7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook

It’s been five months since I wrote “7 Reasons Why You Should Friend Cambodian Women on Facebook.” During that time, I followed my own advice and became Facebook friends with a bunch of Cambodian women. This has been an absolute disaster. So I now feel compelled to present the 7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook.

1. Your worlds will collide.

I’ve always advocated that you should keep your Cambodia life separate from your life back in your home country. You friends and family back home do not need to know what you are doing in Cambodia. Sure, they probably assume that you’re drunkenly snorting cocaine off an impoverished hooker’s stomach, but it’s still better if they don’t see photographic proof of this.

One of the problems with Facebook is that, with the exception of private messaging, your interactions with your Facebook friends are generally visible to all of your other friends. The moment that you “friend” a Cambodian woman on Facebook, this event will be broadcast to all of your other Facebook friends.

Many Cambodian women look younger than their real ages. They also tend to use stupid, childish Facebook names instead of their real names. So when you “friend” a Cambodian woman on Facebook, all of your friends back home will receive a notice saying something like “Thomas is now friends with SreySweetLonelyCutieKittenFace.” That’s not good.

When your friends see that, they will be curious about who the hell “SreySweetLonelyCutieKittenFace” is. They will undoubtedly click through to her Facebook profile.

SreySweetLonelyCutieKittenFace will probably have a lot of profile photos of herself in childish poses, like pouting and poking her cheek with her index finger. While wearing an Angry Birds t-shirt. Even if she’s 22 years old, none of your friends will believe she is over 18. You will look like a total creep. Once you become Facebook friends with three or four of these women, it will be very apparent to your family back home that you aren’t really in Cambodia “for the temples.”

2. Their Facebook posts are totally depressing.

Western women generally use Facebook to post about events. Things that they are doing. They post about their vacations, their hobbies, their kids’ soccer games, and other activities that nobody fucking cares about.

Cambodian women don’t have money to do interesting things. And because of their difficult upbringings, they don’t have a lot of hobbies. When most Cambodian women were old enough to help out around the house, they worked. No one paid for them to take yoga classes and equestrian lessons.

So, Cambodian women don’t use Facebook to post about activities and things they are doing. They use Facebook to post about emotions. Things that they are feeling. After all, feelings are free.

Here’s what’s strange about this. In person, most young Cambodian women are happy, pleasant, charming individuals. They are quick with a smile, and they love to laugh and have fun. But on Facebook, these same young Cambodian women are a bunch of headache-having, stomach-aching, heartbroken, lonely, suicidal attention-seekers. I’d say that 90% of their Facebook updates are sad comments about their miserable lives. The remaining 10% are mostly about noodle soup.

3. You don’t have to “friend” Cambodian women because they have no privacy filters anyway.

In my previous article, I pointed out that Facebook is a good way to investigate a Cambodian woman’s life history and suitability for marriage. Her Facebook profile and photos will tell you how she spends her free time and how many white dudes she has probably slept with.

Most Western women apparently live in fear of stalkers, bill collectors, and identify thieves, so they always have their Facebook profiles set to “private.” You can’t see any of their profile photos or learn any information about them at all unless they first accept your “friend request.”

Fortunately, Cambodian women have no such privacy hangups. Most of them have their Facebook profiles set to “public,” so that everyone with internet access can see their photos and read their mopey status updates.

Here’s how you can use this to your advantage. If you meet a Cambodian woman who interests you, ask for her Facebook handle. Then look up her profile, check out all of her photos, but never send her a friend request. You’ll get to see all of the photos and information about her, without her learning anything about you. As an added bonus, she’ll be left wondering why you asked for her Facebook ID but then never sent her a friend request. This will make you seem much more attractive to her. Women love the snub.

4. Their comments will embarrass the shit out of you.

One of the problems with befriending Cambodian women on Facebook is that they will then have free rein to post inane comments on your Facebook page in response to all of your status updates and photos. It’s bad enough that you’re Facebook friends with a bunch of 22 year old Asian chicks who look 17. When they start posting comments all over your Facebook page in broken English, you’re going to look even creepier.

Their comments will be visible to all of your Facebook friends and family members, and you never know when they might say something inappropriate. Imagine if you post a photo of your five year old niece, and then one of your Cambodian female friends comments that the photo is “sexy nas.” That’s the kind of stuff they do. Often.

5. They will “tag” you in all of their photos for no reason.

Facebook has a feature called photo “tagging.” When you post a photo, you have the option to identify other people who are in the photo by “tagging” their names to the photo. This means that your photo will be publicized not just to your friends, but also to all of the friends of the person who you just “tagged” in the photo.

Cambodians don’t understand the concept of Facebook tagging. A Cambodian woman will post a photo of just herself and then randomly “tag” 15-20 friends’ names to the photo for no apparent reason. Including you.

So what ends up happening is that your own Facebook profile will soon be dominated by a bunch of random photos of Cambodian chicks eating dinner, attending weddings, and posing in bathroom mirrors. And God forbid that that one of your Cambodian female friends works in a girly bar. Every now and then she’ll suddenly post a photo of herself and all of her scantily-clad bargirl friends and then “tag” you in that photo. This means that her slutfest snapshot will promptly be publicized to all of your own Facebook friends as a “photo of Thomas.” You really don’t need that.

6. Friending Cambodian women on Facebook gives them another way to stalk you.

Cambodian women can be very accomplished stalkers. They call at odd hours, they check up on your whereabouts, and they gossip about your comings and goings. Befriending them on Facebook gives you information about them, but it also gives them information about you. An attentive Cambodian woman who monitors your Facebook profile will soon see the names, photos, and comments of all of her competitors, i.e. other Cambodian women.

It’s really hard to juggle relationships with multiple Cambodian women if you are friends with all of them on Facebook. They will soon know all about each other, and they will be able to contact each other to compare notes. You will have no longer have any secrets at all, and if one of the girls holds a grudge, it won’t be safe to leave your apartment.

7. If you start dating a Cambodian woman, her Facebook posts will become a public “relationship report card” for the entire world see.

I mentioned earlier that Cambodian women often post about their feelings. Well, if you’re in a relationship with a Cambodian woman, many of her day-to-day feelings will probably be about you. She will have no qualms about using Facebook to publicly broadcast where you stand with her on a daily basis.

Let’s say that you’re dating a Western woman, and one day she catches you glancing across a restaurant at another woman. The Western woman may tell you to stop and that it hurts her feelings. More likely, she’ll give you the silent treatment, withhold sex, and then claim that nothing is bothering her until you eventually guess what you’ve done wrong. In any event, the situation will eventually be resolved. Privately.

If you disappoint a Cambodian woman, she will immediately go to Facebook to report to all of her friends about how you’ve screwed up. And she’ll probably exaggerate it for dramatic effect. If a Cambodian woman catches you glancing across a restaurant at another woman, she will go on Facebook and post, “Today I so sad because my boyfriend love someone else.” Then it will be up to you to explain to the entire Facebook world that you’re not a philanderer.

And forget about marrying a Cambodian woman who has Facebook access. Soon she’ll be Facebook friends with all of your closest friends and family members. Her Facebook updates will be an ongoing marriage progress report for all of your friends and family to see. Really, it will just be a litany of posts like, “Today I very bored,” “Marriage can be difficult,” and “I love my husband, but so hard to fake the orgasms.”


283 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should Never “Friend” Cambodian Women on Facebook

  1. OD Reply

    as someone married to a cambodian woman with FB… the last bit holds 135% true.

    we had to have a talk about what is/isn’t appropriate FB information.

    • OD's mother Reply

      Come on, have sex with me is better. Because I know How ugly you are, to be not accepted by Khmer Women.

      • Toughy Reply

        I’m sorry, Khmer women can be bad, but they don’t go around asking random guy for sex like you just did. You bitch.

  2. David Reply

    So true. There’s a Cambodian female friend of mine who has taken to posting photos of herself with a puffy face and crying (or, as she puts it, “craying.”

    • Panhabotak LOEUNG Reply

      Are you born to be this nonsense ? Are all Cambodian girls immensely stupid even to use the words “Sexy nas'” on a five year-old kid picture? At least , before writing this , learn and learn hard , don’t be an asshole criticizing the whole nation and act like a professional researcher, it make those normal Cambodian woman lose class. Broken English ? no activity only depression? 90% are depression ??10% are noodle soup …? Oh come on. Be human, you better write another article to apologize them or clarify your article with fact. Plus , if you are that awesome coming up with helpful article , write something which doesn’t affect normal woman .

      • LoyaltyandRespect Reply

        Awesome. I agree with ya,mate..

        Use the brain if you have one, asshole

        • Meili Reply

          I appreciate your comment. Some people behave like they are well educated and professional, while they’re stupidly nonsense.

      • DD KH Reply

        Totally agree with you. I doubt what kind of women he befriends with. His article made me disgust him. Yuck!!!

        • Bugs Bunny Reply

          @DD KH: You are an imbecile of all imbeciles. The article was very informative and yet you call it disgusting? You are a moron.

          • KhmerBoy

            Fucking article. If he wished he could say some of women. He could not generalize.

          • ProudtobeKhmer

            Hey, “Bugs Bunny”. Have you even been to Cambodia? I gotta say that the article is very informative like you said and DAMN!! It is so very persuasive. But it is just Sad that half of you people that posted comments agreeing to the article don’t even know a quarter of what our country and its women or the rest of the other Asian countries for that matter is like. Tsk… Tsk… Shame on you all. The other sad thing is that you beautiful countries, its people and your mother, sister, nieces, grandmother… should all be ashamed of you.

            You know what?? I don’t even know what’s more sadder. People who act like they know everything about the whole world or the people who are so ignorant, they agree to everything others say.

      • sallerslapper Reply

        shits still funny though, and even though not 100 percent a lot of it its pretty true for a lot of khmer girls.

      • Rasy Reply

        Dude. Who would befriend a chick with that sort of name? How old are you?

        • Bugs Bunny Reply

          If the girl with such a name is very hot, wouldn’t you want to befriend her? Who knows, you might have a chance to get to meet her if she invites you to Cambodia. Seriously, if you can’t think this far, then how can you expect to be successful in life? Or perhaps hot girls are not your thing. Only masturbation is.

          • Samnang

            @ Rasy
            You are a fucking idiot. That wasn’t the actual name lol. I’m sure that was just a an exaggerated example used.

            @ Bugs Bunny
            Shut the fuck up. You sound like an idiot.

          • Rasy

            @Bugs Bunny. No, hot girls aren’t my thing. Cuz I am a girl.

          • Rasy

            @Samnang. Stop calling people idiots. You’re starting to sound like one.

      • MoniiVann Reply

        Touchy, touchy. Well, Gavinmac can’t please everyone, but I sure as heck found the article entertaining.

