News: Young Brit Peter Riley, 25, Dies in Sihanoukville

Peter Riley

The young western man found dead outside All Nations Guesthouse at Victory Hill, Sihanoukville yesterday has been named as Peter Michael Riley, a 25 year old British man from St Heliers, Jersey in the UK.

The British Embassy in Phnom Penh have confirmed that a British national died in Sihanoukville and have said they are providing consular assistance to his family.

Mr Riley is believed to have died from a heart attack. He seems to have been on an extended holiday in South East Asia. In April he became an internet sensation when a video of him dancing nude at a Songkran festival in Bangkok Thailand was posted to YouTube and went viral. At that time he was arrested by Thai police and fined 100 baht before being released.

Peter’s friends and family have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to repatriate his body because he didn’t have any travel insurance. Six hours after being launched, 153 people had collectively donated GBP3835 or over $5000. More money is expected to be raised later this week when a fundraising concert is organised at his favourite bar in St Heliers.

13 thoughts on “News: Young Brit Peter Riley, 25, Dies in Sihanoukville

  1. Uncle Monty's Ghost Reply

    Is the reference to “100 Baht” a misprint?

    That’s less than the price of a large bottle of beer in a supermarket these days.

  2. bob pugh Reply

    I think the B100 fine is correct. Fines for rather minor infractions are very low in Thailand.

    • Daniel L. Hof Reply

      …vlad…you are so f&^$%$* smart.And, you are absolutely correct in your premise.

  3. BarangBuddha Reply

    Another British lout bites the dust in SE Asia…can’t really bring myself to say I’m sorry.

    I also don’t get this obsession with repatriating dead bodies…why not just put him in the burner and either mail back the ashes or spread them along the Mekong?

    • CamboJo Reply

      ‘Lout’ where is your evidence of this? So he danced naked at a party once. So he deserves to die of a heart attack at 25? Have you never done anything silly when you were young?

      I didn’t know the bloke but if you’re not sorry to see a 25 year old, who there is no evidence that he did anything wrong, die suddenly then you need to look in the mirror.

      About half a dozen of his mates have flown in from UK and Australia to try and find out what happened. Friends at home have raised a lot of money. Which suggests he was a decent chap and not a lout nobody cared about.

      Your comments are insensitive, prejudiced and ignorant.

  4. Uncle Monty's Ghost Reply

    BarangBuddha fails to suggest the obvious win-win solution for all – take the dead foreigners to the nearest crocodile farm and charge admission to those willing to pay to enjoy the spectacle of seeing a corpse torn asunder by large reptiles.

    A video or DVD of this spectacle could then be sent to the grieving relatives of the deceased.

  5. Wake up Reply

    He didn’t die of a heart attack. Heart attack is what the police say 100% of the time and case closed, no further investigation. Murder is much more likely but I wasn’t there. If they said murder, people would expect them to try and solve the case and it would make the news and tourists might not come here. It’s always heart attack.

    • wpadmin Post authorReply

      If you weren’t there, why do you say murder was much more likely? He collapsed and died in front of several people in public after being on the booze all day. As for the ‘heart attack’ comment, it is a translation issue. What they really mean when they say ‘heart attack’ is ‘heart failure’ or, in other words, natural causes.

    • Smockelaer Reply

      truth be told, this is actually very accurate. as covered several times in foreign accident related articles, “heart attack” is a common conclusion to things that should really be investigated more

  6. Wirldpeas Reply

    “Heart Attack” Where young westerners in Cambodia are concerned usually translates to a Heroin or Ice overdose…… works for old ones too.

  7. Tom Reply

    Well… just another stupid guy death.
    Probably best he is dead. Cambodia does not need expats like him.

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