7 Reasons Why You Should “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook

So you’ve met a nice Cambodian chick. Maybe you met her at a pagoda. Maybe you met her in the toilet at Martini’s. I don’t judge.

You’ve spent a bit of time with her, you like her, and now you have an important decision to make. No, not about marrying her yet, you moron. I’m talking about a more long-lasting decision. You need to decide whether or not to “friend” her on Facebook.

This is a situation fraught with potential pitfalls, but I’m not going to dwell on the negatives here. Instead, I simply present the seven reasons why you should friend Cambodian women on Facebook.

1. Facebook is the best way to investigate a Cambodian woman’s life history.

If you go on a first date with a Western woman, you can get an idea pretty quickly about what kind of woman she is. You’ll probably learn about her upbringing, does she speak English like a white trash skank, how many times has she been married or engaged, etc. You can also subtly cross-examine a Western chick and find out if her overall life story makes sense. If she tells you “I dropped out of high school and immediately got a job as an airline pilot,” you will know that she is lying. Ideally, by the end of that first date with a Western woman, you will at least have a good idea whether she has ever worked as a hooker.

It is much harder to figure out a Cambodian woman’s background simply by talking to her. There’s usually a language barrier and a culture barrier, and the Cambodian women you encounter in areas frequented by foreigners can be quite skilled at obfuscation.

Imagine that a rather cute 24 year-old waitress with good English skills starts working at your favorite respectable restaurant. If you ask her where else she has worked or lived, she’s not going to say, “Oh, that’s a funny story. I moved to Phnom Penh to work at Pussycat Bar, and then I spent two years living in Frankfurt with a German husband who liked to shit on me during sex.”

Instead, she will say something like this. “I stay home. Never work. Have problem with my stomach. Study in school. Help my mother in the market.” If you press her for details, she will probably respond with giggles or claims not to understand you. You will have no idea if she is telling you the truth, or how she paid for that Samsung Galaxy S3 she’s always playing with.

This is where “friending” her on Facebook becomes essential. Facebook is the great Cambodian chick truth detector. The first thing you should do after “friending” her is look at her list of Facebook friends. If most of her friends look like slutty bargirls and creepy sexpats, that’s an extremely bad sign.

Next, look at all of her Facebook photos. Photos have no language barrier, and photos don’t lie. Except for those “skinny” pictures of Kirstie Alley.

Ideally, a “good” Cambodian girl’s Facebook photos should never show her doing anything that costs any money at all. Any photos of the girl traveling to any place other than Phnom Penh or her home village should be viewed with immediate suspicion. Travel is an expensive luxury for most Cambodians. Young Cambodian women generally can’t afford to go anywhere unless they are being supported by a white dude. So even if there’s no white dude in that photo of a Cambodian woman standing in front of the Petronas Towers, it just means that her white boyfriend took the photo.

Even simple, everyday photos of Cambodian women can be loaded with telling clues. You should print out every photo of the girl in high resolution, and then scrutinize it with a magnifying glass like you’re examining a grainy Loch Ness Monster snapshot. Look at what she is wearing, who she is with, and what restaurant she seems to be at. Ask yourself questions. “Where does this girl get the money to eat at Stonegrill?” “Could she be turning tricks? She’s supposed to be a student.” “Is that the reflection of a French guy in her salad fork?”

2. Facebook will tell you which other guys she has had sex with or is about to have sex with.

When you look at the girl’s Facebook “friends” list, pay particular attention to any white guys in that list. White guys are bad news. She’s obviously not related to them, so who the hell are they? Well, about ⅓ of her white male Facebook friends will probably be guys she has had sex with. Another ⅓ are white guys who want to have sex with her. The remaining ⅓ are her friends’ white husbands. Some of whom may nonetheless be trying to have sex with her.

