Young Briton Marc Davey, 27, found dead at Walkabout Hotel

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Although the official cause of death has yet to be confirmed, it seems likely that another young tourist has died of a drug overdose in Phnom Penh.

27 year old British national Marc Davey from Leeds was found in a guestroom at the famous Walkabout Hotel on the corner of Street 51 and Street 174 in Phnom Penh when cleaners entered the room after failing to rouse the inhabitant when they came to clean his room. He was found at 1.45pm local time on Sunday April 5th 2015. When the cleaners entered the room he was slumped forward on the bed in a kneeling position. A photo of Mr Davey’s body at the scene was published in the local Khmer media, as is normal practice in Cambodia.

According to the police investigating the case, it was originally assumed Mr Davey suffered a heart attack but, on closer inspection, the police decided to perform blood and urine tests to see what role, if any, drugs played in his death.

It is not known how long Mr Davey had been in the country, or if he was travelling alone.

The Walkabout is one of the most famous nightlife venues in Phnom Penh’s notorious Street 51 district, an area rife with drug-related deaths and incidents in the past. A common cause of overdose in Cambodia relates to tourists buying and using heroin, when they believe it to be cocaine. It is not known at this stage if this played a part in Mr Davey’s death.

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  1. Uncle Monty's Ghost Reply

    Perhaps a framed notice in every room at the Walkabout would be a good idea:

    * Guests are reminded to be cautious in their consumption of locally-purchased recreational drugs. What is sold as cocaine not infrequently turns out to be heroin. The Management prefers our guests to depart on their own feet, not on a sheeted stretcher. *

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