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Has Notorious American Fugitive Psychologist Ken Wilcox Reinvented Himself as a Wealthy Aristocrat named Drew Carrington Who Will Soon Join the House of Lords as “8th Baron Carrington”?

Cambodia attracts a lot of dodgy characters. There’s a custom among down and out expatriates here of telling tall tales about how rich, important, and successful they are back in their home countries.

If a foreigner with any military experience at all washes up in Phnom Penh, he’ll likely tell anyone who will listen that he’s “ex-special forces.” If a degenerate drunk can’t pay his bar tab on Street 136, he’ll say that he’s waiting on a very large sum of money from back home that will surely be transferred into his bank account by the end of the week. Definitely by next week, at the absolute latest.

A decade ago, the King of the Whoppers in expat circles was none other than Kenneth Drew Wilcox, the American felon who operated a psychology practice and weekly radio show on 97.5 Love FM. According to an October 2010 article in the Cambodia Daily, Wilcox reportedly claimed during his time in Cambodia that he was an heir to the Gillette razor fortune, just waiting on the millions of dollars to roll in. He was eventually exposed as a fugitive felon who was wanted in the USA on a federal complaint of international flight from prosecution to avoid Florida charges for grand theft, aggravated fleeing and eluding, and drunk driving.

A lengthy thread on this website about Ken Wilcox contains numerous stories from posters about his offensive behavior in Cambodia. One poster noted that Wilcox’s boyfriend Tek “Weslee” Lim once claimed Wilcox physically abused him by tasing him in the neck multiple times.

Wilcox was arrested by Cambodian police at the direction of the FBI and returned to the USA, where he was tossed in a Florida jail. He pled no contest to the grand theft charge and other charges against him and served a few months in jail before being released in early 2011.

What antics has Wilcox been up to since getting out of jail in Florida?

Wilcox re-settled in Miami and posted online that he was resuming a psychology practice. However, the Florida Department of Health license verification website does not list Wilcox (or Drew Carrington) as a current or past holder of any license to practice psychology.

Wilcox also began using several different names. No, he didn’t revert to calling himself “Russell McKinnon Wilcox,” the name of his older brother that he falsely gave to police when arrested for driving drunk in 2004

Instead, Kenneth Drew Wilcox started calling himself “Ken Carrington Wilcox.” He soon dropped the “Wilcox” entirely and simply referred to himself as “Dr. Ken Carrington.” More recently, he has dropped the “Ken” and now refers to himself as “Drew Carrington.” Carrington is his mother’s maiden name.

Wilcox aka Carrington has been spinning an remarkable story about his departure from Cambodia. He blogged that his human rights advocacy in Cambodia with his boyfriend Weslee was so effective that “eventually our situation became too dangerous as our work placed us at odds with powerful leaders who did not wish to be exposed for their corruption and abuses. As the situation became unmanageable, I was forced to leave the country out of fear for my safety . . . .”

His blog makes no mention of the fact that he was arrested in Cambodia at the direction of the FBI, got a free flight home from Uncle Sam, and was sent directly to a Florida jail to serve time for his previous crimes.

Wilcox’ stories of persecution don’t end there. He made local news in Florida two years ago, claiming he was assaulted in an anti-gay “hate crime.”

Wilcox actually claims on Twitter that he was the victim of a hate crime twice. He says he became so disgusted with the United States that he paid the $2500 fee to formally renounce his American citizenship. Hate crime or no, it appears that Wilcox/Carrington does keep getting the shit kicked out of him.

Wilcox also keeps getting arrested for drunk driving, pissing his pants, and jumping bail. Another warrant was issued for his arrest by the Broward County court in January 2018. Wilcox is currently wanted by the Broward County sheriff’s department.

But isn’t he rich? Like really, really super rich?

Wilcox aka Drew Carrington cultivates an image of a wealthy socialite. He often posts photographs of himself on social media shopping in luxury car showrooms and at high end retail stores. It’s unclear if he still enjoys “shopping” at Neiman Marcus, the retailer that banned him in 2004 when he was caught stealing a Burberry leather jacket from one of its stores in Virginia.

Of course, Wilcox doesn’t seem to buy anything on these luxury selfie-sprees, probably because he has no money. In April 2017, Wilcox was arrested for drunk driving for the third time and told the court that he could not afford to hire a lawyer. He swore to the court that he earns no income, has no cash on hand, no money in any bank accounts, no equity in any motor vehicles, no equity in real estate, no trust funds, and $14,000 in debts.

The judge declared him indigent and appointed a public defender to represent him. A few weeks later, Wilcox was sued by Nova Southeastern University for unpaid student loans. A source with knowledge of Wilcox’s life in Miami recently informed Khmer440 that Wilcox has spent time there sleeping on friends’ couches and on the streets.

But a month after admitting to the court that he had no money, Wilcox told his 3,000 Twitter followers that he was house shopping for a new home in south Florida. Ten days later, he posted that he “just closed” on his new house. He posted photos of a beautiful mansion that he claimed he had just purchased as a “second home.”

Oddly, the photo he posted of his new kitchen is copyrighted “ARMLS” which stands for “Arizona Multiple Listing Service.” The cute kitchen that he claims as his own is actually located in a lovely house in Scottsdale, Arizona:

The jet-setting Wilcox has also tweeted photos of his first class seat and a beautiful sunrise from his supposed trip from Miami to the UK. Of course, those “first class seat” and “sunrise” photos were really photos taken by other passengers that had previously been posted online.

In December 2018, Wilcox announced on Twitter that he was moving back to his home in London for a while, as his Miami apartment was quarantined because someone was sending him weekly Fedex envelopes filled with sodium cyanide.