Also, every attractive Cambodian woman has at least two or three Cambodian guys who are hopelessly in love with her. You’ll want to know who these guys are, because they will probably try to cockblock you at some point. Fortunately, these hapless Cambodian suitors are easily identifiable on Facebook. They are the guys who obsessively “like” all of the girl’s status updates and who frequently “tag” her in romantic pictures of rainbows, hearts, and animals having sex.

3. Facebook creates a permanent connection with the girl in case you ever misplace her.

If you temporarily lose track of a western woman, it’s usually not that hard to find her. You probably have mutual friends, or you know her address, or you know her last name and can google her. In a pinch, you could even hire a private investigator to track her down. Not that I’ve ever done that.

Cambodian women are a lot harder to find once they disappear. And they tend to disappear frequently and without warning. One day that cute 24 year-old waitress will be giggling and batting her eyes at you, and the next day you will walk into the restaurant and be told that she “stopped work.” Her friends and former co-workers will never tell you know where she went. They have a mafia-like code of silence on that. Even if the co-workers are not sworn to secrecy, they still won’t tell you, because they don’t want you to start spending your money at the girl’s new place of work instead of at the current place.

Without Facebook, you’d be out of luck in finding her. It’s not like you can just wander the streets of Phnom Penh asking everyone, “Do you know a girl named Sreymom? You know, short girl, dark skin, dark hair.” That hardly ever works.

4. Cambodian women post a lot of photos of themselves and their hot friends.

One of the worst things about being Facebook friends with Western women is that they are always posting photos of their kids. And white women who don’t have kids over-compensate by posting a bunch of photos of their fucking dogs.

Cambodian women mercifully refrain from doing this. They usually just post photos of themselves sitting around eating food with their sisters and their cute friends. If all the girls happen to get dolled up to go to a wedding or something, it is virtually guaranteed that they will post photos on Facebook. This is good. “Friending” Cambodian women vastly improves the eye candy in your daily Facebook feed.

My all-time favorite Facebook page is actually the one for “Cambodia Supermodels.” If you “friend” that page, you get a regular stream of photos of tall, thin, attractive Cambodian broads in cute outfits. Very nice.

5. A Cambodian woman’s Facebook status updates will tell you if she would make a good wife.

Facebook status updates give you excellent insight into a Cambodian woman’s emotional stability and her suitability for marriage to a foreign man. If you’re thinking about marrying a Cambodian woman and moving her to your country, you want a cheerful woman who can happily adapt to new cultures and new experiences. Someone who can handle the isolation and emotional detachment she may experience when you separate her from her family. Ideally, you also want a woman who isn’t batshit crazy.

Imagine if the woman in question frequently posts “Rain, rain make me boring,” and you’re thinking of marrying her and moving her to Galway. That’s not good. Does she constantly “like” photos of moto crash victims and “share” photos of women slitting their wrists? Maybe she wouldn’t make the best mother for your children.

There are basically six words that you never want to see in a Cambodian woman’s Facebook status updates. Those six words are “lonely,” “bored,” “sick,” “cry,” “headache,” and “knife.” If you see these six words, just walk away from the relationship. Then start scanning her cute friends’ Facebook profiles for a girl who usually posts that she is “lucky,” “happy,” and “up for something kinky today.” Jackpot.

6. Because have you ever tried to have an actual phone conversation with a Cambodian woman? It’s exhausting.

One of the best things about Facebook is that it allows you to interact with a Cambodian woman without having to talk to them on the phone. Phone-based relationships with Cambodian women are the worst. Cambodian women tend to call at odd hours to see of they can catch you with another woman. You can’t really understand what they’re saying over the phone, and then they like to hand the phone off so you can talk to their family members for absolutely no reason. This can be a genuine nuisance. If you “friend” Cambodian women on Facebook, you can then dodge their calls from time to time and just use Facebook chat to interact with them when it’s convenient for you. It’s quite liberating.

7. You can use your own Facebook profile to let Cambodian chicks know that you are capable of bedding white women.

Lastly, keep in mind that Facebook is not just a way for you to obtain information about Cambodian women, it’s also a way for you to share information with these women about yourself. Selective information, of course.

