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‘The Definitive Guide to Moving to South East Asia: Cambodia’

The writer Gabi Yetter is a long standing contributor to Cambodia’s best-known and best-read expatriate website (this one) who’s had her finger on the expat pulse here for some years now.

As her editor at K440, it’s been a total joy to see the diversity of her subject matter, which has varied from the best value Mexican, Indian and Japanese eateries in town to sedate afternoon tea venues in the tropics, less-traveled beaches on islands hundreds of miles from the coast, American doctors working with the disadvantaged in the dusty boonies, and English expat ballet tutors in Phnom Penh.

So K440 is very happy to recommend her new book to anybody thinking of abandoning the Western rat race, taking the expat plunge and considering Cambodia as their destination of choice.

‘The Definitive Guide to Moving to South East Asia: Cambodia’ does exactly what is says on the tin being at once an insider’s advice to discovering all that Cambodia has to offer, a travel guide and a relocation guide for expats.

Anyway, enough of me already. Let’s see what some buyers to have say over at Amazon:

“So if you are someone that wants to unearth the REAL Cambodia, then get this book.”

“This book is a must-read for anyone planning on moving to Cambodia.”

“I defy you not to read Gabrielle Yetter’s comprehensive and conversational guide without wanting to at least visit, if not move to Cambodia. The devil is in the details and this book appears laced with everyone one could want to know. Good stuff!”

‘The Definitive Guide to Moving to South East Asia: Cambodia’ by Gabi Yetter is available to buy online over at Amazon

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