Ta Mok’s Takeo House to Become a University

Takeo Province: As student numbers increase from year to year, Build Bright University Takeo Branch has expanded its facilities to meet the influx of students for the approaching school year (2012-2013). Renovations of the old Ta Mok house in Takeo Province are currently taking place as it is hastily being converted from the former residence of the infamous co-leader of the Khmer Rouge into the latest Build Bright University.

The head of the construction crew presently renovating the Ta Mok house stated that the house had been deserted since being vacated by the police, who had been using it as a training base for their specialized forces. Under the initiative of Oknha Sok An, head of the Council of Ministers, CPP deputy minister and overseer for Takeo provincial affairs, the old Ta Mok house, located about 600 meters north of Takeo’s capital, in Daun Keo Town, is being refurbished as an education center for students wishing to obtain their diplomas and degrees at Build Bright University in Takeo Province.

The Ta Mok house contained 3 floors partitioned into several small rooms, with a portion of these having been torn down in order to make room for a student study hall. The ground floor and the 2 floors above have 3 rooms per floor, comprising a total of 9 rooms in all. As this limited number of rooms was not sufficient for the needs of the university, 3 more roof covered rooms were constructed over the existing structure, creating a total of 12 rooms on 4 floors. In addition to these modifications, two 2 story10 room outbuildings have been constructed on the west and south sides of the house.

The construction of the new Build Bright University should be completed shortly, allowing students to attend there for the upcoming school term. As an aside, the Ta Mok house was constructed between the years 1976-1977, when the Democratic Kampuchea regime wielded power, and Ta Mok was regional commander of south-west Cambodia.

Translated from Khmer by Porky Pig

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