We all know that nothing makes any woman hornier than her realization that you can attract other women who are better looking than she is. Fortunately, Cambodian women think that all white women are better looking than they are. Use this to your advantage.

If you want to impress and attract Cambodian women via Facebook, all you have to do is post a bunch of photos of yourself with every white woman you have ever dated. That’s it. If you don’t have any photos of white ex-girlfriends, just post photos of yourself white any white woman you know — your female friends, your sister, any pale white chick will do.

It doesn’t even matter if the white woman you are pictured with is remotely attractive, because Cambodian chicks will still think she is “sa’art.” Even a photo of you with your arm around a ravishing beauty like your middle-aged Polish cleaning lady will give you instant sexual credibility with any Cambodian woman. Good luck.

Please stay tuned for my next article, which may or may not be titled 7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook.


41 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook

  1. andyinasia Reply

    I see a lot of status updates of Cambodian women every day – all my female friends are ex-students or my wife’s friends. Without exception they are boring – endless photos of themselves, their meals or their relations’ babies. Nothing interesting is ever said – just photos photos photos. I call it ‘Facelook’.

  2. Big Bong Reply

    “6. Because have you ever tried to have an actual phone conversation with a Cambodian woman? It’s exhausting.”

    “and then they like to hand the phone off so you can talk to their family members for absolutely no reason.”

    Mr. Gavinmac you are truly an expert in Khmer culture, I cannot even tell you how much time/money I’ve spent on long distance calls to my fiancee only to end up talking in broken English to her mother about whether I’ve eaten dinner yet & what time it is in America now.

    • ProudtobeKhmer Reply

      They do that to show how much they care about you. You must not love your fiancee very much then because if you do, those long distance phone calls would mean nothing to you.

      And Gavinmac I read your “7 reasons why you should “Unfriend” cambodian women on facebook” or something like that. Then i read this because you suggested it. I see that this article is just a bit “nicer version” of the other one.

  3. Bo Reply

    I thought all women go to the same school no matter who they are. Well, am I wrong? If I’m going to make a prejudgment on any woman base on Facebook, I might as well stick my head in crab hole looking for bait. Trust me, it’s hard to understand a woman, even thought you are living with her for years. Now I wonder why Jesus never gets married.

  4. Jay Reply

    Ned Kelly and Gavinmac add so much value to this website; one is a teacher and what does Gavinmac do? They have this outstanding talent for writing a short poignant piece they should be contributors to some big publication like the NY Times, or Time Magazine. Brilliant.

  5. al-Shamed Reply

    Another article by some white guy who thinks they’re an expert on Khmer culture, whislt looking for a Cambodian woman. This reads like an advertisement from a ’50s mens-magazine. If you can’t seem to have a conversation on the phone, need to go to a projected image of herself on a website to understand her, have to falsly project yourself on said website, or have to look at a ‘status’ to the gauge ‘her’ emotional state then you probably shouldn’t be getting invovled. Gods, the only thing worse are the comments – a contributer to the likes of The New York Times? Don’t think so. And who knew, Big Bong, that your wife would want you to get along with her parents. I’ve met so many white men with bored young Khmer in person, I just never knew there was a site for them.

    • Pecahead Reply

      What a dumb response. It’s clear you don’t understand Western satire, which is what this article is a brilliant example of, combined with a good mix of truths and conjectures to be pretty cogent description of reality. Take a chill pill bro.

      • Bo Reply

        Western satire is not a real good description none the less. I think it would be more precise, if we call it the White Men Syndrome.

      • Esther Reply

        Is this piece actually meant to be satire though? Isn’t satire supposed to at least try to be funny?

  6. Cambodian Woman Reply

    Gavinmac,I agree with you but you should tell us as well what is a good sign of white men in order to protect cambodian chick.

    • andyinasia Reply

      Last year my Cambodian sister-in-law wanted to look for a white husband via Facebook. She set up an account and asked my wife and I to screen the guys who responded. Amongst the many who did, I have to say, we found a total of zero whom we could recommend!

