection with, also most of the points you made were about physical things and were superficial. Lastly, I’m half Cambodian , half white and I don’t think I’m too ugly. I mean maybe you’d think different about me, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder I suppose.

  189. paul scott Reply

    I was quite excited for Gavinmac when I read his post ‘7 reasons why I should marry Cambodian girl’ It was an impressive analysis , and he even had the money for windows in their home .
    I was pretty sure that he was on the way, and I thought about a wedding present. I was sure Gavinmac would appreciate my no pansy around getting home gear, frying pans, or curtains, or pillow cases.
    No I was going to give Gavinmac artery forceps. You clamp the hairs in your nostril or ears into the
    elongated jaw in this thing, wind round a bit then tug,
    You can look at your nostril hairs when they come out.
    When they start going grey it means your nose has had a big fright, or you are getting old.

    Then I came over to this article , 7 reasons not too, and I am melancholy, but not too melancholy.

  190. Nara Reply

    really feel sorry for you and as a cambodian woman i am proud to be me as asian woman … go on with your life alone dude you are so pity . I don’t want to be racist but you are just too much . you think you are the best nation in the whole planet ??? come on look at yourself in the mirror what you have and others don’t have ? we are all human we have same shits and no body is perfect . don’t just sitting there and judge others look at yourself and find your own life . I am still doubt if you already have a good life for yourself probably you are still single cus u are too picky and racist 5555 .. all the best ~~

  191. john Reply

    How dare you american speak about the most caring compassionate and giving people like that , especially after what your president (At the time Nixon) did inflicted on these people . ( they are still trying to get over it 40 + years later) nearly every person in their country lost a family member by murder or worse in concentration camps or to that american war . while you complain that they age early .. oh you poor play boy .. get a life

    and by the way america will eventually suffer their khamma from this properly you to.

    learn history and life .
    John Australia

  192. mit Reply

    i believe the Australian government fully supported Nixons policy’s,and happily sent troops to Vietnam to kill poor people.

  193. Nina Reply

    Alright. So I’m gonna post a reply to this, even though I came across this post about a year ago. I’m a seventeen year old Cambodian girl. Oh, surprised I can’t speak proper English and don’t have extensive amounts of grammatical errors? Both my parents are Cambodian. My mom originally from Phnom Penh, my father was born there, but was adopted by a white British family, and was raised in Canada. When my mom met my father, she moved to Canada. I was born in Cambodia, but came to Canada when I was six months old… so I was practically born here just as well as I am raised. I just wanna say… a lot of these “reasons” must be from your own experience and I sincerely hope that you do not speak for all Cambodian women in this post/article whatever you want to call it. Even though this was meant to be about women FROM Cambodia, I still take offence because hey, I’m a woman, and Cambodian. My mother is… nothing like this. This whole idea that you have regarding how once “Cambodian women” become middle-aged, they turn old and hag-ey… isn’t that something that happens to ALL women once they reach that age? Just sayin’. The whole thing with people seeing you with her and thinking you’re married to your Mexican maid or a Filipino? Dear god. Do you know how many Asian girls, including myself, try to bleach their skin with toxic chemicals for that exact reason? I could go on forever, but no one would read this if it was that long. You disgust me. Your ignorance and idiocy is beyond incomprehensible. Please do drop dead. As my English teacher always loved to say, the best thing about being Canadian is that you’re not American.

    • CaptainGinyu Reply

      I do think that, ironically, there’s some truth in the article in that many will (unconsciously) look at it this way. You know how prejudice the general public have. I guess his (the writer) type mainly meets women at places where there are many of such women, relatively speaking.

  194. John Doe Reply

    Why the hell would you want to get married to ANY woman? The divorce laws worldwide are totally biased against men. You don’t need female companionship, dude. Just travel to SE Asia twice a year, fuck a bunch of hot young prostitutes (over 18, of course), and go back home.

    Marriage is a stupid and outdated institution. Then again, I guess I enjoy my privacy and solitude.

    29 year old white american guy

  195. Jaina Reply

    Wow. I think I just wasted 5 minutes of my life. You’re the fussiest person on the planet. Who cares if a woman is a Cambodian? Will that make her any different than any other woman? A woman is a woman. There are cultural differences, obviously, but if you love someone, why should you care? The whole world is mixing together, so why care so much about it? You should just stay alone and grow into the bitter old man you obviously are going to be. You don’t deserve any Cambodian women, Philippine women (only losers would marry them? Hah. They’re only losers if they pick an ignorant person like you.) you don’t deserve anyone. They’re all human. Just like you.