      • Sokheng Reply

        To Panhabotak LOEUNG,

        Hey Panhabotak LOEUNG, i totally agreed your comment. This is very nonsense writing. It is just a personal judgement without any reference to support his idea. Although, some Cambodian female Facebook users like posting something about their emotion. So What? This is their rights and their way to release their stress. I did not find Gavinmac a professional writer. He did not use the word to respect Cambodian girl at all. I can prove you that posting everyone’s feelings on Facebook is fine. It does not occur to only Cambodian girl, but the western’s. I have some western female friends. They post their feeling on FB as well.

        • KhmerBoy Reply

          Totally support you, Sokheng. He just made a judgment on a few in his fb friends. In fact, he knew nothing about common cambodian women. I’ve doubted this writter is a just a frog living in a deep well that can’t see a whole sky. He’s absolutely fucking idiot.

      • Renee Reply

        That’s just ridiculous !! I mean seriously don’t you think it’s a bit too much to write a nonsense article like that ?? How many years have you researched about Cambodian woman ?
        Don’t just assume that all the woman in the whole nation acting like that !!
        That’s just a load of craps!!
        Don’t be such a jerk to criticize my country !!
        Broken English?? No activity because of their difficult upbringing ??? Is that so ??
        So let me ask you ?? Can you write or communicate in my language (Khmer) ?? And how magnificent was your childhood ?? Did you ever researched about the Cambodian woman who are being criticized by an asshole like you ??
        Just mind your own fucking business !! If you don’t like how some of your Cambodian female, just unfriend and block them !!
        And if you have so much free time, write sth more essential than these craps !!

        • KhmerBoy Reply

          He is just a frog living in a small hole and who never see the whole sky. I bet he knows nothing about cambodian girl but he wrote as shit as if he knew them clearly. Fucking Gavinmac, you asshole go to hell!

        • Monirath Ouk Reply

          @ Renee, unless you are using it as a verb, crap has no ‘s’ after it. That’s another reason why many foreigners look down on us Cambodians because most of us speak ‘crap’ English.

      • Tayching Ear Reply

        He might met girls who work at night, low class girls, most foreigners rarely know normally girl, because Good Khmer girl does not allow to hang out at night a lot and they study or work a whole day already. Khmer Girl not that bad like this article sad. Some girls are like what article said but 90%, so not true at all.

      • ProudtobeKhmer Reply

        I agree with Panhabotak LOEUNG. I am Cambodian. I admit that some what the article said is true like the names part. But not the rest.You look at one woman and judge the whole nation. That is not fair to the women.

        You compare us to “western women”, I personally don’t mind because I have many western women as my good friends. But don’t mind me if I say this, Us Cambodian at least not broadcast how many swear words we have in our language to the whole list of friends or take a selfie of us but all you can see was the boobs. I’m not saying that the whole lot of western woman are like this and it’s true that some of the Cambodian women might be just like what the article said.

        Mind you, I love my western friends and man, they’re the best!!! But you can’t look at one rotten apple in the basket and decide that the rest of the apples are rotten too.

        And for the love of Buddha, before you wrote articles about something like this, please at least try to find information from more than one source.

        I’m sorry if you went to my country and got tricked by a Cambodian woman. Let’s hope that if you go there again, you’d have an amazing experience and maybe this time you should really check out the “temples”.

        • Jerkso Reply

          I can understand that you are offended, but please understand he is not referring to a quality women like yourself.

          You see many expats come to places like Thailand and Cambodia and only ever interface with rather lower levels shall we say, of the society. Either here as visitors, retirees or rarely expats with exposure to the greater society. Though many expats can just be defined as Sexpats and despite what they do for a living or history at home, in SEA they lose the plot.

          Chances are if you are a lady, with a job/career, education, self respect and do not have a lot of time on your hands to spend it in bars or relaxing…. please do not be offended or angry.

          Most people who read this are either going to understand where the writer is gaining his experience. Or too stupid to realise and nothing you will say in the defence of women is going to mean anything.

      • paulo pitrepallo Reply

        they say losers attract losers – or it takes one to “friend” one – haha heehee hoho hideeho

    • Dany Reply

      sometime you thing true for some Cambodia women ,but not all Cambodia female do like that.u should to look all the advantage and disadvantage of them before you say.
      you said like that to make me pity some Cambodia girl their are don’t know,

      • NIN Reply

        U meet a fuck one, doesnt mean all Cambodian Women are like this, you nation also shit to have person like u, racist

  3. Nick Kellingley Reply

    Great piece, made me laugh. I’m sure some po-faced so and so will come to rain scorn down upon you for this but ignore them. This is the best writing to hit the front page for some time now.

    • Vanthai Reply

      I do agree on some points, but I do not on the rest. Is it a kind of professional piece of writing? It is a piece of shit, actually. I know that Gavinmac has observed a lot about Cambodian women on FB, and that is a very good point for writing. My question is that “how much on-site observation, primary data or secondary data did he use?” This is what I agree:
      – They use silly FB names (I can’t stand it).
      – They use silly/childish photos (poking her cheek with her index finger).
      – They have no privacy filters, and don’t know about photo tagging.
      – They use broken English.
      However, I do not agree on:
      – “To fake the orgasm.” General Cambodian women won’t say that, or all her friends/relatives will be disgusted with her. Only shameless prostitutes with no relatives or Western women may say that.
      – “90% of their posts are about their miserable lives.” I have never seen any of these.
      – Think again. Cambodia is a developing country, so what do you expect? Many of them are not good at or almost illiterate on FB application, for example, how to tag photo or use privacy filters, it does not mean they are foolish. Just think again. If they use broken English, it doesn’t mean they have broken brains. Think again and don’t judge a book by its cover. I cannot say that all Westerners are shit writers, just because of this shit of writing. Think again. Think about how other innocent women feel. This is humiliation to my country and people (Cambodia and Cambodian). How much do you know about Cambodia and Cambodian? Nothing. LOL!!!
      Still appreciate your findings in this article.

  4. Brett Spiv Reply

    Just moved here, but you are describing young girls all over the world…..over-emotional wrecks…..and we are standing on the sinking ship

  5. DukeNectarine Reply

    It’s funny because it’s true, I laughed out loud.
    the Stickman sent me here.

    • Bugs Bunny Reply

      I agree with you. Its very true and makes a lot of sense and its very informative and a warning to rest of us how we should handle Facebook. But some imbecile by the name of DD KH in this forum thinks its disgusting.

      • KhmerBoy Reply

        I think it’s totally shit. How could he generalize with just a few girls he added? He’s giving wrong information to the world for sure. Only idiot believes it.

    • Vanthai Reply

      LOL! That western man must have been married to a prostitude. A normal Cambodian women would not dare to say that.

    • KhmerBoy Reply

      A prostitute would do that. General khmer girls shy even talking about sex education.

    • Tayching Ear Reply

      He met the prostitute girls, Cambodian woman really not gonna do like that.

  6. tinker Reply

    #5 “They will “tag” you in all their photos for no reason”
    Actually there are 7 reasons for that.
    1. She don’t want you to missed out on any single photos of her for you to see. Obviously she wants your attention.
    2. She wants you to fall in love with her and drool with her pics. LOL!
    3. She thinks her photos are attractive and she’s using your profile page for free advertisement to attract you and your other male friends.
    4. She’s inviting all your other male friends(gay or straight lol!) to check on her facebook page.
    5. She wants more friends request from your male friends.
    6. She wants your other female friends to be jealous of her.
    7. She wants you to be jealous when your male friends added her to his friends list.

  7. Wil Reply

    Accurate & hillarious. Just try not to be too concerned with what others think.

    • Vanthai Reply

      Come on! You said that it was accurate? How much accuracy is generalization? I know some Western women who cam to Cambodian had sex with Cambodian men, but I cannot assume that all Western women visit Cambodia for sex. For example, if you a fool, I cannot assume that your family is foolish.

  8. Buddy Reply

    Seems that Gavinmac needs to RTFM about setting privacy settings in FB. Yes, you can set your privacy so that your friends do not see posts on your wall by other friends. You can also opt out from being tagged in any photo. It’s not rocket science. But I guess if Gavinmac set his privacy settings properly, there would be no need to write this article. Other than that, the 7 reasons are spot on. But then again, this applies to most SEA’s women on FB…

  9. richard Reply

    spot on;
    1, i never friend anyone unless
    a their interest are the same as mine
    or b I know them

    2. My gf is computer illiterate 🙂

  10. Cora Reply

    well generally this thing can be happen in most of countries not only cambodia. Base on the topic u wrote, u make everyone confused cambodian women are cheater. now i wanna ask u a question, how many cambodian women u know? have u ever met any rich cambodian women which is come from famous business family or powerful family in cambodia? some women who has good living lifestyle who driving Roll Royce, who has bunches of Hermes bags in her cabinets n who wearing 6 carats of rings. Have u ever seen them? i bet a type of guy like u only can access to some street girls in here cos those rich people in here never even let u stay infront of their house…only u have touched to some little amount of cheap girls in cambodia, u cant judge like that. u gotta go out of jungle n open ur eyes to see real cambodian women clearly before saying anything about us again next time.

    • dermot morgan Reply

      Those rich women you talk about are just nouveau riche, rice-farmers with (mostly ill-gotten)money. I bet most of them don’t even have one book in their house and couldn’t point out Cambodia on a map. They’re semi-literate, that’s why their Facebook posts are so moronic.

      • sethekar Reply

        U are such a pessimistic person, i wanted to ask if you are educated enough to criticize cambodian women without knowing them? Oh, maybe you are one of those blue collar workers, who can’t afford enough money to travel the world and be wise. That’s shame on u. Have your teachers ever taught you not to judge a book by its cover? Perhaps, you have never been to school, that’s why u take everything as an assumption. Come on, get a life. Rich people in Cambodia can do more than you’re capable of, my dear. One more, if ure a man, then please be a gentleman. If you’re a woman, then you’d better stop jealous of their wealth.

      • Vanthai Reply

        Come on, people. Don’t be money minded. Money and power do not make you look superior. Is it their mistakes to be born in poor families? Don’t use your luck (i.e. you were born in rich family) to compare with the poor. The rich eat nothing without the farmers. Pay more respect to the poor and be sympathetic to their miserable lives.

      • paulo pitrepallo Reply

        aww – I wonder when you are all by yourself, in your room, door closed – sitting alone in the dark and quiet – is it a sad and LONELY place??? Just kill yourself mate!!

    • Enes Reply

      Cora, what you are saying is ridiculous. Shame on you. “People” with possessions that you mentioned are killing innocent people in the street. Again, shame on you.

      Thumbs up, Dermot Morgan

      • Theavy Reply

        Shame on your mother, maybe your mother used to kill people in the street before to get money to afford those thing!