      • Cambodian Woman Reply

        How do you judge them? as usual, love with white man is easy to break. Most of street girl can play with them because they need money and I am sure that white man is really hard to meet nice Cambodian girl.
        White man is often searching girl at night club or bar but unfortunately, Cambodian culture is very strict, so good girl rarely go to those places.

        • Quasimido Reply

          1. Make sure that any Cambodian female “friends” that they have on Facebook actually have a legitimate reason for being there. If he knows her from class, work etc. then that should be ok. If it appears that he’s just collecting lots of “friends” like notches on a bedpost, then how serious could he really be?

          2. If he is actually interested in your culture.

          3. If he has pictures of himself in bars….well…that should speak for itself.

          4. Look at his eyes. I mean really look. The eyes never lie. You will either see kindness and compassion or you will see a snake. You have to be honest with yourself first as if you are one with “snake eyes” you won’t notice the bad in a person. Like the saying goes…”It’s hard to cheat an honest man”.

          • darknile

            I have recently been contacted by an attractive 21yr old Khmer woman through a dating site that is very trustworthy. I’m a 35 year old black man and I was very forward and honest with my profile but apparently I got her attention even though she was not really my target for a relationship.

            Since she was the one that initiated contact with me I picked up the first thing she said was, “I was interested in your profile too because you look like a really nice guy.”
            I know from my experiences that many of the men who have been on the dating sites have usually been in it for the one and only thing which is to get as laid or see as much p***y as they can for free without any commitment.

            I’ve only dated 2 women in my entire life and it was always with serious intentions and not screwing around.

            I really like the advice you’re giving and I just want to say much of it is very true and that Cambodian Woman should listen closely to the advice from people that don’t like seeing women being harmed emotionally/physically by the “typical foreign man” who is only going to try and take advantage of them.

            My only advice to all willing to listen is that men should see women as human beings and companions, not slaves/servants etc. Same thing for the women, there are men who do have feelings and want to work together with the woman in a relationship. A good person to look for will want to do what is best for their lover/spouse and both in the relationship should be willing to work towards that same type of goal.

        • Chris M. Reply

          Let me first say that I am a 32 year old American man who is planning on moving to Phnom Penh to pursue a teaching position. I must admit that I know next to nothing about Cambodian culture, but I am eager to learn! I find Cambodian culture to be fascinating, and QUITE different from what I am used to having lived in Southern California for most of my life. I found this article to be more funny than informative. I am not moving to Cambodia to meet women, but I would definitely like to meet the locals and immerse myself in Cambodian culture. I would like to know your opinion on where and how to meet nice people in Phnom Penh. Male or female, I’d just like to make a few friends once I’m there!

          • andyinasia

            As someone said above, many foreign men meet girls in bars and think they are normal Cambodian women – they aren’t. The respectable girls don’t go near these places. If you are a teacher, you can meet female teachers and female relations of male colleagues. Learning the language will help a lot.

            By the way, since this article is about Facebook, I should point out that whilst bargirls make Facebook pages, many many perfectly respectable Cambodian girls use Facebook too!

          • Peace-Maker

            if you would like to meet good people in Phnom Penh, u searched the wrong website!

            i would consider this is the most improper post i’ve ever read in my life! yes, i’m cambodian women!

          • Da

            The article is funny but sad. Whoever wrote this article is a very sick. Draw your own conclusion. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. This man does not know anything but he thinks he knows it all.

  7. Steven KOE Reply

    Hello guy;

    Who can help me about a marriage to Cambodian woman. I think that

    1) If I am more than 50 years of age
    2) If my income is less than $2500 per month.

    I cannot marry a cambodian woman ? it is true or false.

    If true, can I have a way to bring here to the US ?

    Thank you very much for your answer.

  8. Duy Reply

    I am looking for a Khmer girl who easy going so we can make love , go dinner together ….