    • Lea C. dela Cruz Reply

      i like your comment because im a Filipina having a crush to a cambodian tnx for defending us

  196. Ronald David Reply

    Only desperate LOSERS like you would suggest that only desperate losers would marry Filipino women or Asians generally. Your generalizations are clear evidence of the stupid retarded degenerate you unquestionably are. Piece of shit.

  197. Roxy B. Reply

    I think I understand why you are “40 and never been married”. And you also forgot #8. Reason you should not marry a Cambodian woman #8 you are a horrible person and no one would ever want you.

  198. Forsaken_Orthodox Reply

    I’m absolutely offended by this article. This is total stereotypical unrealistic bullshit. Im Cambodian, white, and born and raised in New Zealand. So yeah I haven’t faced the living conditions in Cambodia, I have a good education, in middle class and am extremely lucky. And there are some truths in this post, but mostly it screams racism and sexism. Its totally disgusting and degrading.

  199. I_love_Cambodia Reply

    I am 29 years old, white Northern European man.
    All my knowledge about Cambodia was several Cambodian postage stamps from my collection (with nice Apsara dancers etc.), some historical knowledge about Khmer Rouge…that really was all.
    Till about a year ago, when I was on visiting my friends, and there I had a chance to watch dvds of two Cambodian director Rithy Panh movies – “Neak sre” (1994) and “Un soir apres la guerre” (1998).
    Already during watching “Neak sre”, I fell in love with Cambodia and its people. My life understanding has changed. About the middle of this year I will travel to Cambodia, first in my life.
    And their music, dances – I adore it…I mean, ethnographical, such as Apsara, Ramayana music, shadow theatre music, lute chapey etc.
    For me, Cambodian girls are the most beautiful among all women of the world. I’ve heard only positive reviews about them (and of all Cambodian people). My wife and mother of our children will be Cambodian, and only Cambodian. If she will want, she will move with me to Europe – if she will like the breezy and wet climate of my country, – if not, I will stay in Cambodia. Or anyplace.
    Amazing country with old architecture and sculpture, palatable cuisine, fresh nature…pity that I “discovered” it only yesteryear.

  200. Sue Reply

    Cambodian women swear a lot, very dirty words.
    The things they always say to everyone is: “I’m a real woman. I’m a good mum and my kids are my world..balala…then swear a lot a lot”
    Happened to meet a couple of Cambodian women in Australia, all they want is finding a western guy for financial support. All these women have no education, working in the field. but they flush babies, one I met got 7 kids. Not sure how much taxpayer need to pay for rasing her kids. This Cambodian woman post everything on their facebook, hundreds of baby photos and kissing with their husband..which no one cares…
    Annoying…no contribution to the society.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Those Cambodian women are really horrible. Their Cambodian language sound very harsh and rude. And they are not poor. I saw them spending freely and splurging on so many things that I can’t even afford to splurge. They preyed on lonely Westerners and like to boast about breeding more babies or showed off their babies. They have this grand delusions that they can afford to have lots of babies with Westerners.

      • NinjaSerpente Reply

        I find that weird and gross how some people prefer to show off, be stingy, and talk about how they talk about breeding babies with different folks.
        And I can understand you as I have been around a Cambodian family all my life… their language when spoken by loud people does sound pretty harsh and annoying.
        And I can understand why lots of Khmer young people, including myself, would prefer to listen to K-Pop.
        And it’s because it’s much easier to listen to and less stressful.

        • socheathiya Etheridge Reply

          i feel sorry for your parent/s
          you said that language is so annoying because you don’t have the ability to learn it under a name of Cambodian American. you just like to put the easy culture into your heard.

  201. NinjaSerpente Reply

    Well. I’m just a Cambodian American in the U.S. I’ve been to Cambodia. And it’s really awkward and weird to think about marrying the women. But that’s just my experience. I’m sure everybody else’s opinions are different.

    I may not like going to Cambodia. But at least they had elephants and the Angkor Watt and the Khmer Rouge killing fields exhibit. The exhibit helps you understand how persecuted and endangered the people were in Cambodia. I even saw a Khmer guy lost a leg at the exhibit! 🙁

    Next up, I just may visit the Mayan temples in South America. Or the pyramids of Egypt.

    • Makara Reply

      Ninja Serpente: It’s ashamed for khmer people who had you as a next generation. You have jumped to a conclusion for every poor cambodian women with an awkward point of views that u just didnot know at all. I wished you will never put your legs again in this poor country. You’re right that we, cambodian had been gone through so many bad memories but we are still a pure heart and have our own’s values. I don’t wanna judge somebody here as they’re mostly foreigners but you’re as a Cambodian American,you have no heart at all. Hoped you lived happily in your beloved country and don’t ever come visit Cambodia again. We’re not welcome you.

