Korean #2 Stabs Korean #1’s Khmer Karaoke Girlfriend

Phnom Penh – A karaoke hostess and her brother, a motodop driver, were both stabbed in a room (#626) of a hotel perched on the roof of the O Russei Market at around 10:30 on the morning of the 22nd of November. The perpetrator of the attack, a Korean man, was arrested by O Russei Market security and local police and forwarded to the Immigration Bureau of the Phnom Penh Police for processing.

At the time of his arrest, police were unable to make a positive identification of the Korean suspect on account of the language barrier. He was a man of about 30 years of age and his mind appeared befuddled from illegal drug usage, but the female stabbing victim claimed to have heard him being referred to by a mutual friend (K1) as ‘Mr. K’ មីស្ទ័រខេ (K2).

As for the victims of his attack, they were identified as 1) Ngoav Vunnaree, a 23 year old hostess of the Sony Karaoke parlor, located along the twinned road ផ្លូវភ្លោះ (2 roads divided by a grass island) in Boeng Prolit Commune, and 2) Ngoav Vun Vothee, a 29 year old motodop driver and brother to the above, both residents of House 28Q, Street 217, O Russei 4 Commune, 7 Makara District.

The female victim, Nguov Vunnaree, related to authorities that her Korean ‘songsa’ (K1) had taken her from the Sony Karaoke parlor where she worked to Room 626 of the rooftop hotel located over the O Russei Market to adjourn there together for the night. She did not, however, reveal his identity. On the following morning of the 22nd of November, her ‘songsa’ (K1) told her he was going to go down to get some food to bring up to the room. She then went back to sleep.

Shortly after he left, at just past 10 that same morning, a friend (K2) of her lover (K1), whom (K2) she had heard him (K1) refer to as ‘Mr. K’ (K2), showed up and knocked on the room door in search of his friend (K1). Upon opening the door, she gestured to him (K2) that his friend (K1) was not there and that he had gone out; upon which the Korean named K (K2) entered the room and started jabbering incomprehensibly away to her in Korean while exhibiting every symptom of being completely strung out.

Seeing how the land lay, she then began to nudge him towards the door, as his body language seemed to signal that he was sexually overwrought and intended to relieve himself upon her. Although she struggled determinedly to eject him from the room, K refused to be forced out and soon turned violent. He snatched up a drinking glass and hurled it, smashing it into fragments about the room.

With matters getting out of hand and threats of personal violence being offered her, the victim made an emergency phone call to her brother, a motodop driver, urging him to help intervene, but, in the midst of the call, K2 suddenly pulled out a nail clipper with a small blade to it which he drove into her thigh, creating a bloody mess.

The female victim stated to authorities that her brother managed to arrive shortly after the phone call, and that he grabbed her assailant and pulled him away from her in the nick of time. K2 in response snatched up a shard of broken glass and jabbed the left side of her brother’s forehead with it, gashing open a wound that soaked him in blood. By this time market security and police had been made aware of the scene taking place in the hotel room on top of the O Russei Market, and they soon immobilized the Korean man and had him brought below for questioning.

In contrast to the timely response of market security and police stationed there, none of the personnel in charge at the hotel and the Sony Karaoke parlor had come forth to offer assistance in diffusing the pandemonium as it was unfolding.

After being subdued by O Russei authorities, as police were leading him to the Immigration Bureau, the Korean suddenly proved refractory once more by displaying a readiness to assault the police in an effort to free himself from their charge. Local police stationed at the market, along with the aid of a military policeman, then had him shackled up before thrusting him into a car and driving him off to the foreigner Bureau.

Once ‘Mister K’ had been whisked away, the female victim filed an official complaint against him at the ‘Post de’ O Russei 1, 7 Makara District. Her brother, who had been taken to he hospital by his wife for treatment, followed suit.

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