Russian Shot in front of Phnom Penh House: Motive Unknown

Wednesday, 27 November, 2012

Phnom Penh : A Russian man was shot in front of his house by a gunman while opening his car door for some Russian compatriots who had been travelling with him. The Russian had just arrived home in his car when he was shot in the left forearm by a bullet that pierced through his forearm and lodged into his right thigh.

The incident occurred just past midnight, at 12:15am on the morning of the 26th of November, 2012, in front of House 2, Street 830 (by the You Khin House), Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamcormon District.

The victim has been identified as ‘KOSTENKO KONSTANTIN,’ a 42 year old Russian national, who had entered Cambodia on a tourist visa and had taken residence in a rented house in front of which the above mention incident occurred.

He had been driving an off white color Toyota Highlander with a temporary license number (pasted on its rear window). The Highlander had 3 female Russian passengers aboard and was bespattered with mud when he arrived home and got out of his car. There he was suddenly confronted by 6 people mounted on 2 motos (one a 125cc Honda Dream, the other unidentified), one of whom pulled out a gun and fired a shot that hit the Russian man in the forearm and thigh, before all fled the scene.

After the shooting, 3 female passengers transported the victim to the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital. Regarding the motive for the shooting, some have speculated it to be an attempted car-jacking, while others have seen it as a case of revenge.

A gunman firing on a foreigner for reasons apart from armed robbery is extremely uncommon in Cambodia. In this case, apparently, the shooting party fled the scene after thinking they had killed their fallen victim, which has led to off the record speculation that the shooting was targeted.

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2 thoughts on “Russian Shot in front of Phnom Penh House: Motive Unknown

  1. Glen Rose Reply

    Reading this story and hearing that this Russian man is living in an apartment, not a hotel and also foreigner driving car in Cambodia, which is very unusual adds up to the fact that he has plenty of experience in Phnom Penh and may have some sort of dark intrigue going on with the Kmers that shot him.

  2. Thomas Nutterfield Reply

    @Glen Rose Foreigners driving cars in Cambodia is not unusual. In fact just the other day in Phnom Penh, where I only stayed for one night I saw numerous westerners and even Indians driving cars. The westerners drove newer cars, but nothing special usually Toyota Highlanders, while the Indian guy with 3 other Indians in the car I saw drove an old Corolla.

    Most foreigners in Cambodia are considered to be rich, so driving a car is something you’d expect as only rich people can afford cars in Cambodia. Also, just like anywhere else in the world, if you are a resident, buying a car is one of those everyday things you do.

    This Russian guy probably had some shady dealings or something. Also staying in an apartment or house is normal if you are residing somewhere for a length of time. Who lives anywhere for more than a few nights in a hotel?! Come on man, you’re just weird!

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