Friday Trivia #3

Another chance to separate the Wittgensteins from the Witless.

10 questions of Cambodian related general knowledge:


#1. Who was in Phnom Penh this week to discuss trade?

#2. Which group recently gave training to Ukrainian officers?

#3. Which regional capital is closest to Phnom Penh?

#4. Which European country announced the Developing Countries Trading Scheme for Cambodia this week?

#5. Three years ago this week, a crusie ship made international news when it was allowed to dock in Sihanoukville. What was the name of the vessel?

#6. The LDS (aka Mormons) announced a $1.5m donation for Kampong Thom hospitals. Who founded this quirky relgious movement in 1830

#7. Radio Station Voice of Democracy was ordered to close this week. Who founded VoD in 2002?

#8. Which of these is NOT a traditional Cambodian instrument?

#9. In February 2009, Kang Kek Iew went on trial on genocide charges. What was his nomme de guerre?

#10. (Based on 2010 data) which US city had the SECOND largest Cambodian-American population?


1-3: Church of the Latter Day Moron

4-6: State of the Onion

7-9: International Trader

10: Musical maestro


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