“Missing” Aussie expat from Thailand found in Cambodia; he claims amnesia


Nathan Hansford, an Australian businessman working in Thailand who reportedly “disappeared” several months ago, has been found in Cambodia, according to a statement from his family. The Sydney Morning Herald reported last week that Hansford went missing from his Thai wife in Bangkok in December and that he had no contact with his family in Australia since then. Hansford’s sister arrived in Bangkok to look for him on March 4, at which point Thai authorities began searching for him as well.

Hansford’s family now reports that Hansford has been found in Cambodia, where he was suffering from “amnesia.” The statement from Hansford’s family notably does does not say: (1) where Hansford was found in Cambodia (Phnom Penh hospital, Siem Reap guesthouse, or Sihanoukville hostess bar?); (2) whether Hansford received any medical treatment for his amnesia or whether his amnesia is self-diagnosed; (3) whether his alleged amnesia-causing but non-debilitating traffic accident occurred in Cambodia, Thailand, or Narnia, or (4) whether Hansford entered Cambodia before or after the press reported last week that Thai authorities had started looking for him.

Adding to the intrigue is that Hansford worked in the financial services industry in Asia for many years, specifically in “cash management.” Cambodia has long had a reputation as a haven for Western fugitives, including those who have committed financial crimes in other countries.

Apparently, no reporters have yet been able interview Hansford or any member of his family regarding his whereabouts over the last four months or the circumstances of how he was found in Cambodia. Hansford’s family has instead requested “privacy” so that Hansford has the “time and space to return to his full health.”

Did you encounter Nathan Hansford in Cambodia during the last four months? Do you sometimes suffer from amnesia in Cambodia, or do you wish that you did? Feel free to comment below or join the discussion here.


8 thoughts on ““Missing” Aussie expat from Thailand found in Cambodia; he claims amnesia

  1. Mr. Yang Reply

    Well after marrying his Thai Hostess and her smiley family asking him for money, he probably sobered up and ran for the hills! Good on you,mate!

  2. Dre Reply

    He looks like the guy from the Hang Over….which may be the real story…

  3. jim tomka Reply

    Maybe he was on the Malaysian 777 that went down. I hope the rest show up soon.

  4. cid Reply

    brilliant article. I’d say found in Sihanoukville hostess bar, suffering from non-specific urethritis, mild amnesia causing him to forget his Bangkok bitch/wife, and severe dyslexia so was unable to read the name on his credit card for the last 4 months. Looks mildly sun burnt with a vacuous expression often seen by white trailer trash appearing on Judge Judy for fraud.
    Thanks for this.

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