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I had been hearing a lot about The Art Bar’s Sip and Paint as my Facebook and Instagram feed had been consistently popping up with people who have been there, and seemingly really enjoying the experience. As a person who has zero painting or artistic skill, it didn’t interest me that much, however I’ve been wanting to spice up my living room a bit and adding a nice painting seems like the perfect idea. Lo and behold, I booked a session with a friend of mine since he’s had nothing to do on a lazy Saturday afternoon either, and we figured that we might as well go for a new experience while enjoying something we are both fond of, wine!

The Space


The location is a bit hard to find due to lack of road signs, however being situated right below the Chroy Changvar bridge, it’s pretty accessible from where we live (Riverside area).

Upon getting there, we were greeted with a warm and spacious studio vibe with dim studio lights, relaxing acoustic background music, and a very friendly artist, Jeff.  From the moment we arrived Jeff was very welcoming. He lead us to our seats, and poured us a generous serving of red wine while chatting with us.

The Experience


Once everyone arrived, Jeff went over his welcome speech, introduced us to The Art Bar, the Sip & Paint experience, different kinds of brushes we would use on that session, how to use the brushes to create certain effects, how to clean our brushes, how to mix colors, and most importantly, not to stress over the painting. Since there is no right or wrong in art (thank goodness!), Jeff re-assured us that we will come up with a very nice artwork in the end of the session.

Jeff started us off by having us paint the sky, blending colors to create a chilly winter night background. We were only given 4 colors- white, black, blue and red. Throughout the painting experience, Jeff taught us the different techniques used to create various parts of our painting. He also walked around and helped us, if we needed it… I’ll admit, painting trees was not my specialty, and I did end up asking for help.

The Takeaway


Let me just say, this creative outing is the perfect friends night out, date night, or way to spend time with family!

The whole experience was very interactive, and there’s no instance where I felt intimidated nor frustrated even though it’s my first time to hold a paint brush! Truly an amazing way to spend your off time.

Some people choose to look at art, others choose to create art… Personally, I fell in love with this idea. And I love how my painting turned out. I was skeptical at first since I’ve never painted in my life, but I can’t believe how easy and addictive it actually is.

Highly recommended and definitely coming back for more!

Edit: A message received from The Art Bar: “Thanks for the great write up! I’d like to extend an offer to all readers a 20% discount to check us out. Just mention Khmer440 when booking.”

contact number: 0885299188

Price is $25/per person/session including two servings of beverage.

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