News: American, Mallory Thomas Martin, found dead in Cambodia hotel

mallory thomas martin

A 42 year old American man with an extensive petty criminal background has been found dead in a Phnom Penh guesthouse this morning, the latest in a series of foreigners dying in Phnom Penh.

Mallory Thomas Martin was found early this morning in room 111 at the Golden Bridge Guesthouse on Street 278, a street popular with backpackers looking for cheap accommodation. The immediate causes of Mr Martin’s death are not known, but he is thought to have died of natural causes. It is believed that he had been in Phnom Penh only a short time, following a period as an English teacher in Thailand.

Mr Martin arrived in Thailand after a series of arrests in Florida dating back over nearly fifteen years, according to Alachua Country Florida Police Records. His first recorded arrest was for burglary in 2001 with subsequent arrests for a variety of offences occurring during the next decade.

His last recorded arrest was in Polk County Florida in August 2012 for several offences including larceny, credit card fraud, theft and possession of firearms and ammunition.

It’s unclear if Mr Martin has any family. A witness who spoke with him in the area earlier this week said he was with a Cambodian woman whom he introduced as his ‘future wife’.

11 thoughts on “News: American, Mallory Thomas Martin, found dead in Cambodia hotel

  1. barangbuddha Reply

    Just another bit of the Western flotsam that washes up in SE Asia…just toss his body into the Tonle Sap for the catfish and fresh-water crabs. A few more weeks of the news we’ve been having and Phnom Penh may be fit for decent people again.

  2. Uncle Monty's Ghost Reply

    So *Barangbuddha* sees fit to refer to a man of whom he knows practically nothing as “Western flotsam,” does he?

    On a more ghoulish note, it would be helpful if all these reports were updated so we know who has/have reached the end of his/her/their earthly journey(s) so far in 2015.

    Like this …

    U.S.A. 9
    U.K. 7
    Holy See 5
    Transnistria 4
    Switzerland 3
    South Ossetia 2
    Vanuatu 1

    … and so on

  3. Lura martin Reply

    I am Mallofy’s mother. Remove this article ASAP. You know nothing. He was killed. He was teaching English at a well know. Prep s hool.

    The comments barring had are at best inappropriate and are totally ill informed.
    This report should get the facts before posting false information. Clean up your filthy country, improve living standards and stop the system of bribes that runs rampant.

    • Pior Zaleno Reply

      Dear Ms Martin, you are absolutely right this country is a big mess especially officials are the most nasty here.

      And that Mr Martin had some record in the USA doesn’t mean he is a bad person. In the US they convict you for nothing everybody around the world knows that.

      May he rest in piece and I wish you and his family strength !

      Best Regards!

  4. Lura martin Reply

    Thank you, Uncle Monty for scolding the idiot who commented. My son was well educated, he decided to dedicate his life to teaching. Cambodia is unworthy.

    • Lura martin Reply

      If you are the Da I’d I think you are I have nothing but contempt for you. That house will not be yours. Was it worth Mallorys life?

      • jphripjah Reply

        Interesting. Who is Da and where is this house? Is there a suggestion that someone murdered him for a house? That may be beyond the ability of the Cambodian police to solve.

  5. Anton Reply

    When you lose someone you love,
    you gain an angel you know. Condolence, Lura.

    • Lura martin Reply

      Thank you. I have lost both of my children in five months. Surely God has taken all I have. Lura

      • Paul Salerno sr Reply

        Dear Mrs Martian I am a friend of Mallory who knew him from Gainesville Florida. I urged cation for the region he was traveling to in 2013. I am devistated to hear he has passed. He was a kind and helpful friend who was not in any way a bad person. I plan to continue to monitor this story. My the lord find a blessing for you in your grief. I am a father of two boys and pray for your healing and comfort in any way possible. Mallory my friend you shall be missed.

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