Is Trude Jacobsen a sell out who would take money from a serial rapist of Cambodian children to help him go free?


Trude Jacobsen is a Professor at Northern Illinois University who claims to be an expert on Cambodian history and gender studies and sex trafficking and whatnot. Jacobsen teaches classes in women’s studies and portrays herself as an advocate for vulnerable and marginalized members of society. She says on her LinkedIn page “Engaging with themes of power and agency early in my academic career led me to question why developmental agendas have failed to protect those most vulnerable to abuse of authority.”

Jacobsen has a close relationship with notorious psychologist and felon Ken Wilcox, who previously practiced in Cambodia, and who is currently a fugitive (again) from law enforcement authorities in Florida. Back when we were discussing Ken Wilcox’s prior legal troubles in this thread, Trude Jacobsen lashed out against Khmer440 posters as follows:


From reading that comment, and from Jacobsen’s academic background and writings, you would think she is really opposed to men who have sex with children in Cambodia. But it turns out that, for the right price, Trude Jacobsen will help a serial pedophile try to avoid being locked up in the USA for raping Cambodian children.

American Daniel Stephen Johnson was charged with six counts of child sex abuse in Oregon in 2000 and 2001, but the charges were dropped when the children recanted their claims. He then moved to Cambodia and opened an orphanage and began raping children under his care, over and over. The details of these rapes are horrific, you can read them here, but it’s better if you just take my word for it.

In 2014, Johnson was found guilty of raping five boys in Cambodia and sentenced to just a year in prison by a Cambodian court. It has been suggested that Johnson paid money to get a lenient sentence in Cambodia.

After serving his one year sentence, Johnson was then deported to the USA, and where he was charged by the U.S. government for raping children in Cambodia.

In an effort to avoid imprisonment in the USA for his crimes, Johnson’s defense team argued that he was the victim of a corrupt law enforcement investigation in Cambodia and the subject of false claims by lying Cambodian children. Johnson hired Trude Jacobsen as his star expert witness. Jacobsen submitted an expert report prior to Johnson’s trial and also traveled to Oregon and testify at the trial on Johnson’s behalf as a “cultural expert” on Cambodia.

Jacobsen told the court that many Cambodian law enforcement officials are corrupt. She gave the example of Ken Wilcox, who she says was falsely accused of raping a female domestic servant in 2011, as well as the example of a British photographer named Martin Flitman who was supposedly forced to flee Cambodia after overhearing his wife talking about extorting money from him by falsely accusing him of abusing his daughter:



Several Westerners who visited Daniel Johnson’s orphanage testified that they saw Johnson engage in weird/creepy behavior in the orphanage, like sleeping with children, getting massaged by the children, hanging around wearing just his underwear or a small towel, and “flicking” one child’s exposed genitals four or five times.

Trude Jacobsen testified that these witnesses misinterpreted Johnson’s behaviors as weird/creepy when in fact these actions were totally normal in Cambodian society. Jacobsen also attempted to discredit the children who gave graphic testimony about their repeated rapes at Johnson’s hands, by telling the court that Cambodian children will fabricate sex assault claims against Americans just to get a visa to the USA to testify, in the hopes that they can then stay in America after that:


You can read Jacobsen’s entire shameful expert report here. The jury and the judge in Oregon were apparently not swayed by her testimony, as Johnson was found guilty and sentenced to the practical equivalent of a life sentence.

One could argue that “every criminal defendant deserves a defense.” This is true. Lawyers are ethically obligated to zealously defend criminal defendants, even if they believe they may be guilty. Medical doctors are ethically obligated to provide emergency treatment to scumbag patients like Daniel Johnson.

College professors have no such ethical obligations to pedophiles. If a child rapist or his lawyer calls a college professor and says “Will you testify that it’s totally innocent for me to sleep with Cambodian children and touch their genitals, oh, and that Cambodian children are a bunch of little liars who will fabricate sex abuse claims against Americans to get a visa to the USA?” the professor can and should say “GO FUCK YOURSELF” and not “Sure, I’ll say that, how much are you paying me?”

Of course, if Jacobsen really cared about the safety of children, she wouldn’t be a three time convicted drunk driver, including a recent conviction for driving while intoxicated with her own seven year-old child in the car.

4 thoughts on “Is Trude Jacobsen a sell out who would take money from a serial rapist of Cambodian children to help him go free?

  • That’s the kind of mentally-ill hag we came to Asia to avoid.
    Nuke from orbit!

  • You all get more and more ridiculous. An article about a highly respected professor and expert having a DUI is stupid enough most experts in Cambodia are addicts and criminals. Pot…kettle. Secondly, she doesn’t have a daughter. At least if you are going to smear someone, get your shit right. Let’s not even get into the completely ridiculous information about this Wilcox guy as we all know he was never charged with such things or bails set.

    Who is this bored. Lastly, Dr Jacobsen was doing a job she was hired for explaining Cambodian culture. Understanding culture in context is key. Human trafficking is wrong but in context of selling one child can feed your other 8, it makes sense. Abusing dogs is wrong but in !any Arab countries they are the dirtiest animal and like a fat in the western world would be killed.

    Please read and educate and then stop causing drama about something you know nothing about. Not even the gender of her child.

    I knew her in Cambodia, she did more work for that country in a week than most of you drunken years have in your lifetime.


    • Highly respected professor? She has had multiple complaints of abuse and is now on her third DUI? And she has lied about Cambodian culture in her pathetic attempted defense of a now convicted child sex abuser. You should be ashamed of yourself for enabling such disgusting abusers.

  • I have met her. She is quite the drunk, and it’s hard to believe that she is a professor.


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