  9. Bob Reply

    You yaab schkoot saat all over world bong prosaat, SLAP, SLAP!!!

    Thanks, cos this about as deep as I’ve ever got with a local chick, this column illuminates the fact!

    Bob the Builder, Phnom Penh

  10. Baranghope Reply

    Brilliant article Gavinmac. Best laugh I’ve had in months. Best writing I’ve read in months (and I am no slouch there). My gal, a Koh Kong karaoke hostess, has stopped posting on her Facebook page . . . probably at the behest of some 3 month “sponsor”. She posted the usual “good girl” boring snaps, but when she posted “I love all friends,” things went haywire. But really you would think Facebook was designed after staying with a Khmer family, the endless familial sophomoric drivel. Public laundry.

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  12. darknile Reply

    These “articles” are funny and yes they may be offensive to those from Cambodia but unfortunately humor is never about completely being respectful of a person’s culture or society.

  13. yourmother Reply

    I read this article and shake my head thinking how pathetic white people, esp white men to feel the need to hook up with Cambodian women through facebook. I admit, some points ring truth about women in Cambodia, but what you are talking about are women whose work and lives are highly exposed to social disease. Not every Cambodian girl you meet is prone to having sexual activity that you have to investigate her life through an unreliable network. If you’re interested in a woman, use facebook as a form of contact, not to tool to hunt for Cambodian ladies. This is pathetic. I never thought this matter shouldn’t be taken up to this extent just to have humor input about people of other country or culture. I’m a 23 year-old Cambodian woman myself, can I be a candidate for your fuckery interest? It might be true that I post picture of myself, and who wouldn’t? It might be true that my friends flood the newsfeed with boring status, but not every Cambodian girls do that, and are you sure you’re not a boring douche, insecure middle-age man, who is desperate to find a wife in Cambodia? Go fuck yourselves.

    • PC Reply

      I totally agree with you “yourmother”

      I am also Cambodian woman, and I find this article is a garbage!!! To be honest, i don’t have excellent English like white people, but i will try to elaborate it here. As a human being i learn not to look down on any other nationality. I am sad that you can’t even and never met any good Khmer woman because you know why you are a just garbage!

      When i was in law school, i represented Cambodia to join several international competitions as well as international conference. In order to keep my professionalism i have to keep in touch with them. By doing so, the most comment way as a young and dynamic people, we often use Facebook which make feel closer and most updated tool for each other. During the competition in Jessup Moot Court in Washington D.C., USA, there were about 2000 law students; i just ended up adding a lot people. I have to admit that i like taking photos of anything cuz we Asian-girl are just like that!!! if you don’t like the way we are! PLEASE DATE WHITE GIRLS! no bother to try hook up with girls in clubs or bars.

      Besides studying my ass-off, i love to have fun! drinking is not my thing but DANCING is everything! i go to club, just to have fun BUT not to hook up with any F*k white guy or anyone!

      if you think is the most illuminates article, makes u laugh very hard, less stress bla bla BUT this ruins the whole nation relationship bwt us and white people? THINK!!!!

      • BKK TONY Reply

        TO Ms. PC:



        • Esther Reply

          Hey, if anyone has ever wondered how to be a class A racist dick, here’s Tony for you. This is the Internet, pipe the F down if the worst thing you can find in someone’s comment is in their grammar.

          • James

            I totally agree Esther. It is just the response of an ignoramus. While PC’s response/argument does not reflect the professionalism of a law student, at least Tony should not engage in Argumentum ad hominem but rather address the issues.

            To PC I understand your mis-perception of the article. It is a humourous look at how to interpret Facebook accounts. You should realise that this technique is also used by company management. I have used that method on many occasions and it is very revealing no matter what the culture or race.

  14. Logos Reply

    “are you sure you’re not a boring douche, insecure middle-age man, who is desperate to find a wife in Cambodia?”