      • OD Reply

        she’ll tag you in it. with the caption “why sometimes thing so hard, car broken now 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :-(“

    • LexusSchmexus Reply

      Cora, do you mean the women who own a Rolls Royce but aren’t able to drive properly? Or the women who wear 6 carat rings but have a 3rd grade education? Or the vain women who collect bags to impress their neighbours and live in ugliest villas I’ve seen in my life? Yes, we’ve all met some at one point or another. They’re actually the worst kind of Cambodian women: self-obsessed semi-illiterate snobs who like to think they’re above everyone else and look down on their fellow countrymen and women. Sadly for you, almost no foreigner is interested in such women.

      • Robert Reply

        Who care those stupid foreigner will interest in them or not? who do you think who are those foreigners? or u think Cambodian women don’t have rice to eat if those foreigner people has no intention in them? LOL supper funny story u telling people LMAO.

      • sethekar Reply

        Do u hold any grudge against them? Or just simply jealous of their wealth? The ugliest villa? Can you even afford to own a flat? Come on, those women are thankful enough that those low class foreigners are not interested in them. To be honest, those foreigners have not even a dime for these women to enjoy. They have no ability to support her living. I think you should go back to year 1 or perhaps, you have never been to school that’s why u spelled Semi-illiterate instead of semiliterate. No wonder why you are jealous of rich people since you’re so hopeless. Enjoy your year 1 studying.

      • Roith Reply

        LexusSchmexus, So pity for those who don’t understand about everything and pretend to know all everything. You should have admitted that you know nothing. For ” The women who own a Rolls Royce but aren’t able to drive properly” you should know that they are rich they already have their drivers so no need to drive by themselves. For “The women who wear 6 carat rings but have a 3rd grade education” I think you must be embarrassed because they are just 3rd grade education but they can earn money to buy their own properties, so it means thatt they are full of capacity. For you a high educated person can you do like that? If you can afford to buy it, you still cannot compare to her because you have different education. Just so you know Cambodian women can live without foreigner’s interesting. How poorly you are that you cannot understand that such of thing.

    • Stephen Reply

      I am strongly support with your opinion Cora. Calm down yourself, I think Gavinmac didn’t have chance to attend school like others that’s whhy he came up with those kind creepy of speech!

    • Random Guy Reply

      While I do not agree to all of what the “7 Reasons” article, it is for most part, true. Like, 110% true. I know that not all of the Cambodian women are as stupid as Gavinmac said, because I have a many Cambodian women as friends and their Facebook status are mostly about their activities and stuff. They even criticize the kind of women that Gavinman mentioned.
      Now, from what you said, Cora. Rich Cambodian women do have those stupid trait that they carry from their early teen to young adult and still haven’t changed. However, there are some other rich Cambodian women who work/run business as a normal grown-up. All in all, it is wise to consider what Gavinmac said about befriending them. You never know whether they are the stupid kind or the grown-up kind, because most of the kind and well-mannered women are mostly too busy to be bothered with Facebook.

    • Vick Reply

      I agree with Cora.
      “became Facebook friends with a bunch of Cambodian women. ” State the number ? The writer did not state the fact, I want to know how many a bunch of friends? I bet most them have books at home and include high degree like PhD, MD, BS, MA and can speak at least one language.

      • Bugs Bunny Reply

        Why do you bother with such little details about how many Cambodian women the author befriended when the sole purpose of the entire article is to inform other men on how to be careful with Facebook and what can really happen? Either you like to complain about everything little thing or you are just not that intelligent.

        • ProudtobeKhmer Reply

          Bugs Bunny… It’s true that the some of the purpose of this article is how we should use FB but try having some MR. Know-it-all use the women of your country as example like that and 90% of of it isn’t even true. If you say that you wouldn’t mind, then you have no pride in your country at all and you country should be ashamed to have people like you. And the rest of the world should be ashamed too to have you and the people like you inhabiting its space.

          And MOST OF ALL!!! SHAME ON YOU, GAVINMAC. I’m sorry that you got so drunk and wasted when visiting my country and got tricked by some prostitutes. Or you heart got broken by some Cambodian girls or some sh*t reason I don’t know about and never want to find out, okay?

    • Lay Pisey Reply

      How long have u asshole live in Cambodia? How many women u’ve met? Aren’t there any shit in your country? U met a few and judge millions other. Are u educated?

      • Bugs Bunny Reply

        Obviously you, Lay Pisey, are not intelligent. You are a bigger moron then an African baboon. The point of the article is to inform other men to be careful of who they befriend with, and to inform men on how to handle Facebook with such private matters. Did you get that or are you just too mentally handicapped?

    • Sokheng Reply

      To Cora,

      I totally support your comment. This article is very respectful one. Thanks for helping to

    • ProudtobeKhmer Reply

      Totally agree with you. 5 stars (and In ur face “american!”. We can say what we want. It’s a free country.)

      The piece actually has some good writing techniques. very persuasive but it’s sad that he didn’t do his homework properly.

  11. Tivea Reply

    Hey it is great to point out that and I agree with most of what you mentioned but I just want you to be more neutral. Look at Buddy’s comment, you will see how to solve problem when you friend with Cambodian women Facebook users. Also, this applies to most of women in SEA.

  12. Phallari Reply

    Gavinmac,are you seriously offended by Cambodians women?
    What is your nationality, doesn’t it mean women from your country has never post any shit status, any shit photos?
    The main problem is not from your females friends on your facebook, but it was from your personality. If you are a good man, you will not be friend with the women who look younger than you, women you look childless. If you are a good man, you will only be friends with people that you know very well,or friends from work. I recommend you to go on Google to learn how to set up privacy, unfriend and blocking people from your facebook page. You cant’ charge all of Cambodians according to your feeling, your poor of networking. I suggest you, don’t be so easy to accept friend request from people who you don’t really know very well.

    On the be haft of Cambodian women.

    • Kevin Reply

      Phallari: give u thump up and thank for your strongly protect cambodian women!

    • Sereyleak Reply

      What they said about our country might be the reflection of their country. 🙂

    • Bora Reply

      Gavinmac : Shame on you !!! You write such a non-sense article and the way idiot can do. The article almost proves that you are just born and don’t know about anything about the world, simply can say uneducated person. Or you might be highly educated, but the education itself just can not improve with your inhuman nature. I’m sure you may have known that facebook is a free social media and people can post what they want , but to avoid s.th against the law. I’m sure you may have known that the issue of such posting has happened in so many countries,even in your countries. Dont try to judge Cambodia in bad way especially our tradition and culture.Learn more !!! If you dont want your friends and family or spouse to know that you are now connected to someone, pls report the complaint to fb because only them who know how to restrict this, not Cambodian women. Didn’t you know that at all ? Shame on you again ! This proves that you are not a good person because you are flirting young girls here in Cambodia, and cheating your spouse in your country who are waiting for you to come back if you know what I mean. Remember in your life that you should value woman regardless of nation, religion and race because woman is mother of the world, those includes your sister, mother, grandmother, and more. I hope you will learn more how to be polite and be human who respects woman.

      Thank you

    • Yang reaksmey Reply

      good comment,Phallari. Thank you on behalf of Cambodian women.

  13. Nicolas Reply

    Gavinmac, this is hilarious. Thanks for the write-up, but well, one thing I wanna say is that you’re a dumb-ass for letting these things happen to you in the first place. I bet you befriended wrong kind of female Cambodians, dude. Or in other words, you attracted the wrong kind of audiences to your FB.

  14. OD Reply

    in a recent conversation with another board member, in person, we were discussing the internet as it relates to cambodians in general (as i was removing hundreds of viruses from the school computers that have internet connections). internet as a widespread phenomenon here is in it’s infancy still.

    they don’t really know “internet etiquette”, the dangers that are out there, or how to properly use some things (like social media) yet. give them time and they will learn (like as someone realizes that the shit they say on facebook, people they know in the real world read and react to) the in’s and out’s of it better… but for now it’s likely best to just leave them culturally isolated as much as possible as the differences between usage styles will be drastically different.

    • Andy Reply

      Ah, that was me. My point was that a year ago, about 4% of Cambodians had internet access; 12 months on it’s up to nearer 16%, the majority being via smartphones. If I’ve got my maths right, that should mean about 80% of these girls had no access to or experience of the internet a year ago (other than perhaps email correspondence in internet cafes in some cases).

      So OD’s point is on the nail – the girls aren’t exceptionally dumb; they are simply inexperienced with the medium. It’s just one aspect among many that a Western man should take into account when considering a relationship with a Khmer woman in Cambodia – there may be gulfs in knowledge and experience pertaining to many aspects of life.

      I’m sure GavinMac is perfectly aware of this; it simply doesn’t suit his humorous angle. But for the many respondents who don’t get or appreciate the humour, I think it’s worth considering.

      Disclosure: I’m married to a Khmer woman who’s a Facebook addict!

      • dermot morgan Reply

        There’s also the 2nd language issue, although Cambodians seem to have made up their own strange language for use on Facebook. I only ever had one Cambodian who I “friended” on Facebook, I use it for friends and relations abroad. She was a work colleague who was university educated. I unfriended her because she kept posting such asinine annoying comments.

        • OD Reply

          well the thing that stands out to me, besides the nonsense language and the boring/vapid posts, are the way they make statements that they would never say to people in real life. things that in saying expose them to losing face/etc. they just don’t click that this is really just another way of saying something out loud, but to a larger audience. the same goes for a lot of people, not just khmer, but in the rest of the world it’s not as bad and mostly prevalent in young people.

  15. Vern Reply

    You sure this is just the case for Cambodian women? I’ve had experiences like this in the West with, what I presumed at the time, were relatively stable and mature girls. My ex and I had a blazing row because I refused to declare my relationship status with her and upload a tonne of ridiculous pictures of us both publicly on Facebook – an application I use not to display my personal and private information but to share global information of mutual interest to friends and colleagues. Each to their own I guess?

  16. Ella Reply

    Move your ass back to where you from then! Don’t stay in Cambodia to create all of these stereotype. I can see you would never have graduated from university or maybe your school doesn’t teach you how balance things. Gavinmac, you never went through hard times when your family can’t support you for a proper education as a child. At the age of 22, you might be still wandering around club and drug, but those “Cambodian Women” you mentioned might have started to earn for their family already. They might start since they are 15. What rights you got to judge them? Go fix your privacy and don’t complain on website! Oh well, maybe you got paid by writing this crap! And that’s why you wrote it.

    • Jennifer Reply

      Ella: i want to ask Gavinmac, alot of news have been reporting lots of girls in Gavinmac country have sex relationship with animal nowaday. i wonder why they go to animal instead of men, or maybe animal in there has high value than some of men in that westernize and well educated country?

      Now, i am wondering why Gavinmac havent written this kind of article for his own country?

    • dermot morgan Reply

      Ella, without giving away too much, you should realize that Gavinmac doesn’t live in Cambodia, he lives in his home country and happens to travel a lot. He also works in a highly qualified profession.

      • Joe Reply

        highly qualified profession my ass! his speech is like his parents did not send him to school at all. if he is a good man, he would know what should he said.