    • socheathiya Etheridge Reply

      i guess, just another thing that you haven’t learn about your own country ( or not interested to). if you’re not proud of Cambodia, just don’t introduce yourself as Cambodian American.
      i think, your comment was off subject anyway.

  202. Ray Reply

    I met some really nice girls who weren’t gold diggers who were living with guys who were not loaded , I know they are not loaded they are friends of mine.

  203. KrOmander Reply

    wow I really hope this is just a satire and you are not planning on getting a woman from another country. It was funny as fuck to read but if this does resemble your actual feelings then getting involved with a woman from a totally different culture is so not for you.

  204. maria Reply

    Others might guess that I got my dark skinned Asian wife from the Philippines. That would be the worst. Only desperate losers marry women from the Philippines – What’s wrong with Marrying a filipina??? Who do you think you are?!

    • socheathiya Etheridge Reply

      i guess, he’s just too proud of himself and look at everybody else so low. dark skin or light skin it doesn’t matter as long as she’s a good wife.

  205. Andrew Reply

    You sound like an insecure, immature, self-absorbed prick. Sorry, but every objection you mention is about YOUR feelings, not hers. Don’t marry a Cambodian woman; it’s the best thing you could do, for her sake.

  206. midwestboy Reply

    Some people do not like humor that makes them squirm a bit. Yes, it is insensitive, rude, and even racist and sexist. But I believe it was written in jest, and that the writer is none of those things. possible? Yes, as odd as that may sound to some.

    Some misinterpret the words due to the language difference. Some hate this type of humor in the face of the truly terrible conditions in poor countries. Few could write this humor.

    If this were a serious article, I would hate it too.

    Here is a test. Substitute “Iowa farm girl” as the subject. Still funny? I think so, maybe more, maybe less. Imagine the piece written the other way around in the voice of a Cambodian girl about a barang. Hilarious also, and with fewer protests.

    It is an amazing piece that still gets comments years after it was created.

  207. Tien Reply

    So I accidentally ran across this website. I am not sure why I read it but I did. Anyway, I wanted to say that my father was half Cambodian and half Vietnamese. He was the only one in the whole extended family (especially Vietnamese’s side) who made it as an officer (U.S. Navy) serving in the Vietnam War. That would make me 1/4 Cambodian. I am well over the age of 30 and even other Asians are shocked at how young and pretty I look. Oh! But don’t mind me, someone like me would embarrass a mouthy whiny “American” boy like you to death because of my upbringing and the way that I look!!! After reading your BS, it seems that you are on the slim pickin’ side, I’d suggest that you should stick with the Nigerians and Kenyans on the National Geographic magazines. Maybe call Obama up to hook you up? Maybe that will shut your mouth up for a while?!?

  208. Jenny Leng Reply

    I am an American woman who lived in Cambodia for 4 years with a Cambodian family and married their only son. We now live in America and I am so proud to be married to him and a part of their family! There is beauty in every type of people and culture. If you are looking for flaws then even the most beautiful sunset isn’t good enough. There are things that we might prefer more in our in our own cultures, or are more used to, but we should never devalue the nationality, ethnicity or culture of others. Each is unique and has something special to bring to the world.

  209. Martyn Clarke-Smith Reply

    I married a Cambodian lady in 2011, in a 2-day ceremony to which everyone in the village was invited. After the necessary paperwork we moved to Australia and have lived happily here ever since. In June this year we celebrate our third wedding anniversary.
    We remarried within 10 days of our arrival here as Australian rules do not accept Cambodian weddings for legal purposes.
    Though there is an age difference I have never been happier. My wife has a job here and sends some money home to her family each month, I have no objection to that as we can still live fairly comfortably on my income. We both help to support a Cambodian community , including my in-laws in Cambodia. But their lives have been improved by commonsense use of the things we have been able to provide. eg, waterpump, motorbikes and chainsaw are shared commodities. We travel back and forth and bring clothing for adults and children.
    When we arrive there each time we are able to buy books for the local school as well as stationery and pencils . Just things that make life a little easier for our extended family.
    We have been able to help neices, etc.while learning English at night-school and to get jobs in Siem Reap.
    Through a programme called “Local-Phone” my wife is able to keep in almost daily contact with her family. When I suggested that we go back to Cambodia to live, my wife said “NO!”. In Cambodia she worked for 12 hours a day for $20 a month; here her first fortnight’s wage was $860. I know she is happy here and I have had no regrets at all.

    • anonymous1 Reply

      Marrying an Asian woman who is just after a better wage in Western country is just so meaningless.
      It sounds like you married another materialistic Asian Cambodian woman that is only obsessed with earning more money in the West.
      I think preventing the ugly Asianization of Australia is more important than boasting about marrying a money obsessed Asian Cambodian.

