Three Sex Tourist ‘Prowlers’ Get Drugged and Robbed

Hoary Trio ‘Whore Snookered’ in Snooky

Ipad recovered after drinks spiked – but where’s the dignity?

Preah Sihanouk: 28.12.13

-A Khmer woman was arrested for allegedly having administered a knockout drug to 3 foreigners and making off with their valuables.

-On the afternoon of the 27th of December, 2013, the 3 foreigners had filed a complaint with Commune 5 Administrative Police against a 35 year old Khmer woman named Ma Kree (ម៉ា គ្រី), whom they accused of having spiked their beer, then making off with their phones, an Ipad, some money and sundry other items while they slept.

-Police arrested the suspect while she was in the act of pawning the phones and Ipad at a phone shop.

-The suspect was interrogated by police and sent to provincial court for processing.

Khmer news from CEN translated by Porky Pig

7 thoughts on “Three Sex Tourist ‘Prowlers’ Get Drugged and Robbed

  1. angsta Reply

    Do they name the ‘ahem’ victims? I hope their families are reading this…

  2. Gerry Lyall Reply

    They name the lady, but not the perverts. Didn’t get what they deserved.

  3. geoffrey goodyear Reply

    didnt think my comment would make it you retarded fat beer drinking moron – just one look at you and anyone can see why your in a 3rd worldcountry fukin young girls for the price of a few beers back in england – i left cambodia feb 2014 after 2 years there – got some good khmer friends they tell me for just a few hundred dollars you can get a couple of khmer man down from phnom phen to put a barang away for good,,,,interesting – il be back in 2015 , good luck m8

  4. Paul Reply

    March 25 2015

    My good friend had his coffee spiked up at victory hill last week. A girl from the shop and her mum followed my friend home and entered his room behind him(witnessed). They then stole all his money, bank cards, phone licence etc. After 3 days of awful treatment with the local police mafia he had to drop the case because the police said the girl would proceed with a case of unlawful imprisonment or attempted rape. The police even kick out the official police translator. The girl said she was 17 years old but she is 23. She worked for an NGO until she was 18 and that was several years ago. There is no justice in Cambodia, only money talks which is why no one in their right mind should involve the police. The police even have my friends bank receipts that the girl threw on the floor to hide.

  5. jonh Reply

    All people who planning a holiday to cambodia don’t, to dangerous you get set up and you will be paying the corrupt police and court thousands off dollars.

  6. James Reply

    Nowhere in this article is it established that they are sleazy sex tourists. Is the writer trying to imply they deserved to be drugged?

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