        • OD Reply

          “his speech is like his parents did not send him to school at all. if he is a good man, he would know what should he said.”
          When commenting on the use of language by someone, especially in a critical manor, it is wise to make sure the language you choose to do so with is properly used… else you just end up looking like a fool.

        • Vick Reply

          I agree with Joe. All, I can tell that this writer did not have a PhD degree. cheap ass article. Learn how to write before post em online.

      • ProudtobeKhmer Reply

        Dear dermot morgan

        Yeah, Gavinmac works in a highly qualified profession as a judgmental whiner who sh*t-mouthing about how bad his experiences in every countries he ever visited are. Tell him to maybe get a real profession.

  17. Aliah Reply

    Thanks for illustrating the extent to which Western expats can be creepy, crass, and unaware while living abroad, particularly white men who seem to have no sense of their own privilege. I’m glad you’ve come up with a disgustingly racist, sexist, and ethnocentric manifesto on how to view and treat Cambodian women; women who have been exploited for decades by men like you. Please, tell us more about what all Cambodian women are like. There’s nothing quite like broad generalizations that show how well-traveled a person is.

      • Sothoeuth Reply

        Well, gavnmac.
        First, let me show my appreciation to you for your interest in bringing Cambodia to the world through this website/your writing. It really helps a small country like Cambodia which just came out of the war less than 40 years ago.

        Regarding to your writing, I view it as an opinion based on generalization. For my understanding, generalization is not a good basis to write a good article. I’m sure that not all of your Cambodian female friends on fb do that to you. One more thing, like some friends already mentioned, you yourself can try to advacne in facebooking. They have privacy setting which allows you to filter or limit your account. The most importing thing that I want to tell you is that it is your choice to add, accept or unfriend with anyone. If you realize that one or more of your female Cambodian friend annoy you by their activities on facebook, you can just simply block or unfriend with that person. Problem is solved.

        So to me, it seems that this article is a result from your temporary anger or annoyance with a certain Cambodian friend. Or another reason it can be because you try to attract more readers to your website by writing such an article. If so, I think you did make a good success. However, it is not how a professional writer/organization does.

        I’m sorry for writing this long comment to you, because I don’t have too much free time to make it short.

        I hope you can learn from mistakes and avoid it in the future.

        Best regards,

        • falcon randwick Reply

          Very well phrased rebuttal, Sotoeuth. Pity the intended humour in the article flew straight over your head.

          • Sothoeuth

            Oh well, thank you falcon randwick. i forgot to mention in my previous comment. i didn’t have enough free time to go through this website to check what kind of website is this.

            thank you for saving my time and make me know this is just a for-fun-page.

      • seangly Reply

        Guess what , You guy are a loser in your country… that’s why you just came here to find a fake job so can get some money for feeding the bar or street girls that you were talking about because here are cheaper and you don’t even have a chance to get to know the women who from the good families and well education , I’m sure you are not a real man , you are cheap motherfucker,So Cambodia will not welcome person like you and you know what ….I’m glad that you are gone.bye bye idiot man 🙂

    • dermot morgan Reply

      Aliah, Gavinmac isn’t an expatriate, he lives in his home country.

    • Peter Hogan Reply


      I moved away from the UK a decade ago to escape from people exactly like you.

  18. kelly Reply

    When you assume that all Cambodian Women are in that type of group as described, it means you’re not even aware of who you really are. If you are, you’d not make an assumption that way. If you’re aware of yourself, you wouldn’t believe only things posted on social networking site. If you dun like them, just dun friend or even bother looking at them in the first place. And please, judge yourself first before making a judgement on them. I bet you’ve not met more than 100 of Cambodian Women or whoever. Dun look at such a part of thing and go tell people about that as if you are fully aware of everything.

          • falcon randwick

            Dun is a shade of the colour brown. It also refers to excreta, ie. shit, particularly from an animal. Just saying…

      • ProudtobeKhmer Reply

        To dermont morgan
        Were you born yesterday? Oh wait… I forgot if you were you wouldn’t be posting comments on this site. And for the record, Dun means Don’t. It’s called simplifying things. You should try it sometimes it makes the lives of someone like you easier.

  19. MDB Reply

    Told ya so. Had the Frenchies had done their job Catholicized them all when they had a chance, these people wouldn’t be so materialistic and evilistic. Blame the devils for destroying their souls…

  20. vkeo Reply

    you is has too many bar girls as you facebook friends. you has to unfriend them and add real khmer girls to your list. you is very funny tho.. lol

  21. [email protected] Reply

    You fellows are going to find yourselves on an actionable list now and may have to leave the place you seem to find so uncongenial.

    You have been here long enough to know there are boundaries, and insulting the female portion of teh population of your host consistently is over the line.

    I hope your puerile behaviour does not result in tightening of the very liberal current visa policy .

    This article sounds like it was written by Pattaya Trash, but I suppose the demographic of Las Vegas is quite similar.

    • Peter Hogan Reply

      What do you mean by ‘here’? You’re posting from Western Australia….

    • Andy Reply

      What’s an “actionable list?” Are you a spokesperson for the Royal Cambodian Government?

  22. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    [email protected] – “Us fellows” have been here a long time. Many of us have been doing our best to help improve this country for long years, in many different ways. We tend not to blow our own horns here, but just for example, I have spent much of my time helping out in the slums and much more with a disabled organization.
    The fact that many locals have only discovered Facebook and make fairly innocuous posts on it isn’t any big deal. It’s funny, that’s all. The author of this piece doesn’t live in Cambodia, but he’s one of the most well-traveled people I’ve met so far. You have no idea how much many of us do with the best intentions. I wonder how much you are able to do anything to help fro WA though.

  23. Darling Reply

    This is about as lighthearted as an article can be. Imagine if Gavinmac were to really lay in and comment on the rampant corruption, the Khmer Rouge trials, the police and fire departments, pedophilia, widespread drug addiction etc. Quit your crying. We are all flawed humans and its ok to have a laugh at ourselves and look inward in the hopes of self improvement.

  24. pip Reply

    It is so great to have moved from that dirty, corrupt swampland. It’s becoming as bad as Pattaya. There are plenty of places with cheap beer, better weather and most of all Christians.

  25. pip Reply

    Not hot weather. Nice moderate, cool climate with equal prices and visa policy. And no red light district which makes society quite civil, beautiful, and respectful unlike the trash whoremongers snd locals that prey upon them in Angeles Pattaya Penh. Scoff not Scoffer. A better reality exists. Vote with your dollars and support a society that is respectful of you and this planet. I won’t reveal more. I wouldn’t want any trash migrating here and turning it into Phnom Penh. Actually, it never would due to no prostitution and pedophilia which is the only attraction in Phnom Penh after you see it’s true underbelly. Lata patata !

    • PIPbusters Reply

      Glad you moved away from here! It was about time as we’re setting up a special brigade to chase christian mercenaries out of this place. Too many of your kind around here and the mental pollution you bring along becomes unbearable. Stay home my friend. Nobody needs your help here.

  26. Sea Monkey Reply

    Thanks GM, a real hoot that anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy. Keep ’em coming.

  27. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    Boo hoo to you, you only got what you wanted to get from here here, the worst. I feel sorry for people like you who can only get that. Congratulations on being a narrow-minded and simple-minded individual. Good luck.

  28. Stephenie Reply

    Demot: congratualion to your mother!!! she had deliver a harmful n selfish guy like u. Shamed on your mother !!!

    • Peter Hogan Reply

      Could you type that again, please? Only this time in English.

  29. pip Reply

    Hey Damutt. Why would you care if I think Phnom Penh is a hot, corrupt, dump and take it personally ? Patriotism is stupid enough of a concept but it sounds like your not even from Cambodia. It’s amazing how defensive and upset expats get when simply criticizing Cambodia for it’s obvious flaws. It’s at best an ok place to for some beer and a laugh with the girls. You act like I disrespected your mother or personal accomplishments. And pipbuster your’re right. Cambodia doesn’t need any help. It’s doing great. You sadsacks finally get a girl to change your diapers and cook you fried rice and you think you’ve found utopia and are willing to defend it to the death. You dudes are so sad.

    • Dermot Sheehan Reply

      Pip, If beer and a laugh with girls is all you managed to find in Phnom Penh, that says a lot about you, not me. Good luck, you need it.

  30. John Cherry Reply

    Not funny, not clever but completely racist and misogynistic. This immature garbage isn’t fit for junior high school students. K440 is a real disappointment.

    • Dermot Sheehan Reply

      Yeah, well find some other site to lurk on then, we won’t miss or notice your zero input.

  31. Somoli Reply

    I have read your article. I thank you for your research. However, I feel so sorry for MANY Cambodian women who don’t have that kind of stupid actions. I am sure that you have been teasing around by teen girls who are considered as gangsters or ill-educated. And i am sure as well that every country have that such rubbish persons. So you should not judge all Cambodian by putting a word “CAMBODIAN WOMEN” in your title, because your research does not contain valid evidence to show all of Cambodian women has the same attitude as you mentioned above. At lease I am a Cambodian women with a bunch of friends who have value enough to be considered. You do not know well about the situation of Cambodian women. Facebook is used for fun and individual, so please do not judge it as a general.

  32. marysarath Reply

    FUCK you!! Those sluts you are talking about are prostitutes! Educated and high standard Cambodian women don’t act like that. Probably you should find a better place to hang out beside bars and clubs. I have met many white guys who are just dumb, uneducated and a idiots as well but you don’t need to go write about it and post it as public. Idiots people are just everywhere. Racist!

    • falcon randwick Reply

      Educated and high standard Cambodian women don’t talk like that.

      • Jack Reply

        To be a normal life as a normal person is peaceful enough, our life is short so DON’T MAKE IT SHORTER THAN IT..whatever… careful about your each word, from your grand-father !

  33. sccheng Reply

    haha. this holds a lot of truth. butdah. not all cambodian women are the same. 😉

  34. DanitKhay Reply

    LOL! I’m a Cambodian woman too, but this is too true to not share! lol Im done, bro. yeahhh, I’d unfriend anyone who fails to let them tag in their own picture and let it appear on my news feed. lol

  35. Vuth Reply

    Partly true, but those women only signify how low education and lack of parental supervision can affect their attitude, thinking, and action. It is simply the society that should be blamed instead for their misbehaviour. Those few Cambodian women who are lucky enough to received adequate schooling as well as strict parental guidance rarely expose themselves to such behaviour. It is good to point out the issue; however, it should be for bigger cause. As I read your article, i can notice so many fallacies which indicate how uncritical and illogical your reasoning is. It is your freedom to include any fallacy in your article, but please leave out your over-generalization about Cambodian women because my friends, my sisters, and my mother are all Cambodian. They have lived their lives full of grace and dignity, and you have no right to insult any of them. Please reconsider your word choice, for I believe that you are intellectual enough to stop this offensive over-generalization of yours.


