‘City Cat’: Sugar Shack for Sugar Daddies Raided

Phnom Penh – The female proprietor of a beauty salon located in the area of The Old Market, Daun Penh District was detained by Military Police at about 5 pm of the 19th of September, 2012, while ដឹកញីទៅស៊ីឈ្មោល (with latitude may be translated as) ‘leading the hens forth to eat cocks’ and attending to her upper crust male clientele who had come to have their pick of young girls on site at the City Cat coffee shop.

The operation leading to the detainment of the well-connected madam and owner of the Mi Casa Beauty Salon followed several days of reconnaissance by Military Police, and was led by Brigadier General Sea Sambeth, Deputy Chief of Police Responsible for Investigation and Justice, of the national Military Police.

The operation included the participation of Meah Chun Piseth, deputy prosecutor, and his entourage of Phnom Penh Court officials. A news source stated that prior to her being detained the female proprietor of the Mi Casa Beauty Salon had greeted her clientele of well-heeled sugar daddies តា តា at the City Cat coffee shop, located in Sra Chok Commune, Daunh Penh District, along the Russian Boulevard, who had come to the City Cat where the ‘Espresso coffee tastes mighty good’ ម្ហូបស្រស់ខ្ចីញិញ.

While waiting on her customers, her wonted expectation of easy money was dissolved in an instant by the sudden arrival of Military Police led by Brigadier General Sea Sambeth, who detained her along with four young female victims intended as candied treats for their sugar daddies ឱជារសរបស់តាតា.

After some brief questioning, authorities then raided a recently built guesthouse nearby and rescued 3 more young girls According to the same news source, the female owner of the Mi Casa Beauty Salon was a well-connected madam who took in young girls from the countryside to work in her shop while she groomed, fattened and beautified them into finished articles of trade, available on demand to anyone willing to purchase them at a fancy price.

Enumerated total of young girls netted in the police raid: …. (What follows is a list of 7 people rounded up in the police raid and an attempt at identifying them and their various residences. It states that among the 4 detained at the City Cat was a male guard, and that among the 3 detained at the guesthouse was the 38 year old madam, Chun Srey Noch, called Mom, residing at House 38, on Street 134, in Psar Chah Commune. Two cars were also seized.)

Khmer news from the Koh Santepheap translated by Porky Pig

5 thoughts on “‘City Cat’: Sugar Shack for Sugar Daddies Raided

  • September 23, 2012 at 11:28 am

    The translation shows how wonderful the Khmer language can be, and how some journalists know how to write an entertaining piece of news. The City Cat restaurant is owned by a big wheel in government and is the preferred venue of upper echelon members of government meeting for all kinds of business deals. The Cafe is separate from that but then it’s only a short walk for those officials exhausted from hard negotiations to find relaxation nearby.

  • September 24, 2012 at 11:07 am

    So if the above is true then why did the police raid it?

    • September 24, 2012 at 11:33 am

      Powerful and connected men also have powerful and connected wives.

  • September 28, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Hat off to Peter Hogan. That’s a great comment and it is true.


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