  210. Lea C. dela Cruz Reply

    U judge Filipinos. U generalized us. U belittle us. someday or maybe today u’ll realized ur wrong in ur judgement hope i could see u in person

  211. Khmer Man Reply

    It so good if foreign guy like you don’t want marry to khmer woman. I don’t want any khmer woman marry with foreign guy. I think your culture not fit with us. I want to all women in Cambodia don’t marry with other foreign like as china, Korean, japan, Malaysia, How they are good than khmer people ?

  212. Sophalin Reply

    My mother is over 50, and she still look so young. Some people even think my mom to be my elder sister if they don’t know us.

    You should go around and find your cute, sexy, and immortal Western lady to be your wife who never ages, Gavinmac.

  213. Anrev Reply

    Wow only desperate men marry women from the Philippines. I never wonder why at your age 40 you never had friends and you live far from your family. Because your a douche. Nobody can live with you even women from the Philippines.

  214. George Beach Reply

    My wife is Cambodian.We have been together almost 20 years and have never spoken a bad word to each other and have a very good marriage.My wife is 42 and is still very atractive.I think that as long as people are happy they age slowly.We live in America in a quiet rural area and spend a lot of time fishing and enjoying life.I think that if a western man marries a girl from a bar in any country he will have problems with her.If he marries a good girl from a good family that really loves him and enjoys his company he will have a loving and devoted wife.I worked in Aisa for many years and had long term relationships with two different Thai women and found them to be unfaithful while I was away at work.I think that if you get a good Cambodian woman and love and respect each other you will never have any marriage problems.

    • socheathiya Etheridge Reply

      glade that you’re the one on our side. it’s just the fact that we hear more negative than positive part.
      i’m a cambodian, been married with my American husband for almost 10 years and have 2 lovely kids together.
      thanks for seeing the true value of cambodian women.

  215. R Reply

    Your 7 reasons are at best disgusting! …Asia does not need people with your views running around there. Enough said!

  216. sokunthea Reply

    can i ask u guy if someone talk badly about the girls in your country what do you feel?even just your sisters and mother are also women.the word women no one can understand well but why all you guys talk badly word like this.i am not pound of Cambodian girls and not pound of women in the world,they just the same. ONE thing is I respect my mother who give birth to me and no one else can’t break me up. LIke a man ,they always lot of criticize about women even just your experience thought ,you shouldn’t talk to them like this.that’s against the law.Do you see?

  217. Sanou Reply

    I am sad to hear that. you wouldn’t match such a bad girl if you good enought for yourself. Women from Cambodia.

  218. brenda Reply

    WOW! when you are in love you don’t care about, where is that special one come from , what color is her skin, what nationality she is, how many wrinkles she will get…. Really?! if you worry about all those things YOU will end all ALONE! … life “involves a lot” and you need to have Love and feel equal because we ALL human being … I’m sad I had to read this …

  219. socheathiya Etheridge Reply

    I am a Cambodian woman who married an American man. we’ve been married for almost 10 years. we live happily together, yes i don’t have much friends, we live in the country, but that was not what couldn’t make a couple happy together.
    I love to correct what you just wrote Mr. 7 reasons. it maybe sounds kind of funny the way you wrote it, but it’s not funny at all. you make it sounds like Cambodian women in general are not worth to married to. think again and again about it!!!
    you maybe met a girl who works in one of those bar at the Riverside, or the one who was not get through educations.
    1- Cambodia is a small country but one of the fast growing country in southeast Asia, so there are plenty of jobs for Cambodians and also foreigners ( as long as you a degree or more). that’s why there are so many foreigner work in Cambodia, even they make less money than in their own country but they can live pretty well off of $1000/month.
    2- yes, it would be funny, if you’re that old (consider)try to find a young girl then talk about her imperfections. is that matter what people say about your wife if she’s the right one/ the good one for you?
    3- this is so ridiculous about how you talk about somebody’s age or beauty. you just have no idea of what you’re talking about! you just don’t know what people over there had been through in their life!
    you have all of these knowledge but you have no respect to others. I don’t care if you live in the country full of rights, but respect would shows your personality well.
    4- just another thing that you don’t know what are you talking about!
    can you explain what is Motodop means? before you say, before you public your post, you need to do some reserch! there is no Motodops in America, but why there are so many dump heard out there do all kind of crazy thing? can you explain that?
    5- (The paperwork sounds like a real hassle)I know there are so many Americans and other nationalities been through the same sets of paper work when they married Cambodian or Asian woman. My husband and I did all the paper works our self. everything work out perfectly fine! you just don’t know anything what you wrote so far.
    let me make this clear: You’re not cambodian, you have nothing to do with Sangkat ( district house). you just need to get your paper work from your country done, so she ( your future wife ( if there is one) do her part there!!!)
    6- sounds like you just want to find a uneducated girl to be your future wife. who in the world would do such a thing in the public? unless somebody who’s not right in the heard.
    7- i guess, you must be so proud of yourself or you must be pretty well of! that’s why you always thought, somebody who wants to be with you, must be interested only in your geeg of brain money.
    there is a lot more i want to say but lwt some othere give you their opinions…
    I hope, after all what you wrote, you’re not the one who turn out to be a sorry *** husband and PLEASE STAY A WAY FROM CAMBODIAN GIRLS/WOMEN AFTER ALL OF THOSE NEGATIVE.