  36. Tra Reply

    This post is certainly entertaining and pretty much holds true to some extent. By that I mean the Cambodian chicks that you are referring in this article are most likely the chicks from factories, bars or nightclubs. So i’m not really sure if you can draw a generalization from that. Besides educated women from well upbringing families would not even approach foreigner easily. In general, majority of Asian women don’t really interest in foreigner, unless they interest in your money. And I’m a Cambodian and I have many Cambodian female friends in my Facebook and less than 1% would be 50% accurate of your description of Cambodian women. Your generalization of Cambodian women only apply to a small group, those chicks that you meet at a bar or something. How accurate is your generalization, when the chicks you have met are all work at bars or nightclubs? This is pretty much the same every where. All women in that kind of places are materialistic just as your described.

    I’m pretty sure most western strippers are exactly as what you described here. Though they don’t try to act childish, since instead they show their boobs and ass instead of acting all cute and childish and that applies to a “small group” of school girls in most western countries too. I know them. And I enjoy every picture of them.

  37. Panhabotak LOEUNG Reply

    Are you born to be this nonsense ? Are all Cambodian girls immensely stupid even to use the words “Sexy nas’” on a five year-old kid picture? At least , before writing this , learn and learn hard , don’t be an asshole criticizing the whole nation and act like a professional researcher, it make those normal Cambodian woman lose class. Broken English ? no activity only depression? 90% are depression ??10% are noodle soup …? Oh come on. Be human, you better write another article to apologize them or clarify your article with fact. Plus , if you are that awesome coming up with helpful article , write something which doesn’t affect normal woman .

  38. Violet Reply

    I think this piece is true in some aspects. I get irritated by them sometimes. However, I have friends on facebook who are women that don’t post things that you said. I think you just haven’t met them yet. There are real Cambodian women who are literate, successful and worth getting know. They are just not readily available for you to friend them on facebook.

    • violet Reply

      Violet? we should be FB friends ‘cos we share the same name.

  39. Mey Lambert Reply

    If any of you never experienced anything that has mentioned here by yourself… Plz dont jump into conclusion.
    I use facebook too . I don’t add unknown buddy! I am Cambodian , I married to my beloved husband … He is American . We knew each other not by fb. I agree with some young teenager in cambodia use fb for stupid thing. Yet NOT All!
    I have friends they all using for discussing abt school, sharing important Infor. I use fb for contacting with my fri that live in cambodia and my other relatives that live in other country. I use fb also for getting hot news! Scholarship too… Also sharing my happy time with my husband ok fb to my friends…!! Not public . So plz don’t just jump to conclusion !!!!! Look first …!!!

    • violet Reply

      Mey… it is generalisation and is not meant to mean that the writer sees all Cambodian women this way, but generalisations are based on an element of truth. The truth is that there is evidence of this on FB every day… which doesn’t mean all Cambodian women are the same on FB… it’s just funny to say so.

  40. Oz.Cambo Reply

    wow, sounds like your destiny is way too bad.
    There’s a lot of good Cambodian girls out there but you never meet them.
    sounds so pathetic! maybe because you’re extremely racist.
    and if you said we’re so poor, i was like wow… i don’t have enough money to pay the internet and everything
    that sounds sooo pathetic to me but sorry i never heard of it before? really our all the people in my country is like that? I’m surprised 🙂
    you should at least said some not all of them.
    Since we have attitude and we are positive people, Cambodian never want to fight back.
    Our english is not perfect because thats not our language, Now can you speak our language? i don think so, but we won’t blame. You should at least said ‘Some’ and stop assuming all of us! *shake my head*

  41. Tanisha Reply

    What?? Should never friend Cambodian women?? You should not have said such those words to a whole. You know only a few Cambodian women how come you could judge everyone without knowledge. There are many good girl in Cambodia. Because you are such that bad, you will never know those good girl. Before saying something, please use your brain. Don’t judge people by looking at their Facebook only.

  42. Catherine Reply

    Dude, seriously. First of, I can take a joke and I don’t like to seem as though I have a stick up my ass, but I hate stereotypes. As a Cambodian woman, I find this offensive, to say the least. I’ll admit that alot of Cambodian women are like that, but don’t make it sound like all of us are like that. It’s the same way that you can’t just say that Western girls are all mature and poised. Sweetie, a lot of women are like that despite their race. Whatever happened to some Western girls who do duckface poses, treat Facebook like it’s their diary or other stuff? BTW, not all of us wants to sleep with a white guy. The world is not black and white. Maybe it’s about time someone stops their kindergarten mindset and grows up. Oh, and broken English? Dude, puh-lease.

  43. Zanin Te Reply

    Well,Even some of them are over limited but not all of Cambodian women..!!

  44. Radin Reply

    This is a completely rubbish article.. you have seen some Cambodian girls, not even women, not all of them.. Please do not generalize a group of people to the whole nation. You just made yourself look like an asshole who is look at the sky at night and say there is no star in the sky, when they are just hiding behind the clouds.. dumbass

  45. wellshityou Reply

    You disgust me. As a Cambodian woman myself, I am very disgusted. Although I do agree with you on some points, this is just too much. You do realize you’re talking about Cambodian women in general, yeah?

  46. Dararith Reply

    Dear author,

    There are so many good Cambodian girls that you haven’t met yet. There personalities are just out of this world. Your generalization is just too bad.

  47. Heu Dit Khemarith Reply

    Dear the author,

    This is an offensive article to every single Cambodian people. Not all Cambodian women are like what you described in your article. Please, do respect those who have never done any of these listed activities.


    Rith Kh

  48. Danice Reply

    You are making a generalization about women in Cambodia and I don’t agree with you. The Cambodian women you’re describing in this article are only one small part of all the Cambodian women. Do you know that THE Cambodian women you are talking about are the ones that are probably poor and cannot afford to get proper education like the rest of our Cambodian women? And so they have to choose to live a life like this? I AM a Cambodian woman, and none of the things you mentioned in this article is true about me. I hate to break this to you, man. But I think the CAMBODIAN women you are playing with are the unreal Cambodian women that are not very well-educated and who have not even proper homes to live in. Because Cambodian women respect their traditions really well. They will not have sex before marriage. And I am sure good Cambodian women won’t just date you after only a few days meeting you. They take a really long while to learn about you first before they decide to commit.
    And Cambodians women don’t have money to do interesting things? Really? Well, from what I see, many Cambodians drive really nice cars which mostly cost over 100K US dollars. Do you think they can afford to buy a car that expensive but can’t afford a vacation abroad or do other interesting things like you Westerners do?
    Also, good Cambodian girls don’t use Facebook to find a date. We use it to stay in touch with our family and friends and for some good entertaining things to do like games or other applications on the site.
    I know the things you say are true about SOME Cambodian women. However, I’d like to make it clear to you and everyone that NOT every Cambodian woman does such cheap stuff. So please don’t generalize.

    • Visser Reply

      Good Cambodian girls don’t drive nice cars, nor do they go on holidays abroad.

      Only gold diggers and other trailertrash married/born into the elite have the means to do these things as their husbands/fathers have been robbing the country blind for decades.

  49. Creepfinder General Reply

    A lot of great comments from Cambodian women here! Considering the fact English is not your language I think your replies have been incredible and I can read between the mistakes and understand exactly what you are saying. Imagine for one moment that all these expat posters had to read and reply in your khmer language! Maybe a few could, but generally they would be saying stuff that to you would read like, ” I joking only. Why you so mad me?’

    And all you 440 lot can do is either hide behind the superiority of your ‘internet experience’ which is hardly a medal of honour, or you revert back to the line, ‘Hey it was all a joke’.

    Of course it was a joke. It was a very funny article, cleverly written by a guy who is seemingly beyond any responsibility to what he has written except to further inflame and play to the jokers gallery. And why not?

    This article stands as a testament to it’s author who decided one lonely loveless night to devote a lot of time to draft and redraft and redraft this article and hope to make a lot of people laugh and think what a great guy Gavin Mac is, how cool, how erudite. It’s not even in print in some fanzine. It’s just an internet article! In other words it’s nothing!

    But it suddenly dawns on this clever fellow Gavin Mac that it’s not the article’s content that is revealing things about Cambodian women but the fact he wrote such 6th form crap that says so much about him personally which he jokingly hints at now and again.

    He ridicules Cambodian women who are passionate and maybe not be so well educated as him and he hides behind his humour. How big a coward is that? A coward who cannot even have a meaningful relationship with a women of any country unless she is Hot and 22 years old. Pathetic!

    But that is great! And I love to read about it GM. But how about treating something seriously for once since it’s obvious from your contributions that you seek love and feel you are , as pointed out by a few Khmers, a little bit creepy.

    Your articles are funny. But I think maybe you wouldn’t be attacked for it so much if you didn’t distance yourself from those who just honestly do what they want to do, which is whore around and have a good time like the pathetic losers you make them out to be. At least they are honestly having a good time and not creeping girls out! You act like your shit doesn’t stink and that may be part, only part, of the animosity shown in all these replies.

    Personally I think you sound like real laugh a minute. But I doubt that would be the reality of you. Good luck with finding the fantasy of your dreams mate! Keep the articles coming!

  50. Petrol Reply

    What po faced reactions. Hilarious!

    C’mon – own up, whose capacity-building-development-gender based-empowerment forum has linked to this article.

    No wonder there are no world reknowned Cambodian comediennes (and no, that shit with the midget on CTN is not comedy).

  51. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    “Do you know that THE Cambodian women you are talking about are the ones that are probably poor and cannot afford to get proper education like the rest of our Cambodian women?”

    You’re completely wrong, poor Cambodian women don’t use computers, and they wouldn’t even know what Facebook is. The women he’s talking about are probably all relatively well off and educated.

    • Heu Dit Khemarith Reply

      Hi?? How do you know they don’t have computers?? How do you know they don’t even know what a Facebook is??? How about a mobile phone? Can’t they use a mobile phone to get on Facebook??? Please do not assume anything you have no idea about… If you still think you are right about proving that those women are well off and educated, please get a plane ticket and visit Cambodia for some research to find out if you are right… Don’t tell me why would you do that if you’re not going to do it.. Don’t try to prove something that you have no idea about, and if you still believe that you are right, please go ahead and find the answer, sir.

      P.S. English isn’t our first language. Don’t judge us, Cambodians, on how we use English. You should know that you might not communicate with us through our language, Cambodian, but we can communicate with you through your language, English.

      • Dermot Sheehan Reply

        I’ve been in Cambodia since you were probably in diapers. I can speak enough Khmer to get by. Being able to speak English doesn’t necessarily mean you can communicate effectively, which is clear from your comment.

        • Heu Dit Khemarith Reply

          Jes ni yey Khmer man? You’d lived there when I was in diaper, but not now.. Please go again.

          • Dermot Sheehan

            Sorry, but you’ve completely lost me with your nonsense. I still live here.

          • Heu Dit Khemarith

            Ey Lov ni yey Khmer jea mouy knhom Mok..

