Friday Quiz #2

Test your memory of this week’s news and general knowledge. 10 questions, 50 possible answers:



#1. Which Western sporting goods company announced this week that the majority of it's apperal is now produced in Cambodia?

#2. According to lexicographical myth, the Japanese word for a certain foodstuff 'kabocha', introduced to the islands in the 16th century from Cambodia. What is a kabocha?

#3. Which of these coins has NEVER been a Cambodian currency?

#4. The nations favorite plagiarism rag, The Khmer Times, falsely claimed twice this week that Cambodian passports ranked higher than Thailand's in the Henley Index. Thainland ranked 65, what was the ranking for Cambodia?

#5. Vietnamese news this week reported that the nation spent US$1 billion last year importing what from Cambodia (at US$1,400/t)?

#6. The country is going airport crazy in recent years. What will the new airport slated to open near Phnom Penh by 2025 be officially known as?

#7. The $3300 a night (min 3 nights stay) in Kampong Seila has been described as 'as one of the world’s finest eco-resorts'. Who designed and built this corner of luxury and eco-friendliness?

#8. This year is terrible for paid holidays, due to most falling on weekends. When is our next official weekday off?

#9. Koh Rong Sanloem is set for major development around Saracen Bay. Where does the bay take its name from?

#10. For better or worse, there are no McDonald's outlets in the kingdom. Which Asian country was added to the approved Golden Arches list in 2021?



1-3: Bitter melon

4-6: Chicken nuggets

7-9: Passported to success

10: Royale with cheese

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