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Drunken American NGO Staffer Drives SUV Into Sh*t Creek But Rescues His Booze

….and then practices karate moves on bemused cops.

Friday, 3rd January, 2014, 9:47 am

Phnom Penh

-A drunken American man drove his car into a 6 meter deep drainage canal, but managed to swim away with the help of an onlooker who pulled him ashore.

The incident occurred at 10:15 pm, 2nd January, 2014, along a stretch of dirt road that forms a bank for a drainage canal in Somrong Teo Village, Krung Tnong Commune, Posenchay District.

-A witness stated he had seen the American speeding along the road in a dark green and silver Mitsubishi Pajero, heading west to east. When he arrived at the point of the road adjacent to the canal where it turns left, he failed to negotiate the turn, causing the car to plunge into canal, where it sank. But the driver managed to press open the car window, crawl out of the car, and swim away with a bottle of alcohol in his possession before he was helped ashore. (ចុចកញ្ចក់រថយន្តរួចលូនចេញពីក្នុងរថយន្តហែលទឹកស្អុយ រួមជាមួយដបស្រាមួយដបត្រូវបានអ្នកឃើញហេតុការណ៍ជួយស្រង់យកមកលើគោកវិញ។)

-The victim was identified as ចន អ៊ីនដ្រូ (John Andrew), a 36 year old American male, currently employed with an NGO.

Khmer news from the Koh Santepheap translated by Porky Pig

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5 thoughts on “Drunken American NGO Staffer Drives SUV Into Sh*t Creek But Rescues His Booze

  • Ha! what NGO? and will the donations now be diverted for another overpriced vehicle (or the hefty repair bill of this one..) so the drunken staff can go buy thier alcohol?

    I am a pessimist, and as such, I am jumping to the conclusion that this is a company car..

  • And the name of the NGO is…

  • Peter Hogan

    Juiced up NGO fuckwits swerving their SUVs around late night Phnom Penh isn’t a rare event, but it’s delightful that this particular asshat had his comeuppance.

    Now we just need his full name and the name of his employer so we can humiliate the jerk further.


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