Finnish woman Jenny Jokela dies of head injuries following moto accident


A young woman from Finland, Jenny Jokela, died earlier this week from head injuries following an accident on the motorbike she was riding in Sihanoukville. Miss Jokela, 22, worked at Papayago Guesthouse and had been in Cambodia for several months.

It is believed that Ms Jokela’s moto crashed into a lamppost, and that no other vehicle was involved. According to police officials who attended the scene, Ms Jokela wasn’t wearing a helmet.

This is the latest in a run of similar deaths and injuries involving expats riding bikes without helmets. A few months ago, wellknown British owner of Charley Harpers Guesthouse, Tony James, died in a similar incident.

Ms Jokela’s death is the 43rd reported expat fatality in Cambodia this year, and the 14th in Sihanoukville.

More information appears on this Khmer440 thread

4 thoughts on “Finnish woman Jenny Jokela dies of head injuries following moto accident

  1. Jonnie Reply

    Shouldn’t be riding a motorcycle sans helmet and really shouldn’t be riding motos. Some have to learn the hard way…the very hard way.

    • fredrik Reply

      How should she commute around town? Would it have been safer if she was walking or riding a bicycle around?What a waste of a young life,when there are so many dirty old men with no soul in sihanoukville.

      • Pedro Reply

        Can’t quite see the connection between those two topics! Unnecessary loss of life is always a tragedy.

    • David Reply

      Unnecessary tone to that comment. I hope the website owner takes it down.

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