What? Wilcox has a home in London? Well, sure. In October 2018, he twice posted photos on Twitter of the family estate he inherited in London.

The estate in question is 22 The Boltons in Chelsea. in early 2018, it was sold for £40 million in a well publicized sale by an American family to an English family, making it the most expensive house sale in England that year.

What’s next for the amazing Ken Wilcox aka Drew Carrington?

Wilcox married Weslee Lim in 2013, but they divorced in 2017 after Wilcox was arrested for attacking and trying to choke Lim. Khmer440 has learned that Wilcox is now on the verge of marrying a young man who goes by “Diamante Carrington” on Facebook. In fact, Wilcox posted on Twitter in October that his posh London estate at 22 The Boltons was being “groomed for the grooms.”

Wilcox has offered to fly wedding guests from Miami to London on a private jet for a very high class wedding next week.

The planned wedding festivities include a five hour cruise on the Thames, a reception in the garden of his estate at the Boltons, and Sam Smith singing their first dance. I guess Elton John and Paul McCartney were unavailable.

But how does Ken Wilcox aka Drew Carrington explain to his Miami friends how he inherited one of the most luxurious estates in London? Does he say that his Gillette razor inheritance finally come through?

No, the new and improved “Drew Carrington” doesn’t even need this imaginary fortune from his Gillette forebears. “Carrington” has instead informed wedding invitees that he’s an English aristocrat who will soon become a member of the House of Lords when his ailing grandmother dies. Seriously.

There are several problems with Wilcox’s claim to be the grandson of Peter Carington, the 6th Baron Carrington, a politician who served six British prime ministers.

First, these hereditary lines of succession are taken pretty seriously in Britain, and the heirs are well known. The descendants of the 6th Baron Carrington are listed on Wikipedia, and Ken/Drew/Wilcox/Carrington isn’t one of them. Rupert Francis John Carington is the current 7th Baron Carrington, and his son, the Honorable Robert Carington, is his heir apparent.

Second, these bluebloods all share the family name “Carington,” with the spelling of the family name differing from the House of Lords title “Carrington.” Wilcox’s mother’s maiden name was spelled “Carrington.”

Third, remember that Wilcox once gave a Florida police officer the name and birthdate of his older brother, Russell McKinnon Wilcox, when he was pulled over for drunk driving. Even if the “Baron Carrington” title could somehow be passed on by the death of Wilcox’s very female grandmother, it would be his older brother Russell, not the younger Kenneth, who becomes the 8th Baron Carrington when their grandmother dies.

Not to worry though, Wilcox explained to his thousands of Twitter followers in 2017 that his brother is dead. He told a sympathetic tale that his brother and father hadn’t spoken to him for the last twenty years before they each passed away, because they could not accept him being gay.

All of this death talk will surely come as a surprise to everyone at Woodsville High School in New Hampshire, which continues to employ Ken’s very much alive brother Russell Wilcox as the head coach of its girls basketball team.

And what about their father, Donny Wilcox, a longtime high school track coach in Vermont? Ken Wilcox publicly announced the death of his father in July 2017, in a tear-jerking post about how he never reconciled with the late father who “abandoned” him.

More than a year later, in October 2018, Donny Wilcox was chosen as the Meet Director for the Central Vermont League Cross Country Track Championships.

The private jet flight to “Drew and Diamante Carrington’s” opulent English wedding is scheduled to depart Miami on Tuesday, April 16. None of us here at Khmer440 have received our invitations yet, but we’ll be sure to let you know if we hear anything about how the flight and the lavish event unfold. My guess is that Wilcox will announce a dramatic last minute cancellation of the flight and blame that on anti-gay bigoted ninjas, but we’re all hoping for the best.

9 thoughts on “Has Notorious American Fugitive Psychologist Ken Wilcox Reinvented Himself as a Wealthy Aristocrat named Drew Carrington Who Will Soon Join the House of Lords as “8th Baron Carrington”?

  • Patricia19

    This story seems very random, no idea who this guy is or why you did all this research on him but ok I guess? *shrugs and walks away*

  • Elisha

    Amazingly written piece of information to expose some of shit heads pretend in Cambodia and else where that they born with silver fucking spoon in their arse hahaha.
    Love to read more if you keep updating this kind of info.
    Thank you

  • S. Nicole

    I love all your posts on the evil Ken Wilcox!!! He is the craziest, criminal con man that I have ever encountered. He needs to be in jail, but he somehow always finds a way out!!!

  • His insta is Drthorthor and he claims to have just released a movie. Anyone know if warrant is still active?

  • I knew him personally as I was friends with his mother Claudia. As I understand it she passed away, REALLY, I checked! Anyway. I knew with in about a year of meeting him that he was a liar and a scammer. His mom wouldn’t admit to it, but finally she and I spoke about it and she came to terms with it. Because she loved him so she bailed him out of many situations. It’s too bad that the used his handsomeness and intelligence for such awful behavior. He even used his ex-wife’s name and his grandparents names to scam and get credit cards and other materialistic things. What a BUM!!!!!!!

  • Come across this story of Ken/Drew is hilarious. And, its all true. I knew Ken’s mom, Claudia for many years. Claudia actually left the USA and went to Cambodia for a long time. She and I had many talks about him and his antics. She wasted a lot of money on getting him out of jail here in Florida and in Virginia. He begged Mommy to get him out…and feeling sorry for her son, got the money together just to be SH**on by him yet another time. I often wonder who got the money from her condo when she died 8 years ago. I surely how it was Russell’s daughter.

  • were friends on facebook and boy what a life he portrays , didnt think it could be real that hes an actor now with Sony pictures and yet no mention of him anywhere


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