    Ouch !
    GM, at least one poster is on to you 😉

  15. Rob Reply

    For those that truly know the streets of SE Asia, you know that Gaveninmac is simply a comedic genius in these articles. For those of you that are pretentious fucks, like NGO knuckleheads who little to zero accomplished, then go back to the western world and sit in Starbucks talking about how you saved lives and made such an impact, and how it totally changed your outlook on life…or the “hey I am an educated SE Asian woman and this shit offends me because I am embarrassed that this shit is happening in my country” types….this article was not meant for your crowd, and nobody really gives a fuck about your opinion anyway.

    Gavinmac, keep up the genius work bro, some of us know exactly where you are coming from!!


    • adam Reply

      Yes its always funny when someone else is the butt of the joke im sure if its a joke about sad loser white guys who have to travel across many countries just to get laid and who feed their sexual appetites by being “english teachers” then all these guys will be up in arms crying foul…btw BKK Tony…the lady was saying she was a law student, she didnt say she was a student in a english speaking country..its very usual for international law students to compete in moots in the usa, even though she is a cambodian national…for all your lessons to others, try improving your english comprehension.

  16. La Reply

    Oh dear I am a khmer girl too, I been married to my husband foreigner for about 20 years now and I can be proud to you that our relationship is very happy and strong, and for the reason is that I am respecting my husband, I don’t drink or smoke I don’t mess around with other guy. I have understand my husband needs! I think the person who wrote this article about the khmer girl he must be very fustrated because he couldn’t find a good decent khmer girl to be with, but please don’t put all the blame to the khmer girl we are all not the same, may be you only end up with hooker you never try to dates good khmer girl that is why you never know! Or may a good khmer girlg will not like you because of you discriminate character! Better luck next time and for those who read his article don’t believe him too much to see is to believe!

  17. Jack Reply

    I disagree with the writer of this article. How much you know about Cambodian women? Everyone is DIFFERENT! He CAN’T Judge all women are the same. This is a very bad impression on Cambodian women!!! How did this writer explore the truth? A dozen? Then makes a conclusion. That is ridiculous! In the other way round, you are not good in the eyes of good girls that’s why you can’t find a good one. Be realistic before writing an article!!!

  18. Tagger Reply

    Oh man you said ‘We all know that nothing makes any woman hornier than her realization that you can attract other women who are better looking than she is.’ ha ha doesn’t make my (Thai) wife horny, just makes her want to kill me….slowly…. with a knife…..

  19. Pal Reply

    First let me say I found the article interesting and funny, I did get the satire because I am an American and we do satire. I was mated to a Vietnamese woman for over 16 years so I feel I understand a little about East vs. West. First let me point out that regardless of ethnic group you cannot post anything critical about women as they never agree with you, never, as that is the nature of women, they are always right and you are wrong if you are a man. Second, Americans in particular can be very puritanical due to their weird Puritan influence with is just pure bullsh)t but on the other hand your find just as bizarre in other cultures… like saying ‘no good Cambodian girl would visit a bar’ such bigotry is must irritates me as it is just bigotry. I don’t judge a man or a woman by who the sleep with or what they drink or what they eat… I just people for how they treat others…simple. One cannot avoid cultural tendencies but just because they are prevalent does not make the good behavior. One the reasons must of the modern world has been created and exceed the rest of the world is the softening of cultural constraints. The third world is full of countries with strong ethnic cultures… which typically hold those countries back from succeeding in the modern world…just look at Afghanistan or Pakistan etc.

    I would love to meet a Cambodian woman who treats me well and I do care how many guys she has or has not been with before. I don’t care how rich or poor her family is. I don’t care if her neighbors love or hate here. I only care that she cares for me and knows how to make me enjoy her.

  20. Sarjit Singh Reply

    I am looking for nice young Cambodian girl for a friend with a view for long term relationship. Anyone interested

    • phoolan Reply

      Mr Singh, I would likely to kindly suggest, good sir, that you rephrase your request so that it does not imply, my Sikh friend, that you are a predatory paedophile.


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