    • Vanthai Reply

      I do agree with you, Dermot. Poor Cambodian people cannot afford to access to the internet. I know it because I am working with people living in rural area. They are poor or uneducated, it doesn’t mean they are bad people. They have their own values to be respected. Being wealthy and educated doesn’t make people superior. We don’t eat money, but we eat rice the farmers produce. It is not their mistakes if they cannot afford to pay for education. We should feel pathetic for them, and not to criticize them.

  52. Boramey Moon Reply

    Generalization is not a good basis for writing. He might be disappointed with some Cambodian girls, but his intention aim to devalue Cambodian women in the whole country. Maybe he is not well educated lead him to come up with this insane article. Please anyone help convey my message to him that i say ‘you are really stupid,crazy, goofy man’.

    • violet Reply

      I think you conveyed your message well.
      I agree that generalisation is not a good basis for writing when writing a serious article, a report, an investigative piece, but this is none of those – it is meant to be a humorous bit of writing that plays on the generalisations.

  53. Peter Hogan Reply

    In the the ‘anti’ GavinMac camp, we have about 100 screechy women.

    In the ‘pro’ GavinMac camp we have 1,100 + FB likes.

    So by my calculations the internet has voted 11- 1 in favor of this article.

    • gavinmac Reply

      We’re up to 1,500 Facebook “likes” now. But I suspect that many of those are from disgusted Cambodian women who just instinctively click the “like” button whenever they see it.

  54. Monileak Reply

    Don’t make me laugh! I know this is true but not Cambodian women are all that kind. Think about women in your country before judging women in my country. Literally, teenagers in your country 90% already lost her virginity. Your culture is different from mine and a loser like you who have time to write this bloody topic about women in my country instead of sluts and whores in your country, probably won’t understand this! Before judging about other, think about yourself first, asshole! You guys don’t understand the feelings of seeing other insult your pride. You’re just a piece of shit who write the shit about other people. Two words seven letters, FUCK OFF!

  55. Peter Hogan Reply

    Crikey Monileak, what a foul mouth you have. Back in the UK, if my parents had heard me saying words like ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ they’d have washed my mouth out with a bar of soap. Do you like like to hang around with rowdy Australian sailors on shore leave in Sihanoukville? If not, where did you learn to swear like that? Please tell; I’m genuinely curious.

    • Roith Reply

      I think you parents should wash your mouth cos u already use that words.

    • Vanthai Reply

      I do agree with you, Peter Hogan. I am also Cambodian, but good Cambodian women would never say such words: fuck, shit or even asshole. To all Cambodian women, if you want to prove you are good, write or post something good, and not to use those bad words. This might bring shame to Cambodia.

  56. agonyaunt Reply

    I was going to rant about the racism, misogyny and pure generalization of this desperately sad sexpat (and his lackies such as Dermot); however, I think that beens done quite well here already. There’s also very little worth in discussing here how so few people have commented on the sickening sight of foreign men exploiting women (mostly half their size) who wouldn’t give them the time of day if they had more choices in their lives. Because in acutal fact, the thing that I read here that I found to be the most offensive was @Cora’s comment. ‘Have u ever met any rich cambodian women which is come from famous business family or powerful family in cambodia? some women who has good living lifestyle who driving Roll Royce, who has bunches of Hermes bags in her cabinets n who wearing 6 carats of rings. Have u ever seen them?’ Correct me if I’m wrong, but what Cora seems to be describing here is someone else’s wealth that she is flaunting whilst looking down on those who don’t have someone to provide for them… WE ARE ALL PROSTITUTES CORA, and it’s the ones who think they are better than other people who are the most contemptible. I am an incredibly wealthy woman through my own efforts, but I would never flaunt it in the cheap and crass way only someone who has no class like yourself would (it reminds me of East End market traders who flaunt their gold). Whilst millions of people in your country suffer at the hands of those ‘powerful’families, business owners and (what they like to call themselves) ‘the elite’; whilst they’re being forcefully evicted from their homes, their land grabbed for development, and imprisoned, beaten or killed for challenging injustices. Whilst the greed and corruption of your like are destroying the fabric of your nation, you have not one ounce of compassion for their suffering and instead choose to deride them because they don’t have the riches that have been so immorally gained. People like you sicken me to the core and are at the root of all that is unjust in Cambodia.

    • Dermot Sheehan Reply

      “this desperately sad sexpat” – As I’ve already mentioned, the writer lives in his home country.

  57. Susi Reply

    Speaking out as a Khmer lady myself who has a FB account, this post is hilarious. I did laugh out loud in agreement because I have seen such stories flooded on FB of my male classmates since their names are tagged in every posts from those girls(until this point, perhaps some of my fellow Khmer women already have some thoughts about me, more bad than good). I think what causes the anger overflow from Cambodian is this post somehow sounds as it is speaking about Khmer women as a whole. On the other hand, you can’t clap using only one hand, means if you don’t befriend them, SreyLonelyHeartSadNoLove, whom you don’t know, what do you expect from that?? My rules to befriend someone on FB is somebody I know, or recommended by friends/families otherwise I don’t give my two flying squirrels about it. Their privacy setting is poor, you can see anything about them, if you’re not a desperate man why whould you care to befriend them to get your name tagged and being dragged down the drain by them anyway! While the article sounds like a barang lad is generalizing Khmer women, some Khmer men are strectching every necks they have checking on saucy posts and links that Western girls are posting. LOL

  58. Lil_Princess Reply

    All comments and argument really made my day LOL. Yet, this article is just an over-generalization or assumption which the writer based on some particular women he met or befriended with on FB. So to speak, he seems to offend Cambodian women who do not possess the trait or attitude he mentioned above. Honestly, Cambodian women that he referred to are mostly from low-educated background or internet illiterate who usually work at night time on the street or in the bar. I presumed that his fb is flooded with that kind of women who normally die for attention and advertise themselves by using other FB friends. A gentleman doesn’t mind that kind of creepy little thing on FB and if you were the good type, you probably wouldn’t made such friends. I suggest you should discover and learn more about cambodians before you wrote down such a wasteful article. Your article did not only create a new horrible stereotype about cambodian women as a whole but also show to the world that all of them are idiot and slutty. So please try to make an apology speech to them because it did insult those who are totally diverse from what you described.

    P.S go fix your FB account and set privacy to prevent such a disaster and try to be more open-minded LOL

  59. Nika Reply

    Dear all,
    Just an advice from me, don’t befriend with this author loser because at the end of the day, he will just find 7 reasons to talk bad about you.
    He is a creepy who doesn’t want his friends back home to know.

  60. Another Cambodian woman Reply

    This is a piece of shit. I guest you have been friend with one or two Cambodian women whom don’t really know how to use facebook, and had zero idea what facebook is used for, and then you generalize your idea toward all Cambodian women.

    And do you think this is interesting? funny? Do you think writing this article makes you look smart? I guest you have been dumped by Cambodian woman (or women), that’s why you use this way to get rid of your anger.

    This piece shows that you lack of knowledge about Cambodian women and about Cambodia as a whole nation. It appears that you are a kind of jerk who has no hesitation in humiliating other people for your own fun. And it obviously shows that you are not smart as all.

  61. DARA Reply

    Writer is not professional, information is not true, no references and good reasons

  62. Yuky Reply

    What an article!
    Cambodian women are very friendly and gentle not like you are writing.
    What makes you write such article??

  63. Khmer Reply

    To Gavinmac,
    Please open your eyes and see Cambodia wider. What you are mentioned, you just see the very small part of our country and especially about the Cambodian women. Not all the peoples are bad even in Cambodia, in your country and even in the other country in the world. There are always good and bad mixed together.
    As I can see from your view, almost all the character mentioned are from the small group of girl that we can call them “prostitute” or “night girl”. The usual Cambodian women is very rarely go out at night except for certain special event or with their family/parent. So all you know is all about the small group of that girl, if you come to Cambodia to look for the SEX ONLY, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!
    And please correct your word “Chick” in your text at point No 5, 9th line, you can’t use this word for the all the Cambodian Women on Facebook.
    Gavinmac, you seems like having problem with the Facebook privacy please learn more how to use Facebook properly, if you have any problem with the course fee, let me know.
    Gavinmac,if you are really sure about what you wrote, please show your real personal information such as the nationality. So we can meet and talk!
    You are free to criticize and advice us and it’ll be appreciated. But DO NOT INCITE with your inaccurate information.
    No body is perfect!

    • Bugs Bunny Reply

      Obviously you didn’t understand the true purpose and meaning of the article like few other people. You all seem to share the same stupidity.

      “But DO NOT INCITE with your inaccurate information.”

      Guess what, the information in the article is very correct and a fact. What’s your problem? Did the mental hospital released you too early?

    • Monirath Ouk Reply

      To Khmer:
      – What’s your suggestion on seeing Cambodia wider? Panoramic lenses good enough?
      – 1 people, 2 peoples?
      – How should I learn more how?
      – There is a course with a course fee for Facebook privacy? How much are the fees and which academic body is this course associated with?
      – No body is perfect? How about Some Body?

  64. Davi Reply

    The article you write is just about a few Cambodian women. Most young Cambodian girl don’t care about their privacy on Facebook. All their posts are set to Public. If you request friend with a high graduated women you will see what the different.

  65. Lee Ly Reply

    Are Cambodian women all your friends? How many in your friends list?
    I wonder if you have checked and studied their background before requesting to be your friends. You might just sent a ” begging request” to them and tried to flirt around with some of them, or they might have rejected your ” fucking request” and annoyed you in some ways,right?

    This piece of writing tells the world of your poor and stupid judgement over a few women friends in your facebook.

  66. Ro Reply

    What a plain retard. Grow up dude and read some books before starting writing again.

  67. spicy Reply

    If writers had learnt about business communication and international relations, he would be more diplomatic and provide less harmful to the public about his message…

    No wonder that now the top 20 largest facebook groups are administered by Indian, Pakistan, Arab, …and Cambodia…. so we have the power to delete their post because they are too private.

  68. spicy Reply

    Anyway, we should thank him for debating facebook use in Cambodia…
    Khmer saying that “a pure gold doesn’t afraid of fire” …. but some people have might too many girls to an extend they are hiding everything… Please protect yourself from HIV…. condom cannot protect you….
    Only one girl one man , honesty protect your health and mental well-being.

  69. violet Reply

    OI!!! who’s using my name to post comments. I can categorically claim I have not yet commented on this even though someone else with my user name has written.

    So, what do I think… Not as good as your earlier ones, GM but I totally appreciate the humour and I really wish humour translated well across nations. Generalisations are funny people. No need to be offended.

    GM – is it possible to write a funny and yet complimentary piece? You might need to so as to avoid physical attacks should your identity ever become known to the offended.

  70. Peter Hogan Reply

    We’ve had another 20 or so peevish and whingeing comments since yesterday. On the the other hand, there are *five hundred* more facebook likes. Do the math, people.