  220. Justin Reply

    This post is racist. Really really racist. You, are a racist. Maybe consider a nonviolent life. There is much to be gained by not relating others as beneath you. Much.

  221. pete Reply

    I can’t believe how politically correct and sensitive most of the commentators are on this piece. It was the funniest thing I have read on Cambodia for a while and in a way so true. All humor is effectively exaggeration otherwise it would not be funny and just plain boring. There are always other viewpoints and this is just one. It is not even the writer’s personal viewpoint as can be identified by his writing style. Most of the commentators are clearly too stupid to realize this. It is just a funny stereotypical view clearly not completely shared by the writer.

  222. Alan Reply

    Absolutely beautiful comedy!!! (OH sorry, you were SERIOUS).
    My advise… get a wife
    And for all the boo hooers above, they obviously already HAVE wives or ARE wives. Each brings its own form of bitterness!!!!

  223. Pior Zaleno Reply

    Truth is Cambodia is a country full of corruption. The corruption is not the government, it is inside the people. they will never ever be able to clean this country. The same like some (not all) african countries they don’t want to work on their future in those African countries for example.

    But in Cambodia it is a bit different, here they just like short cuts and they believe money is the highest thing in life. Even in the temples you have to pay to pray. really crazy! if you come to a temple without money you loose your face they believe. so offering people money for a short cut is never ever seen as an insult or a bad thing. You can NEVER EVER get that out of their heads. like you can’t convert muslims to christians. some things are impossible.

    about the girls, I think most are nice and good women but you will need to put up strict rules. and it is too bad but true they are not good with bookkeeping.. finance..

      • Sirika Reply

        It does not mean all Cambodian girls like that guy said it is just individual. Your criticism is not really true. how many Cambodian lady you married, otherwise you dare to judge that. Every man/woman of all nations, bad or good are all have. If you go to pick a lady from a bar, sure she needs the money for supporting her life. Likewise, if you pick up a lady from a bar in your country, same. Everywhere. However, what i can define the good manner of Cambodian lady are honest, helpful, care each other, etc. You ought to learn the Cambodia Culture clearer to understand how the most Cambodian are good. If you are the real man and good enough plus well educated person you should not say such silly word and defame her wife as well as defame to all Cambodian lady. Come and see me face to face i will teach you.

  224. FlipFlop Reply

    You only see the problems, when a boy is really in love with a girl, he will do all the things for get the success.

  225. Steve Nicoletti Reply

    But seriously – I’m a 54 year old math and science teacher with experience at international schools. I could be on $40,000 per year in PP or SR.

    You think I could marry me one of them good 25 y/o Cambodian girls?

  226. Sotheavy Sim Reply

    Your are not all wrong, but the things you say about the paperwork and dowries are a bit too rough since they are just our traditional. No matter what race you are, when you get married you should adapt with one another’s way of life If it’s true love.

    I admit it, some Cambodian girls married white guys just for money, and for the mixed child. But you know what?? Not all of us Cambodian want your money or your mixed child. Some of us just love the way you live independently, we love your smartness, your confidential that we barely found in Cambodian guys. I am a Cambodian girl who loves white guys just because they’re nice, smart, look confident, high educated, independent, perfect smell, but i never want their money, like never ever. I’m just a normal girl who found white guys are attractive and that’s all.

    I don’t know, i found this article very offensive, that made me feel really disappointed that white guys assume us Cambodians are the same for needing only their money and would embarrassed them in public. Maybe the idea that i like white guys would change from now. I will never ever have an eyes on white guys anymore.

  227. Cho Reply

    Your words are really ugly and disgusting. If you are an educated man (not like uneducated people of cambodia whom you loathe), you should have used the better words…… expressions and show some respect to the cambodian people…… You are totally like a racist, God…… And no proper reasonings support your opinions in your writing. Very poor logic. Too biased without any good reasons.

    • Bora Reply

      The well educated people will never look down to others! Respect yourself guy!!!
      I think the main purpose of this article is only for get more view than get benefit from website? If real, please do not look down my country and people!!! use your brain!!! they not for play!!! It’s only the cheap person with dirty mind like you do it!!!

