Friday Trivia Quiz #4

The weekly quiz has landed- another ten topical questions picked from the tips of the tropical trivia tree.

How will you score?



#1. In 2002 Matt Dillon's box office flop City of Ghosts was released. The same year, a Portuguese language movie with a similar title was a smash hit- was it City of.....?

Correct answer- God (Cidade de Deus)

#2. Henry Kissinger will soon reach 100 candles. Which President's administration did he first serve in?

Tricky Dicky Nixon ¬†“the most dangerous of all the men running to have as president” – HK

#3. A HMS arrived in Ream last week- the first in 65 years. What was she named?

WRONG! Twas the good ship Spey

#4. A new FO internet cable is being laid under the sea from Sihanoukville to where (expected in 2024)?

Correct answer- Hong Kong

#5. Investors are sought for a new high speed railway in Cambodia. How much is the project hoping to raise (US)?

$4 billion

#6. Which late rogue antiquity dealers 'crown jewels' wil be returned to Cambodia soon?

Douglas ‘Snatchford’ Latchford

#7. Hot season is looming, but some precipitation is expected before the end of the month. What name is given to this weather?

Mango season- mango showers

#8. Anybody outside of serious light pollution zones may have noticed some bright celestrial objects either side of a crescent moon this week. What were they?


#9. The SEA Games will be held in May. What is the name of the newly built national stadium where most events will be hosted?

The Morodok Techo National Stadium, built by The China State Construction Engineering Corporation for around $160m

#10. A fatal outbreak of H5N1 'bird flu' is concerning global health experts. Which Cambodian province was the outbreak reported to have originated from?

The outbreak is so far centered in Prey Veng- take care.


1-3: Box office flop

4-6: Cable layer

7-9: Hello sailor

10: Crown jewel

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