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Student from Ireland gets COVID-19 from Cambodia

A 21 year old exchange student to Ireland tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, the Health Commission of Guangdong Province said in a statement.

The man flew from Dublin, Ireland, to Doha, Qatar, on March 20 on Qatar Airways QR0018. He then flew with Qatar Airways QR0970 to Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he landed on March 21.

He spent a week in Cambodia before departing from Phnom Penh International Airport taking Cambodia Angkor Air flight K6668 to Guangzhou, China, on March 27.

At his arrival he complained about having a bad cough and other symptoms of COVID-19 during his stay in Cambodia. He was tested for COVID-19 and placed in quarantine at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University.

His test result showed positive for COVID-19 the next day, on March 28, and a CT scan revealed that he suffered from pneumonia and he was transferred to Guangzhou Eighth People’s Hospital for quarantine and treatment.

4 thoughts on “Student from Ireland gets COVID-19 from Cambodia

  • The guy was here for barely 6 days. Meanwhile Ireland has had 965 cases by March 22nd.

    Let’s not jump to conclusions too soon.

  • LadyMariam

    He was coughing and having symptoms in Cambodia? Fever? How did he get on the plane? Taking fever meds to fake the temp scans? So he put everyone on the plane at risk now. Stupid. China doesn’t have tolerance for this kind of evasion, so I hope he gets arrested.

  • Simon Saez

    More to the point what was he doing travelling from Ireland to Cambodia and then to China in late March?? Long distance flight, transit, time in Cambodia and then on wards to China … was he looking to catch it??


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