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  229. Celina mallari Reply

    I think this writer is hilarious because he’s just a F***ing A$$whole !! He obviously wants people to respond and we all did so with either negative or positive feedback!! I don’t agree with what he says because he appears to me that he hasn’t had many good relationships with women period needless to say with Asian women. He is just a very sad and lost soul so don’t take it personally.

  230. Zoe Reply

    I really, dearly hope this is satirical. I hope you’re just a troll.
    But I don’t think you are… Honestly, somebody as bitterly racist and ignorant as you ought never leave the United States. If you want to be so bigoted, then please refrain from travel and live out the remainder of your sad life in whatever xenophobic, antisocial backwater you have crawled out from in the first place.

    The world could benefit from having fewer misogynistic, narcissistic cretins like yourself. Honestly, I’m feeling embarrassed knowing that you and I come from the same country.

  231. khmer husband Reply

    I am married to a Cambodian wife, and I would not recommend it. Cambodian woman do not treat their husbands well, and it is part of their culture. We have many Cambodian families that we interact with, and it is always the same- the woman treat their men like sh%#@t. Also a cambodian wife expect a free flow of money to her and to her family. They look like marrying a western man like they just won the lottery.

    I would recommend a Filipino wife. They seem to be much more loving and take good care of their men.

  232. ........ Reply

    I can see some humor but it’s also hurtful at the same time.

    As far as I’ve learned. Everyone have their own mind and personality. Not the same as you say. It just depends on the girl you meet. I have relative at Cambodia and I am half myself. Some of my relative are kind. Some people I meet there(beside my family) are kind people. Some love their husband(or wives if your a boy). While others don’t and can abuse one another.

    So before you slam down on one culture or beauty. You should think as a human. That everyone will hold different principles. Some people will be royal to their spouse. Some may not. Some may be ignorant and selfish. And some may as well be sweet and loving.

    So please think about that before dashing out your number. As it depends who you meet. 🙂 And also yourself. S

  233. Cambodian Reply

    Dude, hopefully you don’t grow old alone. LOL #cambodian.

  234. Siden Him Reply

    As I waste my precious time on this racist, discriminating, uneducated peice of crap, I realize the writer was only writing about why Noone should marry him. It had nothing to do with any culture, for the self hate was to him and him alone. Americans would say, this man has a very small dick.

  235. Shaun Reply

    I am Australian and I lived in China for six years and I am planning to go to Cambodia in late October or early November as a tourist, and if I really like it, I will live there. I was hoping to meet a wife in China, but sadly, it was not to be, although I think and have been told that I am kind, smart, and handsome.

    I feel that if two people, an Asian woman and a Western man have a good connection, chemistry, that is the most important thing, the age gap is not so important. I hope to find my soulmate in Cambodia, a woman who really loves me. Need some TLC, which I was unable to find/get either here in Australia or in China. God luck to me!

    One other thing, a serious note, the Cambodians suffered a lot under the brutality of the evil Pol Pot and his cronies, so I feel this must be taken in consideration by potential newcomers. The history of Cambodia is different to some other Asian nations.

    • Michael Reply

      After years in Cambodia have Khmer wife, won’t suggest to anyone though. I agree that the age gap is not that important.

      We want to believe it is love, but eventually we find out their perception of love is different from ours. Not blaming anyone, only pointing to the fact that the culture gap is really wide. I’m good earner but feel like a monster since am not able to flood with money also her relatives. Wife is always unhappy since she doesn’t posses now most recent or expensive staff her friends show.

    • Sukhadhammo Reply

      Shaun, just want to say thank you for your comment which express compassion; I’m sure it helped other people. Btw, after 3 yr from your comment, did you find happiness in Cambodia or elsewhere? May you be happy wherever you go and whatever you do! -With Metta to you!- Sukhadhammo

  236. Harmony Reply

    Now, this is really a funny content I read here. Very detailed, imaginative and definitely I would say if the Old Granny in the picture had told you she is 46 and you thought she didn’t age well.

    I didn’t expect that age difference would have given you such challenging thoughts and I learn something today. Very interesting and acceptable jokes and high sense of frankness.

  237. freelyspokyn Reply

    40 and still not married, I wonder why? It’s funny how people write some ignorant things just to get responses. So fake, I wonder how much money he made of this site, lmao!

  238. angkorknight Reply

    40 and still not married, I wonder why? Maybe your a fat ugly shit head that shouldn’t be married in the fist place.I hope that the first Cambodian you marry cut your john you idiot. I feel sorry for any Asian women or any woman that marry your dumb ass. You fucking westerner need to stop going to Asia to satisfies your perverted sexual needs stop sleeping with our children also. OH yeah, the picture of the old lady, where you were describing that’s how a 40 year old Cambodian women is F-ing faults. If you can’t tell a 40 year old woman from a 80 years old woman. Then you should stop dating woman and marry a man ‘cock sucker’.