  71. Ken svay Reply

    This whole thing has almost become a parody of itself.The responses from humourlesz women and men remind of the deplorable comments on KI media.I have always thought that Khmers had a good sense of humour, despite that slapstick rubbish thst is foisted on them by the mousthachio brothers who all work for the regime.
    I watch Khmers responses to these pathetic music hall types and often the laughter appears forced and not genuine.I think if comedy in this country was allowed to be political and the rich and powerful were lampooned then most Khmers would love it, even without facial hair.
    As is obvious from the comments here the frightfully self important Khmers are doing a great job of lampooning themselves in their fractured english.I hadnt realised that rolls royces and hermes bags were such a critical part of khmer traditional culture.

  72. DarkBlue Reply

    So true!
    I know some Cabodian girls.
    Always there is a talk about emnotions and food. 🙂

    I had been leaving in Cambodia for a couple of month. with Cambodian family. The society there has a lot of problems. Education is extremly poor. 98% of population think they are leaving in a good country and they are the best! They do not see the problems inside the country and ignor what os happening around them (corraption, education, goverment).

  73. Sea Monkey Reply

    GM, they sound pretty rabid, better get a phalanx of bodyguards next time you visit. I’d hate to see your head on a pike pole at the Lexus dealership next time I visit.

  74. Dermot Sheehan Reply

    So if anyone makes a vapid comment on Facebook they must be either a prostitute, poor or uneducated? Seems like a lot of the commentators on here have some sort of logic-bypass going on.

  75. Arne Sahlen Reply

    C’mon, guy! Facebook 101: ‘Friending’ unknown women brings the kind of unknown women who can be Friended. Don’t trash any one country. Don’t be a male version of women you don’t want, then slam them for being female versions of you! I feel enormous esteem for Khmer women. They deserve care, respect and honour – whether or not their own honour has been crushed by war, poverty, media, and thrill-seeking males. Without Cambodia’s women, that great country and culture would still be a total shambles. Life 101: Finger-pointing just points the other three fingers back at you.

  76. Arne Sahlen Reply

    P.S. from “Facebook 101” writer: It’s guys like you that have trained them to be women you don’t want to Friend.

  77. Jack Reply

    Been there done that got the t-shirt, your generalizations are very accurate. Of course there must be exceptions but i have yet to meet any in my decades of wondering.

  78. Ken svay Reply

    I think the problem with many Cambodians is their lack of a decent education and having a ruling class who brook no dissent.In the west we love to criticise and lampoon our rulers and every few years we get the opportunity to remove them.
    Hence Cambodians dont understand satire amd hate to be criticised.Those with the money for a half decent education and a smart phone are usually the priviledged and connected who have their advantage more through luck than hardwork or academic success.
    What are the chances of a boy or girl in the bush herding cows today becoming a senator or CEO in the future?
    This is so different from the west where the poorest child, if bright and hard working can achieve whatever they seek in life.However these working class battlers probably dont want carat rings, hermes bags or rolls royces- its about self satisfaction.Unfortunately Cambodias shallow gene pool has produced so few people with any class- read comments above for evidence.

  79. Logos Reply

    Thanks GM, it had been a while since I hadn’t had such a good times reading through readers’submissions.

    May I suggest a piece on ghosts as a next instalment on khmer female psyche ? Or has it been done already ?

  80. Vuthy Reply

    It’s so true about girls in general, many girls on facebook have something in common. Come on girls you gotta accept it. I’ve seen many hatred comments for the ladies. You should take it as compliment ladies get mad.

  81. BKK TONY Reply


  82. BKK TONY Reply



  83. Rancha Reply

    You are a poor educated person who is always dying of using facebook.You can only criticize some women but not all because it completely impacts to their loving society. Can you use your brain to imagine how hurt you feel if someone criticize your country? Different country, different culture, different lifestyle. I do not agree with what you said. Unacceptable!

  84. Steve Reply

    I think you should clearly mark your articles as humor or satire so you don’t offend people. Same thing happened with your “reasons not to marry a khmer woman”, you offended a lot of people, including me. Very funny though, just mark it properly and no one will take offence.

    • andy Reply

      Good idea. K440 needs a big emoticon of a smiley with thick black eyebrows and a Charlie Chaplin moustache for the people in Cambodia to ‘see’ humour. In addition, have a sound file of canned laughter so the posters in America can get the joke.

  85. mia Reply

    too funny, both from the article and the angry comments… oh man

  86. Neil Skywalker Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this because it’s true. All of the above happened to me in some way or another. The “problem” doesn’t limit itself to Cambodia but is well spread all over Asia. Girls in the Philippines and Indonesia are world champion at doing this. I have unfriended nearly all the SEA girls on my Facebook for this reason. Next time, i’m going to these parts of the world I’ll make a separate Facebook page.

  87. Hanno Stamm Reply

    I don’t know what is funnier, the article or some of the PC replies? Lighten up all, this is tongue-in-cheek and a lot of the stuff is so bloody true. “Poking her cheek with index finger” is spot-on.

  88. sidneywho Reply

    This is hilarious. Keep writing more jokes about Cambodian, Gavinmac. I am Cambodian living in California. I am also 100% degree with you about 7 reasons not to marry a Cambodian woman. I was laughing when I read it.

  89. Rob Reply

    Again, Gevinmac, you are a genius! And to just absolutely add to the hysterical comedy is the comments that come afterward…it is almost unbelievable that the comical aspect of this goes over so many peoples heads…everyone from the rich bitch types, even to the western guys who are ‘so offended’!! I live in Thailand and, as most readers who also live here know, the same applies. Keep up the good work man! Rob

  90. Ken svay Reply

    And so it goes on , I have just shared gavs best stuff with some new friends in australia.Gav should keep writing and publish a book, I am sure that it would be copied, be distributed widely in cambodia and not make a penny.It will take another generation or two before Cambodians become educated and are able to understand satire.But in a culture like this where having an ugly villa and a big black SUV is the pinnacle of class will people ever be able to laugh at themselves? Cambodians should have their own social media site, the BIGfacebook.

  91. KhmerBoy Reply

    If you didn’t post, I didn’t know you knew nothing about Cambodian women. Fucking idiot!

  92. laura roberts Reply

    The writer of this blog is a racist pig. How dare you generalise about a nation of women. I lived in Cambodia and have hundreds of Khmer friends. I suggest you think before you blog. twat.

  93. William Reply

    This article is 100% true and without fault, any person who disagrees is only doing so to be diplomatic with Cambodians, Cambodian woman at any age are equivalent to 12 year old western girls, I say this not to be nasty, only to be true, Cambodians have been let down by their education system, their peers, their politicians, their government and their standard of living.

    They will change, but by the time they do, facebook will be long gone.

    Cambodian women are fun and lovable characters, and I love them for that, but the fact remains, they are children.

  94. Monirath Ouk Reply

    As much as I am Cambodian, I have to agree with the author that his observations are synchronous with mine. I am probably gonna get like a ton of hater replying me with threats of amputation or gunshots to the head but in all honesty, Cambodian women are exactly what the author makes them out to be.

    Oh Dear Author, you forgot to mention that quite a lot of Cambodian women like taking pictures of themselves in the toilet and posting them onto FB. Oh oh another one, they absolutely love taking photos of the knock off LVs and Guccis and putting them online bragging that they bought it for 120USD!

  95. srey9/4/13 Reply


    I love your humor! But, young people are naive no matter the setting. Some older people are still naive!

    It’s amazing how many commenters claim to speak and write English but really can’t. I’m writing this comment while sleep deprived (taking care of a newborn) and my English is better than some of the other commenters.

    Just in case some people think I’m a white guy:
    I am a female born in Cambodia during the war to an educated family who escaped to the West after having survived the Pol Pot camps.

    Write more articles ‘cause you’re FUNNY as hell!

  96. der mutt Reply

    Haha- just wait until the red light goes off at pochentong on your next visit gav- don’t forget to write about it- will be highly amusing.

  97. Sai Reply

    You can’t say ” Cambodia woman ” that’s mean that you’re talking about all the woman in Cambodia. There might be some people who really did like you say, but the other may haven’t done that. You can’t judge everybody by seeing some! I think you need yo say ” Sorry ” for this article, because it does effect to everybody woman in Cambodia and also me as well.

  98. Sam Reply

    I must admit, when I first read the article I was amused. But, as it went further I started to get more and more offended by it. One, you have no solid evidence that ONLY Cambodian women have sappy ass statuses, or if all their usernames are childish. No evidence whatsoever. Are you really saying that only Cambodian women use broken English? Are the other foreigners, that you have as friends, speak perfect English?? Are you fucking kidding me, I am a proud Cambodian woman and I speak better English than half of these motherfuckers that agreed to this dumbass article. This is what you call racism. You chose to isolate the Cambodian women from the rest of your “friends” and pick on them. Why? What is it? Did a Cambodian woman reject your proposal? Did she break your heart? Or, is it that you find them fun to pick on? Only an arrogant and ignorant person like yourself would write an article. If there is one valuable thing that I’ve learned is that there is only one race in this whole world and its the human race. Discriminating and hating on a “race” as a whole is pathetic, and that is what you are.

    • Nick Reply

      Why did he wrote an article on them? it’s because he got mad that they were ignored his privacy messages, and wall posted after they accepted his friend request. that is one reason.

  99. paul scott Reply

    Another great piece of writing Gavinmac.
    I send out your address to all my facebook friends, them laughing and laughing hardly any crying or puffy cheek at all.

  100. phim Reply

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  101. Mark Reply

    True to many Facebook girls. Not all, but many do that. However, just becareful. Don’t befriend girl with fake account lolzzzzzz

  102. Sophia Reply

    It is such a ridiculous article I have ever read in my life. Oh man! You can be a joke writer. 🙂

    Anyway, It is just a matter of culture, If you happy to be friend with them why do you have to bother about all of these stuffs.

    Difference country have difference culture. I would be more appreciate if you could write other article that more useful than this one.


