News: Khmer440 members support relief efforts in Nepal

thanks K440

Today a few K440 members supported the relief efforts in Nepal by contributing money to the above group of volunteering travelers and expats helping the victims of the recent earthquake. The contribution was enough to provide a shelter and food for one family of five for three months – every cent has gone toward direct assistance.

Coverage of the devastation in Nepal has been covered at length on Khmer440, thanks to the posts of a member who is on the ground in Kathmandu. His coverage and a series of excellent photographs can be seen here:

nepal cafe

Khmer440 poster Mr Londo posted this in the discussion today. “The group above are now focusing on small villages in outlying areas surrounding Ghorka which was close to the epicentre of the first earthquake. Today’s meeting highlighted the difficulty for some families as their houses haven’t collapsed but the integrity of the structure is of concern with large cracks throughout. This doesn’t qualify the families for assistance from the government even though they have to sleep out in the open. There are also reports of jealousies between some householders as they perceive others to be receiving bigger shelters or more food. Other’s have told of supply trucks being high jacked in more remote regions and the bandits then on selling provisions.

“Sitting in on the meeting today I was impressed with the lack of ego of individuals and the group’s measured and methodical approach with coordinating their relief efforts. As well as the ongoing support to displaced families, motorbikes are now going to be rented so as to scout for small villages that may have been missed deeper into the mountains. Unfortunately there aren’t enough experienced rough terrain riders, but two guys are to head out tomorrow, I think.”

If any other K440 readers or members would like to contribute, please contact Admin or Mr Londo on the discussion thread.

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