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Swimming foreigner dies in The Place pool

A foreigner suffered from a fatal heart attack while swimming in the pool at The Place gym in Phnom Penh on Street 51 near Wat Langka in BKK1 on Wednesday evening.

The man is suspected to have suffered from a heart attack while swimming in the pool after exercising in the gym. The death reportedly occurred by natural heart failure and the gym is not suspected to have been involved in any way.

His identity is not yet confirmed, however the victim is believed to be a British 26 year old rugby player. The man worked for a global conservation agency and had previously worked for multiple universities in England.

The Place is one of Cambodia’s most upscale gyms where a membership costs up to $180 for a single month. It is staffed by private trainers most of the day and has a rule against bringing in bodyguards.

Follow the original CNE story for updates about the death of the European swimmer:

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