Pirate Bay’s Gottfrid Svartholm Warg Arrest Update

Journalist Kate Bartlett is on the ground here in Phnom Penh and has written an update of the Gottfrid Svartholm Warg arrest story for the Cambodia Daily this morning. Sadly, the newspaper has no online edition, so hopefully, as Khmer440 broke the story, we’ll be forgiven for scanning and posting her report here.

One new and salient fact from her report is that Warg remains in Cambodia and has not yet been bundled onto a flight to Sweden.

Kate also notes the presence of Ron Kirk, the US government’s top trade representative, in Cambodia at this precise moment in time. Coincidence or not?

Update: 11.55pm

It’s been reported that NullCrew today hacked Cambodian government computer systems to show full solidarity with anakata.

Update Tuesday 8.31am

Last night we were contacted by Bernard Krisher, publisher of the Cambodia Daily who ordered us to remove the scanned report despite the help and assistance K440 gave his writer and the chunks of text that we contributed to the article.

We’ve been told this morning by friends of anakata that the article may be available again later today to download via a torrent. If this happens, we’ll post the link.

Tuesday 10.47am

Yesterday’s Cambodia Daily article, which Khmer 440 is now legally unable to host, can now be found, quite ironically, on the Pirate Bay.


22 thoughts on “Pirate Bay’s Gottfrid Svartholm Warg Arrest Update

  1. Dave Reply

    The Swedes are fast becoming a US sock puppet. Cannot say I am that surprised to be honest. Shame on them.

    • Luis Reply

      Indeed they are. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from being a fastrack, liberal thinking society, into someone else’s watchdog. Scary.

  2. fran Reply

    Lets hope Cambodia shows a bit more backbone than Sweden/UK have by standing up for decency, freedom and justice.

    • CC Reply

      Not likely dude, this is cambodia you are talking about, backbone is not in their vocabulary.

  3. fran Reply

    I just noted that Sweden at the time that story of Kates went to press “made no comment” thats because they know legally the Pirates did not actually break any laws….! the swedes made it up as it went along to pacify its leaders the US. Its known that Sweden had been warned of sanctions by the US and clearly money moves the legal system like no other power. Can the US reach as far as Cambodia?

    • Steve Reply

      “Can the US reach as far as Cambodia?”

      I remember that in the late 1960s through to the early 1970s the US reached Cambodia very effectively with their bombers and military. If the US wants something they will do anything and everything in their power to get it.

  4. Morbius Reply

    Kim Dotcom, founder of the Megaupload file sharing site, was arrested in Bangkok in 2002. You’d think these guys would know that Southeast Asia isn’t a safe haven for them. Maybe Warg should have gone to North Korea and asked Kim Jong-un if he could sleep on his sofa

    Warg doesn’t seem to be a very nice guy, but neither are the people who are after him. It’s all about big corporate bucks. Media corporations have been ripping off artists for over 200 years. They don’t want anyone else cutting in on their action.

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  7. Mauricio Reply

    Money-money-money!! That´s all about it. I saw the story of Queen, the band. In their beginning they complained of selling lots of records but not making lots of money… Artsits have always been ripped off by those recording companies. Now they wanna play this dirty game…

    And how is Warg going to pay $7 million? He´s gonna be arrested for a long time maybe. The world has to stop giving in to american pressure.

    • Morbius Reply

      Absolutely right. I think what we’re seeing is that these huge media corporations and the US government agencies that they control are struggling to become truly multinational. If they had every country in the world licking their boots they would be very happy indeed.

  8. Carl Neij Reply

    Kimdotcom made millions and so did the piratebay. In both cases neither of them gave a single dime back to the artists the claimed to be helping. They would use the poor struggling artist’s creations and works to make a buck just as quick as they would a rich one.

    Robin Hood these people aren’t. They’re just another group looking to exploit and make a buck.

    • Morbius Reply

      So very true. What is also true is that many artists are corrupt as well. Megabands want megamoney and megapower. The Beatle’s “Sgt. Pepper’s” was recorded on only 4 tracks. Today that album could be made for less than 8,110,000 KHR (2000 USD) worth of equipment. In the past most music was made only for the joy of making music. Music was local, not global. It was something that brought people closer together in their villages. Now we have a global village. People can still make music and get the whole world to listen to it without spending big bucks. I say let the international music industry die. We’ll all be better off if it does.

  9. Dave Reply

    Corporations are people to. Sorry wealth providers are people, I forget, which is it??

  10. Aum Terre Reply

    It seems to me every time an independent country does something that we don’t agree with, there are always people who want to twist it into an attack on the US. Examine the policies of the current Swedish administration and throw the criticism where its due. I’m not here to defend the U.S., which has throughout much of its history has acted as both builder and destroyer in an effort to expand its economic and political influence but they have never been the only ones doing that and . We’d get a lot more accomplished if we focused on the ideology behind the actions and not vilify entire nations.

    As for the issue of file sharing… I do not believe in the persecution of people who file share, nor should those who host it be persecuted. I do not buy into the argument that file sharing hurts artists since artists receive only a fraction of money from a music purchase. If you look at the music industry in China where everything is pirated. Files sharing, like radio, is music promotion. The money is in concerts, merchandising, and sponsored/corporate gigs. Artists aren’t making less but the industry that feeds off of their talent is.

    The topic of pirating is complex but let’s argue the points and not the politics. Gottfrid was arrested and charged with profiting from file sharing, which is different than using it for personal use. Whether we agree or not is not important. The fact that Swedish law made this practice illegal and the fact that these guys chose to do nothing to protect themselves means that they have to now fight their battle through the system that they chose to be a part of. If the majority of Swedes don’t agree, its their job to fight to change their system and not the responsibility of any one from the outside.

    • Bo Reply

      What Swedish law gets to do with Cambodia? Yes, China is where everything is pirated, so as Cambodia where the majority of people can’t afford to buy these products at the market prices. Why single out one man,Mr. Gottfrid, but not the entire society?

      • Aum Terre Reply

        He committed the crime in Sweden not Cambodia. He lived there at the time he was charged. No-one gives jack what people download here. There are protections available to those who run such sites and hosting in a hostile country is not one of them…

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  12. Borei Reply

    Bernard Krisher, a dinosaur whose Cambodia Daily will be extincted soon when Cambodia will be connected online.

    • Peter Hogan Reply

      It was a pleasure to help Kate Bartlett with that story; much less of a pleasure to then have contact with Krisher.

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