Liam Strother: Conman and Thief in Cambodia

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Liam Strother is 26, from Scotland and has spent the past few months traveling around Cambodia gaining the trust of tourists, expats and local businesses and then stealing from them.

In Sihanoukville, he is reported to have left a trail of unpaid bills to expat owned businesses such as bars and guest houses and is also alleged to have stolen personal items – cameras and other high-value, portable items – from tourists and expatriates he’d befriended and who’d allowed him access to their homes or hotels.

Having worn out his welcome at the beach, been briefly jailed and had his passport confiscated by the Khmer police, Strother moved to Phnom Penh where his one-man crime spree has continued unabated.

In the last two weeks we have received reports of him once again running up large debts at hostels and guesthouses, and just as in Sihanoukville, befriending female travelers and then stealing their money and valuables.

All travelers, expats and business owners – particularly bar and guesthouse owners – should be aware of Stother’s modus operendi and give him a very wide berth indeed.

More information and regular updates on Stother’s latest whereabouts can be found on this K440 forum thread and business owners can download and print out a pdf file of the poster below by clicking on this link.

Update: Sunday 18th May

We’ve now discovered that a Liam Strother was due in court last Friday 16th May at Inverness Magistrates Court in Scotland. Inverness magistrates court would be the nearest trial court to Grantown-on-Spey – the hometown of Liam Strother the Phnom Penh-based thief, so in all likelihood, the two Liam Strothers are one and the same. Therefore, as a result of Strother’s current presence in Cambodia, it is very likely an arrest warrant has been issued in Scotland for his non attendance in court last Friday.

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25 thoughts on “Liam Strother: Conman and Thief in Cambodia

  1. paul vallely Reply

    worked with this guy in Muchrach lodge in dulnain bridge outside granton on spey where he stole money from crdit card machine where he was arrested by thr local plod, serius loser know he spent time in juvie in scotland and his family live in dulnain bridge

  2. Andy Reply

    I owned Muckrach Lodge. Liam Strother stole cash tips from the staff and from my credit card machine. I had him arrested and he was charged. He will steal from anybody. Avoid him

  3. JT Reply

    I went to school with this idiot… I know where he lives and i’ve ‘known’ him for years. Also he is 19, not 26.

  4. Karl Hungus Reply

    Before long, me thinks Strother will end up a bloated floater.

  5. aboveisanidiot Reply

    Really dave dont be a prick, shame to read about someone from my hometown making headlines in the wrong way…

  6. MJC Reply

    Known Liam a long time, dont judge a book by its cover, a young man with a troubled past, we cant all be perfect, with the right help he might work his shit out!

    • gavinmac Reply

      Judging a book by its cover means judging a person by his appearance rather than his actions. that’s not what is happening here. People are expressing disgust with his behavior, not his appearance.

  7. blair mackay Reply

    this little feecker is now going out with my daughter, and beat her up the other night, and its not the first time this has happened,, so pass the word round,, im looking for the little scumbag, and when i get him,, he will pay for what hes doing to my daughter!

    • Falcon Randwick Reply

      Are you in Cambodia, or where? that might help with people trying to find the obnoxious prick…

  8. liam strother Reply

    Blair Mackay that’s utter bullshit. I never touched your daughter, who, btw is not your daughter anymore as she was taken off you by social services because your a drugged-up heroine addict junkie fuck so look in the mirror before you start judging other people you fucking reprobate. as for the rest of this, yes I didn’t pay some hotel bills after I got my shit nicked but as for sleeping with women and stealing their stuff, that never happened. not even once. find some evidence before you put this kind of shit online and it really makes it difficult to apply for jobs when employers read this. get a fucking life and stop screwing with mine.

    • thommy Reply

      Hey Liam,

      remember me? I gave you a load of money when you came to otres beach, in fact at one point i gave you my last $100 so you could get away to phnom penh. I was only kind to you, why did you turn out to be such an arse? You said you would pay me back but you never did. You caused a real storm out there and i tried to vouch for you, you relieved me of $650 and made me look stupid for trying to help you.

  9. dannyrothman Reply

    Hey everyone. If folk are looking to find “Mr Strother”, then try being at Inverness Sheriff Court on the 18th Jan 2016 as a certain little toe-rag has an on-going case to show up for. Just thought you’d like to know.

  10. dannyrothman Reply

    No bother dude.
    The on-going case he’s currently facing is to call again on 11th March and 15th April (same court venue). Haven’t found out exactly what charges he’s facing, yet, but I’m working on it. By way of explanation, I suppose its only fair to say that “Mr Strother” seems to have got on the wrong side(s) of the people who have given me the task of finding out all I can about him. I don’t know him personally myself, and so it was perhaps rude of me to call him a “little toe-rag” earlier on. But given the amount of vitriolic stuff already posted about him, my description seems tame by comparison. Anyway, I have his cuurent address, date of birth, high-school reports etc etc, and am aware of his criminal convictions to date. I’ll let you know more after I’ve spoken with some folk I’m due to meet later this week.

  11. Annonymous Reply

    For anyone that is still interested, he’s working in the Muckle(wetherspoons pub) in Elgin under the name of Nathan Mackellar…..

  12. op ghost Reply

    update on Liam Strother aka Nathan mackeller states his father was ira and has connections with them (they want a word with him) apparently sells weed from the pub in elgin and has a poor girl so besotted with him that hes got her talkin pills and other stuff and vilifying her mother an I think the police should be informed of his current were abouts in relation to his on-going case he’s currently facing is to call again on 11th March and 15th April

  13. Andrew Reply

    I remember when he told everyone I was a junkie and spread rumours around to all my friends. Then I remember sending them back to this and all the shit and lies he told before.

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