  239. Shawn Reply

    First off… Eric you as big of an idiot and equally as ignorant as the writer. No one should be lumping people together. Not Americans not Cambodian women, no one!

    I am 50 year old white American male and very proud to be in love with a 48 year old abdolutely gorgeous Cambodian woman. She is such an amazing woman and you will never ever know that feeling because I believe with you this issue is bigger than this article. I have a smeaky feeling you’ll find issues with anyone because men who have inferiority complexes and insecurities all act the same… like they are better than everyone else when in reality your very shallow, pathetic and little man. Good luck in your lonely life.

    To all Cambodian women who may read this, this piece of shit does not speak for all American men.

  240. Cambodian woman Reply

    It’s seem you’re writer good but finally.it’s like untrue a lot of words is lire.You know Cambodian woman is very good more than you’re thought about as every Asian woman i knew. Do you think you’re smart more than everyone or other man? if you’re good enough not need to find Asian woman to be a wife that’s she’s hot and young or honesty or loyal to you. Your mind is dirty. I’m Cambodian disagree your reason bullshit that’s you’re think like she’s fool.I see a lot of woman in your country you just want her suck your dick and tell her go a ways maybe you like the life this ways. Stayed home and fuck your self. No waste money and risking and anxiety to every Asian woman.

  241. Ron Reply

    I am a white blond Englishman with a Cambodian girlfriend. We both live in Australia and there is only a 2 year age difference. We have had 4 very happy years together and highly respect one another. She is so easy to please and even enjoys my British cooking! I am not a rich man and we are able to enjoy quality time together doing such very simple things. We both try and exercise daily and look after our health … would you believe we met at a swimming pool and it must have been 12 months before I asked her out, and yes I do love her.

  242. Denis Reply

    An asian women from South-Est Asia : Thaïland, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia places i know, and well… cambodia women(!), these will Better Take Care of their man All Their Life(!!!) than white women… Really More…!:)
    After hundreds europeen girls friends, Serious and Long Relations some times, and 2 time married, i will NEVER live again with a white woman a long time!!! These women, they Want All(!), they Give Less(!)than we give, and finally, THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WANT!!! I’m VERY Happy, here in Cambodia, it’s different!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Bye Bye Europeen women ! I know you Too Much to come back ! 😉 Without Regrets!!! 😉 😉 😉
    PS… YOU the man who doesn’t want to get married with a cambodia woman… i can tell you in first to be honnest with your girl friend and second thing… to choose a Serious Woman, NOT one who has a “brain of prostitue”, even if she doesn’t do this in pubs… she can think like them! The Majority are Honnest!!! Well… sure… if you choose a girl friend to be married with 20 or 30 years less than you… 🙂 we ALL know WHY she “loves” you…!!! 😉 😉 😉 ha ha ha !!! 😉 😉 😉

  243. Denis Reply

    – Last thing… the Woman on your picture… ALL well informed people knows that at this age, she passed 5 years when she was younger, in “THE CAMPS OF THE DEATH”. 2.5 MILLIONS DEATHS ON 7 MILLIONS PERSONS ONLY IN CAMBODIA AT THIS PERIOD… camps of this Fucking polpot (no big “P” for his name, NO RESPECT for this killer!!!) WORKING HARD FROM 04H00 THE MORNING UNTIL 11H00 EVENING !!! WITHOUT TO EAT MORE THAN A LITTLE CUP OF RICE, WITH MORE WATER INSIDE THAN RICE…!!!

  244. Zara ocampo Reply

    Funny to read this article. Discriminating Asian woman.not all Asian woman are dark.what I know white man like Asian with exotic beauty than attractive Asian with fair complexion.reality true.
    Not all Asian woman like white man and I’m one of them.

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  246. Lio Messie Reply

    I can’t believe the woman on the photo is 47 ! She must be no more than 35 !

  247. Dmitrij Reply

    I must say I agree with the author. But there is always another way if you realy willing to be with that girl.. If you do not trust her – check her on money subject.. If you can not married in cambodia – take her to las vegas, quick and easy.. and the rest is in your head only – go to psychoanalitic.. another way to say – the one who realy wants – looking to finds a way to do it, and the one who do not – finds the reasons.. I guess the author do not realy interested in that girl, and it is nothing wrong about it! I havesimilar situation so i understand the problem. what i decide is to go back every three monthes to cambodia. so the girl with her family and i am working too.

