First K440 Friday Trivia Challenge

Welcome to the (hopefully) regular Friday quiz- pitting your general knowledge about Cambodia and the wider world.

10 random questions, with 10 random answers. How will you do?


#1. The upcoming SEA Games has caused controversy over the name of kickboxing. Which country in 2017 was the first official World Games ‘Muay Thai’ competition held?

#2. A canal is planned to link Kampot with Phnom Penh. Which popular capital market is named after an old canal?

#3. World geography- which country has the most islands, inhabited or otherwise?

#4. 10 years ago this week HRH Norodom Sihanouk was given a state funeral. In which year did he first take the throne?

#5. Which of these bank notes is not currently legal tender?

#6. The first post-Covid flight from China by Ruili Airlines landed in Sihanoukville on January 27th. Where did it depart from?

#7. Who or what did doctorate students from Salford University meet last week in Cambodia?

#8. According to dubious research, how long is the average length of a Cambodian John Thomas (in inches)

#9. Business man and philanthropist Dr. Mengly J. Quach was overseas last week. Which very important person did he meet with?

#10. Which of the following fruits is NOT a berry?



1-3: Rotten gooseberry
4-6: Island hopper
7-9: Far Canal
10: Kickboxer van Damme

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