  103. Nick Reply

    Please use your brain before you speak, this is an offensive article to the whole nation. I don’t know where did you get all this bullshit story came from. But as ” TRADITION” Khmer women never sleep with any white dudes, black dudes or stupid dude like you, nor other men before they were married. Since you have 7 reasons about them, I do have some reason for you too.
    #1 Cambodian women just open a new facebook to learn how to communication with their friends and families, but those who had open new account will get friends suggestion to random people of whole world wide. then one of your friend or best friend added them then you got an notification on your page, somehow your are a pervert person that’s wondering who is she? why she look so HOT and your idiotic friend knew her. so you click on her page and start to check on her photos, and all about her, the next thing you do is ADDED her to your friend, but she seem too nice to denied you, she will just accepted but it seem she never know you, she ignored all your privacy messages, and posted. so you “got mad bro?” ~.~
    #2 Most of Cambodian isn’t Poor or no money like you said. some of them have 2 iphones on their hands with different area codes due to some server doesn’t working, plus ipad, MacBook in their house, drive nice car no need to work all day like western people work their ass off 8-12hours per days, 7/weeks to pay off their bills and childs support. again Asian people DON’T need to do yoga lack of their body never get FAT lol. they do some activities but they don’t need to posted on facebook every single things on. once again never think other people or countries are poor, you never know they bought brand new car with CASH in front of you. every countries have poor and rich.
    #3, they were set as public maybe its because they still learning how to played facebook. English isn’t their first language, please remember that too. skip 5/6
    #7 person look like you will never get a chance to date a real Cambodian women. maybe lucky pick up one from the junkyard. being in relationship with Cambodian women you better not be a cheater. but if she caught you walk into a restaurant with other girl she will sure asked you who is she that you was with at the restaurant before they start something serious, they do have reasonable. if she caught you as cheating she might posted on facebook to let you know how much you hurt her feeling so you go back to beg her, and she will forgive you. totally different from western women, I agree with that. if nice western women caught you as cheating you be out the door or only hoe will give you nice treatment with their SEX. But cheater always be a cheater, they can never change.

  104. Clint Reply

    I thought this article was hilarious. This was obviously Gavinmacs experience and issues that he had with this Cambodian women friends. Obviously he likes an enjoys Cambodian women but the culture is a little foreign to him. He was not saying that he did not like Cambodian women he was just expressing what happened to him and obviously his friends and family took issue to what these girls were writing on his FB account. I am sure that he could write an article about the negatives of western women I know that I have read many such articles. I could write my own on western women. Anyway it was a great read and I don’t think any less of Cambodian women because of what I read.

  105. Sovy Reply

    I do agree all these above reasons because she doesn’t have English knowledge. Moreover, they don’t understand about the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook well and it is new for them to learn. Otherwise, western countries have using Facebook for long time so they do understand well than Cambodia. Finally reason, that is true for her to show her charming, expressing her love to everyone of her boyfriend to know about this incase her boyfriend just use her for hungry sex or game.

    To summarise, my opinion will help to improve and change woman attitude.

  106. Phuong Thida Reply

    Gavinmac, can you tell me that you and your father, your son, your brothers, your uncle, your male friends are stupid the same like you?? Are they agree with you, if you said “YES”???

  107. Dalin Reply

    Just wondering how many Cambodian women that Mr. so-called Gavinmac have been “friend” with that could raise to such presumption for the women with Cambodian nationality in general? How can you possibly say “CAMBODIAN” women?? It is too awckward to see such accurate evaluation on Cambodian women while the writer cannot simply express any basic of thinking as a human to do so. It is even more awckward for a guy to incredibly be friend with only low-class women while a bunch of gorgoeus Cambodian women are everywhere in FACEBOOK! The simple reason is that our gorgoeus ladies will never accept the friend request from such below-standard brainless jerk. Please!! Be shameful to youself, Mr. Gavinmac.

  108. gilrinblue Reply

    Maybe You have made friend in the wrong group of Cambodian women. It’s not appropriate to sat them publicly in a post like that. One small group of Women (Cambodian) could not generalized the whole group. To whom (Cambodian women) you have been dating, those considered not true Cambodian at all. Cambodian culture would not allow daughters (women) to have any relationship before married. You could date anyone who at ease being hooked but should you not underestimate those women who got good discipline. Only those who are not educated enough, could be easily courted.

  109. Dany Khieu Reply

    Reading this article, I learned that the writer knows nothing about Cambodia and Cambodian.

  110. Megan Reply

    If that’s how you view 50% of Cambodia then what are you doing living in the country?

  111. Nene Reply

    Western neng os cha nas tov ei…mouy math na kor Cambodia girl penh penh moth nas nor…a foreigner eng neng os ja put na tov…chuzz u western don understand
    us Asain why expect us to understand u stupid western! Mech my broken English loy te but still better than u while we understand ur stupid English u don understand what we r saying boo u!!! A chong rai tov ngob tov!!!

  112. Vichny Reply

    Some part you wrote are true but it is not true at all. many of my friend really put their real name. they post about their sadness not very often comparing to sharing with their close friend. also my friends and i rarely post about our feelings too. but of my friends really did it.

  113. suk Reply

    Gavinmac die in the hell! As you know many cAmboodians girls are smart and clever you white monkey! Yr writing is rasist like you. Idiot!

  114. Jacob Reply

    “I’ve always advocated that you should keep your Cambodia life separate from your life back in your home country.”

    What the hell kind of life are you trying to have in Cambodia? Are you one of those sexpats who’s over there to pick up questionably aged prostitutes and doing all kinds of shit just so you can get away with it in a country that doesn’t have it’s eye on you?

  115. Lida Reply

    What the hell ! How could you say all these ? that’s crazy! How many Cambodian women you have known? I really do not understand the purpose of your text? you think you are good enough to judge all the Cambodian women like this? If you do not know clearly , please please do not say like this. Please think about other’s feeling before doing something. I am Cambodian as well.

  116. Dr Sun Reply

    The article is just a satirical view of young Phnom Penh women that use facebook. I doubt if it was intended to offend anyone. I thought it was pretty funny in places.

    Most western readers realize it doesn’t apply to all Khmer women. It’s just poking a bit of fun at the lifestyles of the ridiculous rich and the young Fino riding airheads. These types can be found in every country of the world.

    I see a lot of responders saying things like this only represents prostitutes or factory workers as though those girls are not human or Cambodian enough for the upper class. Well, like it or not they are part of your society as they are in many countries.

    Peace & Love from Dr. Sun

  117. Thomas Nutterfield Reply

    There is a lot of truth to what the writer mentions, some of it comically so and it doesn’t necessarily apply only to Khmer women, but Asian women (well young women aged less than about 35 or 40 really) in general. Irrespective of upbringing, wealth or education I have found the following in common:

    1. Hundreds and hundreds of selfies. Almost no pictures of anything where a dominating self-portrait isn’t included – very rarely any comments about the background (for example, the person might be standing on top of a hill with a great background), if the person is suddenly wearing glasses that that person normally doesn’t wear etc. Look, we know what you look like. How about posting some other pictures once in a while?

    2. Status updates: not everyone does them. Some girls never post status updates except as selfies, which then attract a barrage of predictable comments like “sexy”, “oh so fat/skinny now” from other female friends (and maybe one guy that likes that particular girl).

    3. Status updates continued: some girls post a random selfie and then some kind of unrelated, random poetic drivel along with it. Or perhaps not a selfie but a random picture with a completely random and unrelated story that goes along with it like “Life is like a journey…” kind of boring if you ask me, but well, girls and guys are different.

    4. Pictures of themselves with friends eating at some restaurant, often just at some ordinary chain restaurant that everyone has been to like 20 times just in the last 6 months alone. This is followed by a barrage of comments about the food or how the friends who weren’t present, wish they were. “Oh, was that soup spicy?” “please eat for me too” “wish I was there” “miss you” etc.

    5. Pictures of various poses when going traveling. While Khmers may not have much money to travel (except a small and growing urban middle class and elite), Thais, Malaysians and urban Vietnamese do (at least to other parts of their own countries or occasionally to neighboring countries). So they post pictures of themselves jumping on the beach, eating at restaurants, in their hotel rooms etc. There is very little in the way of activities they participate in…for the most part travel for them is a race to take as many pictures in as many places as possible and then post all of them at the end of the day. While we might want to actually swim when we go to a beach, Asian girls just like to take pictures and maybe wade in the water for 2 mins after having taken 500 pics before the boat leaves and it’s time to depart back for shore again.

    6. I have no idea about what married Cambodian/Asian women (irrespective of whether they are married to other locals or foreigners) post on facebook except if they have children, in which case every single post will in some way be related to their child/children. Generally I don’t see married women I know making status updates about their relationships, but much more just about their kids. If they don’t have kids yet then it’s usually just about meeting work colleagues or long lost friends and having a meal together.

    Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with these things per se, it’s just an interesting cultural observation that I’ve grown so used to I don’t even think about it anymore until an article like this brings it up. I guess maybe I don’t know what it’s like to travel with western women anymore (except members of my own family) or what western women post on facebook?

  118. Tepy Kim Reply

    U just have some friends who are Cambodian Women but how can you judge Cambodian Women like this???? You’re being too harsh to all Cambodian women. You can judge SOME of them. and why do you have to mention about another country? Your harsh words can hurt the Cambodian women who have never done the stuffs like you have mentioned. The worst thing ever is you brought up the name of another country (CAMBODIA) and criticized about their cultures.

  119. SreyKeo Reply

    so stupid that doesnt make sense man. u just wanna be famous by this or what? Some girls never post status updates except as selfies, which then attract a barrage of predictable comments like “sexy”, “oh so fat/skinny now” from other female friends (and maybe one guy that likes that particular girl).
    It is even more awckward for a guy to incredibly be friend with only low-class women while a bunch of gorgoeus Cambodian women are everywhere in FACEBOOK! The simple reason is that our gorgoeus ladies will never accept the friend request from such below-standard brainless jerk. Please!! Be shameful to youself, Mr. Gavinmac.

  120. Gazaw Reply

    Have to agree with Gavinmac, dated a few Khmer and every day some shit was posted about our relationship..all blown out of all proportions. The Khmer and other Asian friends on FB whom i dont date, all do the same shit, post how miserable there life and boyfriends are. So, pretty accurate.

  121. Steve Reply

    @Gavinmac — You are so right man, LOL. I just learn to get use to it and sometimes I call them out for posting repetitive comments like “is that your GF?” for every photo I post with a girl… and one time a girl follow up by saying “Oh I knew she wasn’t your type because she is too dark”. I got mad at her for that, told her it was rude and then she got mad at me for criticizing her about that. Geez.

  122. nelson m Reply

    I am happily married to a Cambodian and we have two children. Its sad to hear all this. to blame is the us for the mess they left behind in the war with Vietnam. they used the cia and do best oust the leader of Cambodia who wanted to stay neutral and place general lon nol. when us left Vietnam lon nol was left to fend for him self. then Khmer rouge and pol pot killed many teachers ,doctors. So still Cambodia is trying to move on. these girls-ladys need the education. they will learn and move on cause they are strong

  123. J.Harous Reply

    what a complete and unrespectful fool, learn some manners or stay in your hovel dickhead#

  124. Gunblade Reply

    Well I have one, and she is nice and lovely. The opposite of your description. Maybe you’re just out of luck XD

  125. POE Reply

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  127. SelinaBoice Reply

    I’m Cambodian woman, but I feel funny to read to your article. I got the same problem as you did too. I agree that some of them were like that. I feel annoying too. They kept sharing drama, tagging me their pics even no my pic there, and took screenshoot. However, if you pick up the right choice of the environment you were in, you would not be interrupted by them. For my experience, I never accept friend request randomly. I need to check about their background first.
    Most women in my facebook account are the college student and freestyle workers. I didn’t feel unsafe to stay around with them.

  128. web page Reply

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