  248. Sonia Reply

    Well…this really pissed me off! Why are you talking about all this shit? Who care if you want or don’t want a CAMBODIAN wife? It’s your shitty opinion anyway! Not everyone of us want to marry white people like you!
    And oh, about those old, wrinklely lady you mentioned, I just want to tell you that no one will stay young forever, even you fat-ass European people aged, also old Cambodian women are sweeter than you ever thought.

    If you’re just going to talk a bunch of shitty stuff about us, then you shouldn’t get an Asian wife, or even better you shouldn’t get marriage. Stay alone forever.

  249. LaudJohn Reply


    5 1/2 years later this article is still getting some strong responses. Must have hit a nerve with quite a few people.

    To the reply that said .. “Not all Cambodian Women look for money”. You are spot on. Not all Western women do either, but like for the most part Cambodian women are like women everywhere; MOST look for security for themselves and their offspring and money, (or the means to earn and it) is usually considered to be security.

    IMHO, Cambodian women are women and they are pretty much all the same the world over, especially after you marry them!

  250. Yaya Reply

    First and foremost, this has got to be the most ignorant article I have ever read. Generalizing Cambodian women when you should look at yourself as a man. You are comparing a woman to a puppy, and saying Cambodian women don’t age well. Are you talking about your ex girlfriend? All of the Cambodian women in my life are beautiful and absolutely ageless. What was the point of this article? To demonstrate your hatred towards Cambodian women? Or was this a bag of skeletons that you needed to haul out? I have concluded that this article was written by a heart broken and bitter man whose ex girlfriend was a Cambodian woman that left him for a better man. I hope you get better, not bitter. – A Cambodian Woman

  251. WooWood Reply

    In general, a perfect marriage can be very difficult to judge by whether she is a Cambodian or American. Cambodian wife can be very family oriented and she would like to send money to assist her sibling or relative back home. I know a khmer women, she married a white guy. This khmer women works in the donut shop and she sends her hard earn money to her siblings for schools. In America, if you don’t have money, you dont expected to ask your sister to help you. You will need to take load or ask your parents.

    If an AMerican man marry a Cambodian woman, and move to America. Surely, she will find a job and support herself and send some money back home to support her family. And, I can see the different between Cambodia girl and the Philipine is that Cambodian girl will not ask you for money, she will get herself a job and make the money.

  252. Simon Sykes Reply

    I’m pretty sure there are more comments to this one article than all of the other 14 years worth of Khmer440 combined.

  253. Shelley Reply

    I & my boyfriend was planning to get married last month, just last week we had some argument that made him get angry on me just because of the argument, he said we will not marry me again and the next day he left me and we broke up. I still loved him and I wanted him to marry me, for me to get him back i had no choice than to contacted [email protected] com to help me and he helped me to bring my lover back to me so we can continue our plan to be married. he came back after 3 days, we are happily married now…..

  254. asianfemale Reply

    Humorously exaggerated but honest writing that depicts the reality of white supremacy in the world and in marriages.

  255. asianamericanfemale Reply

    As an Asian American female, I applaud this man’s honesty. While he does mock non-white women, he also pokes fun at himself. Are the Connie Chungs of America self-loathing colored women married to white losers?

  256. Natrajan Reply

    I kept laughing while reading this article. It’s kind of funny how some people who read it took it seriously. I guess that is what difference of culture means

  257. justpassingby Reply

    You dated a Cambodian woman, had a bad experience, and could have left it at that. But you made an article generalizing all Cambodian women and tried to pass it off as humor, when you really had an agenda to push.

  258. UHOH Reply

    GavinMac, It’s 2019, and I doubt how have you been doing now. Still single in Cambodia, or you went back to your amazing country and got married to a white woman in her 50s?

  259. Bruce Reply

    Hilarious stuff. Wish you were still at it.
    The droves of triggered imbeciles are hilarious too – stunningly moronic.
    It’s litterally shocking to see people with no sense of humor or even the ability to separate humor from reality.

  260. John Reply

    “I AGREE WITH HIM PLEASE READ ON” For those that Said, the negative American remarks, this issue has nothing to do with Nationality, Color, or Race. This issue at hand is called “BAD CONTRACT” marriage is a bad contract that allows government to rule your relationship, money and visa access.
    I am Spanish but i lived in the US all my life, the issues the writer shares have happened to me in my home country as well as in the U.S.A. I am dual citizen in both country’s, i have had many women
    pleasures and very grateful for it. The lesson hear is have kids dont marry and enjoy the pleasure of women until you die. Life is to short enjoy its pleasures with out government control, everyone’s problems in world and have all ways been government related.

  261. yuwi Reply

    If the original poster didn’t have access to the words I, Me, Mine, My, he would be tongue tied.

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