Khmer Man Dies Trying to Conquer Mount Everest

Phnom Penh – The first attempt ever by a Cambodian to plant the Cambodian flag on the summit of 8,848 meter high Mount Everest, the highest mountain peak in the world, located on the border between China and Nepal, has ended in his death.

A 27 year old Cambodian man, Lim Piseth, lost his life after encountering inclement weather at a little over the 4000 meter high point of the mountain.

He died on the 19th of October, 2012, while scaling Mount Everest with the intention of planting the Cambodian flag on its peak.

Although he fell short of his goal, nonetheless, as Cambodians, we are proud of his courage and pleased to honor his fearless attempt to bring glory to Cambodia on the international stage. He is without peer in that none among his compatriots have ever risked their lives in the manner he has done.

According to the Facebook community, a funeral has been planned for him near the foot of Mount Everest in Nepal.

As there would have been some difficulty in transporting the body back to Cambodia, only his ashes are to be repatriated….May this hero rest in peace.

Khmer news from DAP translated by Porky Pig

5 thoughts on “Khmer Man Dies Trying to Conquer Mount Everest

  1. Richard Reply

    so sorry,
    but curious as to what caused his death as 4,000 meters is not even close to base camp.

    At the least his spirit will soar to the summit

  2. Arun David Reply

    I’m very sad to lose such a brave Cambodian man Lim Piseth on the highest mount Everest. You are my hero in my heart always. I will write a Khmer poem for you. Please check my faceboook: arun david.

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