Another Friday Quiz

Topical questions from the last week or so + a bit of general knowledge. How do you score?


#1. Crime: Cambodia outlawed capital punishment in 1989. What is the only other ASEAN country to do so?

Philippines since 2006- but Laos and Brunei normally commute the sentence.

#2. In March 1969, the first USAF bombings over Cambodia began. What was this operation codenamed?

Breakfast, 1st stage of Operation Menu

#3. Vietnamese-Chinese-American actor Ke Huy Quan won the Oscar for best supporting actor this week. Which Cambodian won the same award?

Haing S. Ngor for The Killing Fileds in 1985

#4. The Royal Residence in Siem Reap was damaged by fire this week. Which place has a Cambodian king NEVER lived?

Potsdam Plaza.


Sihanouk had Changsuwon Palce built for him near Pyongyang, lived in the former French legation residence in Dong Jiao Min Xiang (East Foreign Residents Alley) in Beijing and King Sihamoni resided in Malá Strana, Prague as a schoolboy.



#5. Dubbed 'fishzilla' in the USA, which commonly found Southeast Asian fish is of the family chana?

It’s the snakehead.

#6. Work on a new 80-megawatt hydropower plant has begun in which province?


#7. Music- which one of the albums has no link to the kingdom (no matter how spurious)

Hell’s Ditch- The Pouges (Summer in Siam, Sunnysode of the Street, but no reference)

Other answers were:

No, No, No- Dawn Penn (Daun Penh)

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables- Dead Kennedys (Holiday in Cambodia)

Select- Kim Wilde (Cambodia)

Machine Soul- Gary Numan (In a Glass House “Makes Cambodia look like Kansas anytime”)

#8. Cambodian nationalists on Facebook say some ridiculous things, especially on who ''stole Khmer culture". Which iconic fashion house was recently accused of ripping off designs from Ankor Wat?

LV- Google it.

#9. A female Cambodian GAA team has been in the news recently, what Irish sport is this news referring to?

Gaelic Athletic Association Football- Peil Ghaelach


#10. 31 years ago UNTAC began operations. What did the T stand for?

United Nationa Transitional Authority in Cambodia


1-3: Hangman’s drop

4-6: Fish out of water

7-9: Next Pot Model

10: Oscar winner

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